Amigos Plays Stunt Car Racer TNT (Amiga) (Real Hardware)

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Amigos Plays Stunt Car Racer TNT (Amiga) (Real Hardware)

you hey everyone welcomes two amigos play my name is Aaron today we’re going to be taking a look at stunt car racer TNT if the Amiga this is an interesting game it was a basically reverse engineering mod of the original stunt car racer the original stunt car racer tremendous game gosh one of the most pop to our meetings and one of my personal favorites we covered it way way back and I’ve been itching to get one of these out because our recording via emulation of the original stock car racer just looked horrible so I thought just to change it up a bit let’s have a look at the TNT or the new tracks and the shortened version this was an interesting game though originally stunt car racer developed by the legendary Jeff cramond he was of micro style at the time micro style had you know a few games you may have heard of rick dangerous to into a two and a half was one of theirs of course oriental games which I wouldn’t mind trying international soccer challenge didn’t do a ton but that this game was a more known for its creator than anything else a graphics by Jeff coming tremendous game that came out back in the day and this is a modified version and you can see I’m going to flip through here and get this thing started up all new tracks I’m not familiar with a lot of these it’s been a long time since I actually gave this sucker a twirl so we’re going to start off and give it a shot here this much like the original has the drop on the track design I mean in essence this is the original with a track editor design and the computer in this thing is unforgiving it’s like the original and I’m sure I’ll be humiliating myself time and time again here you’ll notice if you’re familiar with the auction with the attract from the original game ah crap not good oh yeah there it is son of a gun well I’m in orbit now oh yeah I have played this in the past and I do remember that the tracks are unforgiving all right let’s see if we can do I have no chance of catching up to the computer now he’s a long gone it’s hard to do in place so you’ll notice that the the color palette has changed from the original they which obviously want to mark the new hers and it’s a subtle change they just changed the side of the track and the sort of all colored parts of track just kind of was a aqua blue and you know no big deal you could also see that I was playing the pal version on NTS monitor because that’s the bottom part of the screen is locked off for those are familiar with this game the season the odds of the games just to win races obviously you’ve got one computer opponent you are running at a breakneck pace and you’re you’re I don’t know what you call this a customized dune buggy Oh dadgum it anyway yeah I will be humbled anyways the the dune buggy hot rod is lowered or this elevated track which this isn’t insane in the same way to Gracie I’m assuming that no one will ever do this in the world because it would be killed a million times but this thing’s lowered onto the track and you race one computer opponent unless you’re practicing otherwise you just basically go by yourself you you do four laps and you three laps can’t remember I’m not sure about this the the computer opponent can also be a second player this has this is an early early game and that that had the ability to play by a null modem which yeah which it was always interesting to me we actually saw in the few games we actually tried this on I’d my buddy bring his computer over and we gave it a world sure enough of what Roy’s not that difficult to get running as I recall and as I recall this is another game that’s like I’m sure it is i just heard it was mentioned on a yeah on these eggs podcast that they had been to a show where they had hooked up an st an amiga and we’re playing this via cross-platform null cable which is horrendous and they also mentioned that

