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now on this video I want to share a little tip that I’ve learned over the years that may help you have a little bit nicer braking now this bike here is now 26 years old and over the years I’ve owned at about the last five one of the issues it’s always had from time to time it has it the the front brake gets and I know everybody that has a sport bike knows that feeling of when it breaks the rotors warp you get that pulsing at various speeds or some time all the time now a lot of the times it’s just that you have one or both rotors warped in which case you got to replace the rotors but there’s a little thing you can do that’ll make it better it’ll just make it physically better sometimes what you can do and and in this case I’ve done it to this bike several times and it works really well I’ve I’ve had this pulsing especially after a track day and it’s annoying to ride with that but I’ve got it to the point where after I do to maintenance tip that I’m going to show and it’s not it’s not a you know a space-shuttle trick this is common maintenance for sport bikes it’ll reduce it to maybe where you almost can’t feel it now I’m sure that step one would be if you were talking to so if you were talking to somebody that money was no object you replace both rotors possibly would upgraded wave rotors at which time you got to replace the pads and by the time you’ve done you’re probably into five to six hundred dollar range where what I’m going to show is basically cleaning the bobbins now what happens to these are called bobbins they attach the the physical rotor to the carrier and what happens at least in my experience from time to time they corrode in this case it’s probably definitely corrosion or the plating wears out on if these are painted or plated and these in this case they’re not that it’s 26 years old they’re definitely corroded and when you clean one you’ll notice rust and goop and brake dust and everything will just come out well cleaning them is not a big deal now here’s the point that I wanted to make is not all sport bikes this bike there these are not floating rotors these rotors are taxed solidly to the wheel like a GS Suzuki is and then a caliper is on a slider well that’s a whole different animal and it’s a whole different well next time we pull this front end apart I’ll show what I’ve done to make that as good as it can be and they’re really modern sport bikes they probably need just a minimum of maintenance I’d say once a year it’s a good idea to check just put your finger in here and if you can spin the buttons they’re probably fine if you put your finger in here and can’t spin the buttons they probably need to be cleaned and they corrode normally it’s a normal part at a normal part of any maintenance for anybody even these old bikes like the Rd where the brakes are this is really 70s technology there’s no floating the calipers are the only thing that moved so just keeping everything nice and clean is probably in your favor but as we go down a line and I can tell you for sure this is a for sure thing all GES Suzuki’s that the technology at a time was and I believe the material they used was just not high quality material because they had recalls on these the rotors got replaced I’ve had three or four sets of rotors they all warped at some point in time this this little trick cleaned the bobbins won’t do you any good unless you have bobbins now notice here’s something these are replacement EBC rotors for the Suzuki these rotors have bobbins so if we had these rotors on that bike which at some point in time maybe we will put these on I’ll take those and do the same trick I’ll clean it’s it’s basically a thing of cleaning the bobbins and modern bikes especially if they’re new you can put your finger in here and just turn that at will well there’s always a little wave water wave washer on a street bike and what the wave washer does it keeps this from chattering at low speeds now I’ve heard but I don’t know for sure that some bikes leave out the wave washer and put a flat washer in there and and it gives this a little more play possibly some advantage on a track day but the downside is at low speeds you can hear this rattling around now we just did the rotor on Glenn’s track bike

and that was the case and I even checked what Luciano to see if that was going to be some kind of an issue we should deal with and he said no his TZ had the same thing so what might happen in the near future is I’ll take these non floating rotors and what I feel I have a have a day two who spend out here put on the floaters maybe with some kind of an upgrade I don’t know if that’s gonna really be what I want or if it’s gonna be a lot better but I noticed basically just cleaning the bobbins it almost always results in the two possibilities if you clean them real well and they do have play whatever you have pulsing in the lover will get better it’ll never get worse because these rotors they should they should have be able to move side to side ever so slightly i mean the thickness of a piece of paper maybe but when they’re locked in and all that goop and rust gets in there they can’t move and that it throws them out of kilter enough that it results in the pulsing at the lever so I’m gonna show you how I’ve done it in the past not a secret way of doing it by the way I mean everybody I know from Kenny Augustine – I’m sure Luciano I’m sure everybody knows that trick but this is I’ve come up with a couple of different ways to do it and I think it’ll work it takes less than an hour to do a whole bike and you’ll be impressed with how well it works at the lever unless of course you have really warped the rotors in which case it’ll make it better but it won’t totally solve the problem but in some cases and on the red bike it can it can be I know I’ve done it a few times it’ll make it a lot better in any year or two later you have to do it again well you know that’s like an oil change that’s normal maintenance but I do remember coming back from a track day and thinking oh I’m getting my rotors I’m gonna buy rotors and pricing out the rotors and then I remember oh yeah I remember cleaning those that might make it better and it works for a back break too if you have a floater and it costs almost no money and it takes less than an hour