To Kill a Raven – FFXIV (Gungnir) – Entropy Linkshell

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To Kill a Raven – FFXIV (Gungnir) – Entropy Linkshell

and go when I want I just wanted to go then you can also die oh she threaten its ok Vlad loves me I’ll get heels shiny I like Simeon thrash maybe earth stokes get on time oh I’m the Stoneskin that’s so sad protector on to you know that’s just a stone skin on us did I catch you with that it uh-huh protect on us it’s always sad when you pop bloodbath do your biggest AoE and see your health go down protect our town I love him on me

Stoneskin on us oh weird angle this effort fine come on Bailey you strict on the melee on me tampering up run up Tom on me should be ok this time now protective ages stones get on us so are winning across to the stairs

correct yes yes ok I had only ever seen that part of the fight one so that was one we beat it loopy I need you go across the stairs philippi get it no no nope I got it I got it I got off whoa good it did it get it you ever have one of us guys I started casting by an exploded yeah I think I got it I’m I need you on this one too Lou be my timers are off got it I just stay up here he’s almost dead anyway right yeah caddied mama just stand still loopy just sit it doesn’t matter actually it doesn’t do anything I’ve checked forward oh really yeah I’m just doing a bunch of reading on that too it’s just because if you sit your timers already taking it by the time you sit down you have bigger tix it would be the same if you’ve been standing for the same length of time on me on effect on the mages you know what i think is awesome we have good enough gear to make his life go down even without the Black Mage’s now he’s like almost there right like yeah he’s close yeah okay it’s just going to take a little bit longer because we don’t have the black mages black mage down here but it’d be fine yeah it’s okay for this way and it gives loopy a chance to like regain as MP and he’ll be ready for the round when it starts so it’s all good I’m is he on us now can’t target him me either I think I’ve done if you can’t target in more dead that’s not necessarily true respite we have a goal don’t see him yet anyone see golems he’s down yeah we go on up here he’s hidden me okay I’ve got one I’m coming up for the other the did you do to this thing nothing I can’t get it up every time I lost count but it’s somebody put it to sleep I don’t know what my count is a game to you nope I’m just killing woohoo a deportee damage the meteor jump no i didn’t AOE and it hit it down down down down yep running

the White Mage Vinny get out of the middle same place to always oh it takes I can’t is he he’s on me there he goes but if you have to movers left we’re good I’ve been eagerly ER and we’ve got Boyd’s work-wise could do it loopy live Benny sure he did oh well there in front she wasted it Stoneskin on us train should be okay you just care I’m gonna race boy I’ll race plan you weren’t getting sorry okay gotcha White Mage being weak is not good okay he’s doing something but that okay well hurry up and get up here up blood can you reserve Joe huh is on us protect on us I guess somebody already on it he only cast one meteor this face hey jerk oh there’s another one when well good job oh thank you so Blythe you said you said have the same problem on the meteors last time Wow Aires did air quotes yeah with wife did too it’s like we didn’t think this through

oh yeah they have a bunch of cutscenes that for this anyway yay Pizza time got anything man dr. Garrett back what nothing I will anything planned afterwards this we were the Guru Dan ‘scrimish gratz congrats everyone thanks much appreciated my character won’t load