the yeah haha the atari st runs this faster than you media without no doubt is true the amiga chipset is not necessarily out just lost it’s not necessarily made for these three-dimensional games but if you look at the ya know yeah there’s the loser animation of me hanging my head so see we have a better luck’ll this next one you know with the amiga chipsets not necessarily polygon driven it wasn’t put together to run games that were they had a lot of polygons however this does a good job and of course you’ve got the corner you’re cut down screen where you can see obviously there’s a there’s a lot of black around the roll cage there but if given the circumstances and this is something normally a loop to immediately but this game is so advanced on over this game is so advanced for its time that I’ll let it slide because I I don’t know there’s just no way you could really push a full screen version of this and make it work you got to think this came out in 1989 the original stunt car race here and was out for quite a long time for this thing even went down you can see this is the worst when you get stuck any stupid holes up basically I’m going to just drive off the side over the best the funny thing about this game is it has uh huh of course now it’s put me so close to the ramp I’ve got to I’ve got to go all the way back the funny thing about this game is it has its quirks the awesome yeah backed up to four all right and at the end of that why is quite a showing by me today anyway then yeah one of the course of this game is the fact that you can if you fell off in the right spot you can basically be screwed and there are little little in between parts of the jumps you can have yourself a lowered onto and you that there’s no way to get off of your basically trapped in between the two ramps and so I think you really do is drive off the off the side repeatedly you just get smashed this this should be my shining moment here let’s see if we can get something cooking oh there he goes God you just can’t keep up with that sucker that’s the funny thing about playing this two players depending on how good you are you the you got all the trouble to hook up the null cables or something you might see your opponent one one second at every minute is he uh I think I might land on one come on yes um no no the but if you’re if you’re not very good at this or you fell off a lot you’re not going to see really the two-player version doesn’t really mean much it’s still pretty solitary program um the TNT version here that we’re looking at it I said it was obviously a hack and what they did was a reverse engineered the original code from what I’ve found out it was done by an outfit called a meager / care that’s what they’re known as I don’t know what I don’t know if a meager as a person or an outfit but they went to a reverse engineering apparently what they did was they made a track editor I was just that’s kind of neat and the winter and made these new tracks and there’s apparently a turbo version of this javon I seems like I tried it once but i also don’t remember it that but it has a special enhancements to support AGA to make it run at a quicker pace so I haven’t seen that one yet but maybe we have to give that one a shot something while though I’m gonna practice first on one tonight we’re just going to rumble in I was a decent hand at the original the original head tracks that were pretty legendary by today’s standards the ones that I recall really liking were the drawbridge the roller coaster the ski jump was another one that I like those those original tracks got crazy and you could much like these tracks that I’ve seen so far you can actually bounce you can miss these jumps and sort of like looks like you’re going into orbit I remember several times back in the day where you would hit one of these jumps you would hit the middle of the jump you would fly up in the air and you could die in one massive incredible crash where your it completely totaled your car and if this happens and it just happens on the circuit you effectively screwed up your game because he’s near the damage we look there in the upper line here we go if you look in the upper right hand

corner you’ll see the those big boat boat looking holes that they’re the in my roll bar as those add up those carry over ah son of a ah now it is that as let’s carry we’re gonna add a few more to that to the pile here those those carry over it makes your robe are more and more susceptible to damage and when that roll bar is totaled you’re screwed the crack running from left to right when that reaches the other side of the game you’re also screwed so it’s actually quite ingenious you can you can I apologize for my gameplay that I you can actually you could kill yourself by just ham and egg and just barely missing stuff no major damage Japan that crack but it you know just enough and that falls well or enough bad hits on the track will make that little crack come across in the epic crashes make those those holes come across and really screw up for the rest of the out of the game so let’s give this a shot here by god I’m gonna win one of these if it kills me alright let’s see if I can get a good jump on this guy this time I’ve been so damaged and I’m sure everyone is play just noticed I’m talking about all right I’m not gonna let this guy get ahead at me I’ve been so damaged that I’ve been killed as I get dropped onto the track top is very depressing where they just ate ah alright I’m not for uh okay the but I I’m sure everyone’s been there when you when you drop on the track and just have just enough damage to to get killed or the some thai gets even worse is when you are so close to dying but you can still go and you are creeping around these corners and stuff trying to maintain the last little bits of your a fear buggies health before it before it gets it before it gets in stroyed this new version I’ve had I had a quick look through it to refresh my memory on it the I like that the the tracks are I wouldn’t say they’re well I would say the highest level the tracks are pretty nasty there’s a there’s a couple that are real nasty to have a have a have a jump coming out of a turn they are i’m ok so far here they are diabolical in their design because another thing that happens in this game given the given the way the game works is that you can basically blindly jump into a void you can’t see where the tracks going from your fantasy you know over the horizon and so that can make it difficult to line up where you’re trying to land or how hit these curves and to explain how you hit these curves is this games I don’t know I’ve never driven a car like this on this sort of track that said to me it feels realistic because as you as you make these turns you are in the air and so effectively you have turned joystick to go in the direction you want your car to go when it lands and it feels it’s very satisfying to haha I got a good run going here too it’s very satisfying to to land these on these on these turns because of you and you learn early on that if you if you don’t learn to anticipate these turns and before you go into them you’re going to just fly off the side and if you overcome and say you’re going to fly to the middle and something that I don’t do it obviously I’ve done it plenty in this in this playthrough but after a while you’ll learn to understand how to position your car and that’s something else that’s interesting like this i mean you’re talking about a one-button joystick game the the button fires those turbos when you see that yellow flame coming out there that’s me hitting my turbo boost the amount of control you feel yeah whoo got one see I’m not hitting it so I’m just horrible um yes finally sweet sweet love from the crowd the amount of control you feel like you have on your car it x is amazing also at times it’s not amazing because you just can’t seem to get a grip on it this little some tracks of these little like what you call mogul built into them that one had a couple were it it the track just kind of slants from one side to the other back and