to do a bike and there’s a good chance you’ll have a nice performance upgrade at the end of it so let’s get started and see how this works out the first step of course is just to get a bolt any short bolt a nut some washers that are the appropriate size I’m kind of looking around here because I had some washers that I used for this in a past that Ray gave me that had rubber backing that were nice they didn’t scratch anything but in lieu of having them well we could just take one washer over here and it’d be fine that’s it’s really simple stuff you need a bolt two washers and a knot and by the way that’s what makes this an easy thing to do is there’s no high tech stuff to do in it you don’t need any special tools so I’ll start with the r-1 being this is the easiest one to do and because it’s the most modern of the bikes we have usually is the least amount of corrosion on this you can just put the bolt through put a washer through all this is meant to do and I did I had that thing of rubber washers they were rubber on one side Ray had given them to me you need to make this tight of course and then all we want to do from this point on let me just show this up close what you have whips what you have in in essence is you’ve just grabbed the bobbin so you can turn it now there’s a lot of ways to turn it you can tighten the nut to as tight as you want it won’t matter and then just turn this with a socket wrench sometimes it’s a good idea to turn it if you really feel it’s tight turn it back and forth but ultimately you’d like to have these that there they move once they’re frozen in place and they sought to corrode it’s like a bolt freezing in place it doesn’t do you any good at the lever at the lever it’s a real problem when it when it corrodes on one side more than the other and it’s especially especially true if you do a lot of writing in bad weather when the roads are salty well anything that adds to corrosion or you don’t park your bike in a heated air-conditioned garage which seems like none of us have anyway okay just to do a quick if this is not real real scientific this is Auto Zone brake cleaner what happens with some brake cleaner not all but some they are they act as paint remover just like brake fluid does so what I always do when I’m doing this kind of thing is I try to protect the wheel unless of course you don’t have polished wheels and we want to try to protect this a little bit now you could minimize this by just putting this down at the bottom but I thought for shooting video that wouldn’t be real good let’s see if we can make

our point here what happens is this this has got brake dust and now if I turn this and it doesn’t take a lot of force to turn this you could turn it by hand what I’m actually doing is turning the whole bobbin and I see some goop is already coming out of there so sometimes I’ve seen guys do this with an electric drill you can do that too but the idea is to get it as clean as possible once this once it starts spraying clean I’ve heard guys put some kind of high-temperature stuff in there I don’t I don’t want any of that in there now once one is done you can usually tell us the spray that comes out I’ll be perfectly clean now this is method two you can just put on your drill using a slow speed now until you get to the point that these spin relatively easily it will tell you all this loosened up but it would tell you that you still have if you have resistance in here it’s not good so just doing the physical cleaning is a big help now we have to doing that and the way I can tell is I just I can feel the resistance now I’ve got almost none there’s just it’s not going to spin free it’s gonna be just a little bit of resistance and I’ve got that one done and I can go on to some of them and if you’re doing this religiously what you’ll find out is some of them are really tight those are the ones you got to work with the drill some of them are loose you can just work with the wrench or you can just ignore the whole thing and just deal with the lever being a little whatever but but I know that I’ve never done this and had anything negative happened it’s always something good and it’ll always make it better and it might save you from wrongfully buying of a five or six hundred dollar set of rotors and pads now after we’re done with the cleaning you can see some of the goop that comes out of there it’s definitely look it’s dripping down and the group D it’s a combination of a lot of things to the brake rotor dust now I can turn that nice and smooth and now we only have fifteen or a hundred more to do but if you do that religiously probably once every year or two you should minimize that pulsing at the at the lever which and if it doesn’t work it really didn’t cost you a lot of money now on some bikes and would do what I do I try to go they like today when I’m not going to ride to go out and do the maintenance on all of them so this is a relatively new bike so like the r1 there shouldn’t be too much so there’s plenty of stuff in everything something always comes out no matter what you do now on some bikes Wow now it’s this way it’s made this way because the rotors expand at a different rate than probably than the steel or they but they keep in mind the rotors want to have some play on them some freedom that’s what makes modern rotors one of the things makes modern rotors so but also this wave and the holes let more of the heat out so you want to take advantage of these modern brakes and they are so good this bike is just a wonderful and again you can do this with a drill you can do it by hand that that isn’t the whole point the point is you can feel when there’s resistance and when you’re done cleaning it it’s written listen what stuff comes out you can feel it getting better and better now this bike has very little pulsing at the base very little but as long as I’m doing maintenance I’d rather over maintain something and under maintain it let’s see as I’m doing this at some point in time you can feel it free up it just frees up this is what you’re doing you’re kind of just resetting the clearance and getting rid of all that stuff that’s in there now some bikes they have these these don’t have a hole in them like the FCR and you have to settle for just totally trying to clean it as much as you can you really can’t spin it with a drill not realistically anyway but they do make replacement bobbins and that’s probably one of the things at some future time I’ll I’ll look at getting for the FCU are so I can do that in the meantime I just do a thorough clean nap the other thing like on the FCR you wouldn’t think it but the back is where