forth and you don’t think much about I’m unless you do and when you do think about them let’s have a go at this one here I love that by the way that the ability to rotate the track it seems sort of mundane now but I’m telling you back when I first saw this game I thought to myself holy smokes that’s something that’s incredible that you can that you can pivot this three-dimensional you know figure the track it’s funny how much sex change you know to uh now it’s of course photorealistic everything but back in the day and yes some people band that phrase but not me I feel here at many time back in the day that sort of thing was quite amazing um the well we’re off to a bad start I had a good run for Senate oh yeah this is one of those bad crashes here I fly back across Wow the physics of that no one knows I’m going to go again I would love to see a version of this game not monkeyed with my idea but put out with a full screen you can improve the graphics but you have to keep the same feel to the game which I’m not sure you can do this game has a unique feel and in the annals of racing games I’m not the biggest car guy in fact I don’t know jack squat about cars I I do like the arcade race stuff you know I like to outrun I like pole position that sort of thing you know like this but this game has a feel that no other game simulates and if you could update it with nice graphics but keep the overall feeling and that was quick then that would be cool with me I would love to see this full screen it would be tremendous I heard there was a a pc version of this out but I’ve not I’ve not come across it and really I don’t necessarily want to play a pc version of the amiga game when I’ve got the Amiga and the amiga game I seems like I read it it and had some modifications and some enhancements so I guess that’s something but you know I’d be hard-pressed to try it for unless they really came up with something awesome that they did they change all right let’s try this one okay a jerk you jump it doesn’t law there so I was great just look too bad but there it is there it is the jump of doom alright let’s get loaded on this sucker here ok ah alright so for some wood oh there it is those are some nasty turns those are nasty nasty turn okay let’s give this a whirl then yeah you know the I’m thinking to myself do I like the TNT tracks more than the originals probably I’d say probably not but it’s of course ah shoes oh there it is let’s see how far network but we go holy can we might land on the track yes that’s a lucky break haha course we took a pounding right there but still those jumps that have that Center you have to clear our can be very nasty very nasty see if I can stay on the track to get around again do it another shot these curves that aren’t here quite nasty too okay anyway you know i I’ve played the original so much that the tracks feel comfortable to me here we go fire it up fire it up Oh Dan coming almost well I’ve been lucky at least it’s dropping on the track I so that much said if I played this one enough I’m an idiot god bless um if I played this enough times I would probably fall in love with these tracks too I mean dear these are some of these are really frustrating then let’s try the well we’ve got out we can’t quit without trying to evilly episode if for any

reason cuz the name is clever um I what we’ve got here look at those curves and there’s a big old leave another curvy when these curvy ones I mean no matter how many times you go around these things it’s still it’s still difficult to make you to hold your hand really when you lose at this game at something else that you you’re gonna have no one to blame whoa you have no one to blame but yourself because she won’t now see this is that was church that was real cute putting a bank turn on a straightaway it’s cool that’s nap oh god no that was a blinds that was a blind jump right there this is a that’s exactly what I was talking about you couldn’t see it coming you came around you came over that band and and so you have to build up a ton of speed to get over that jump out of that turn that’s gonna be a real tough on the clear these you can tell the guys i put these together they won’t hurt a challenge man because the mean that is here’s another one of these banks straightaways the the back the bank straightaways are real evil or you try this one more time here I’m going to go to go down fighting or goat or just go down horribly but anyway guys I think we’re going down oh god there’s another one oh well I called dad didn’t I think we will call it a game hope everyone’s enjoyed having a look at this and we’ll be back for something new next time around but this is aaron of the amigos you guys have a good time and audios yeah i knew i would make it hahaha bye everybody you you