a lot of this is so what I’m gonna do we’re gonna turn this around here because I’m trying to show this no you really can’t you have to move the camera let me move the camera so you can see what happens yeah a lot of times what you have to do and this just happens to be one case the stuff in the back I can see a lot of it coming out already and then spin this and once you spin it what you’ll see is more stuff coming out now each bike is just a little bit different my experience but they all suffer from the same thing they get these buttons get corroded this there’s no realistic way you can lubricate them you don’t want to use your I want to put grease or anything but to keep that clearance nice and keep Ola well its corrosion out and its really to me this is kind of preventive maintenance because when it breaks are working nice and smooth up it’s a joy when you have that pulsing lover issue just can be really annoying now once it’s all done I’m going to get the compressor set it to 125 pounds and blow out whatever I can out of there and then clean the whole rest of the wheel but I want to clean it with a perfectly clean microfiber I don’t want to get anything on the disc the only thing on the disk will be brake parts cleaner this stuff we use in its autozone brake parts gonna don’t get this on the paint of the bike and don’t get it in your eyes no in the FCR we have to really spend a lot of time actually takes more time doing this it’s difficult to spin them some of them some of them are really locked up really tight but just cleaning them is a big step in the right direction now since these are permanent rivets and we can’t realistically spin them the way we’d like to and I’ve tried a lot of things too I thought of a lot of things I could maybe make a rubber tool that would grab this or something but this is this is another way to get we got Springville we’re not really worried about spinning them the main thing is to get the goop out from underneath and to do it both ways if you were to look at this real close you’d see I’m moving the rotor I don’t want to bend it with a crowbar I just want to put a slight amount of force on it let me see if I can show this I’m not sure just once you do this you see a lot more stuff come out from behind it now of course you got to do it both ways I have to reverse it get any other side I have to move the camera for that but anything you can do to get that corrosion out of there sometime you have to be a little creative it’s amazing but now this is a 26 year old bike so there is a lot of stuff and I know in the past when I this I’ve been amazed what comes out of here and as much as I’ve cleaned them what happens is I go back and clean it a half hour later and wash them really dirty too so the whole point is and if you look at the rig yeah sometimes you don’t want to ride the bike but but the bottom line is no matter how you do it cleaning that out that would be really nice a beautiful thing would be if we had the rotors off the bike we’re doing a tire change we can pull the rotors real quick it’s not worth to me to do separate maintenance because I’m always a believer in like when you have to change the tire that’s a good time if you want to polish this or if you wanted to do something here or repaint the fender well it’s not to do things redundantly is when you’re doing one thing if we’re going to do a tire change let’s do that or we’re going to do replace replace the brake pads or to do things in in combination where it makes sense that you have to work three or four times now the other part is now that we’ve done this I need to get around the other side of the bike I need to move the camera because I’m going to do the back of this now and I’m not sure I can get the camera in the right position but again I’m not Steven Spielberg but then you’re not Robert Redford either so I guess we’re even you know I’m not sure we’re gonna have a great camera angle here we’re limited of course but I did want to show I like to show it in real time if I can I can get my just to pull this pan away and I’m not putting a lot of force a very little force so that stuff just comes right out it’s amazing what comes out of here but

again this is an older bike and if I were able to spin the bot the bobbins that would make it easier but again one of the things for my near future I’d like to replace the bobbin so I have the ability to spin them it just makes to clean up a little easier but in my case I enjoy doing this I enjoy to maintenance parts at a bike now that really is at now what’s happening even though I’ve done this watch what happened you do it again let me get the bar it seems like every time you do this more stuff comes out because it gets loosened up in there and see I can move the rotor and that sure was just a great camera angle see but I can move the rotor when I do that but if you know the theory of what has to happen in a perfect world the bobbins would have just a hand tight feel but not be frozen in place and not have a lot of extra brake dust corrosion on them and of course the older the bike is the more important it is to do this kind of maintenance so one of the last things as I try to get the compressor up but this doesn’t try anything that’s still in there now we spent up maybe a little better than an hour and it looks like the next step is take a little test write down who are a little private place that we can test things without the police making us crazy and see how these brakes perform every time I do this and clean the bobbins I go out on a little this is my little test area here where nobody seems to bother you and I’m amazed at how good it works not in this piece the pulp scrap the lover is gone so it’s sometimes it only gets 8090 percent better this is the best that’s ever done because I really was careful about cleaning it if you rotate the bobbins it’s even better but anyway all I can say is thanks for watching this and hopefully you can pass this tip on to other people that ride motorcycles thanks for watching you