Are cheap ebay motors any good? A review of the cheapest, including the brilliant N20 gear motor

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Are cheap ebay motors any good? A review of the cheapest, including the brilliant N20 gear motor

hello guys one of the hardest things to find for your RC tractor or any vehicle you want to build is a drive motor and the reason is that most of the motors you find on eBay and a or websites like that motor start reasonably priced are intended for other applications the might have come out of a printer or part of a carer or something so they’re the most likely voters that they were designed for a specific application then this is this example here these motors are brilliant for our applications to make fantastic and motors for screw mechanisms because they’re they have this great little gearbox but that’s not what they were intended for I’ve no idea what this was intended for but it was surely some industrial application for this reason I thought I’d do a little video of some of the little motors that you can get on eBay some of the cheaper ones and wheatie if they were good and you know what we might use them for so just before we get started hey you can get motors out of lots of different things like these these motors here they would have come out of an old car radio you know they’re small and the are flat ones that have been designed to fit into that that’s now space out the of the radio and those are the different things here I have that motor share I came out of DVD player as you seen in my my Marsten grain trailer I was using that a motor on a gear mechanism from her from a DVD player for that and say there’s lots of different things with it so clearly designed for different applications they’re very big he’s not a very big one this is a nine volt motor and it has a gearbox in but this is a this is an extremely strong motor this actually comes out of a beacon of you know beacon of a tractor or digger and that doesn’t very sound all right said you know it’s an industrial motor but there’s just different types of motors like these a these are brushed DC motors so you just give them a DC voltage and ready to go that’s no problem then you have these types of motors here I got these on TV these are stepper motors and see there’s just five lawyers here so you need to put in this case it has four coils inside it so you need to pulse the coils to move the motor red and this one has also been geared them so this is also very strong for forte but you need to pull stat and take a lot of power to do that so that’s not much use for our a for our RC tractors it you would really it means that promoters for us just a simple DC motor but normally the motor state you salvage they don’t come with the gears they built into them normally they’re just like like these motors were in that little plastic here on the end on the gearbox is somehow built into the somehow built into the device here’s a servo motor you know the gears are inside the servo has no that’s inside the motor so that’s just a simple motor and if you try to run your food your RC tractor directly from one of these it would they would be too fast and that’s a servant that day it was actually able to push the weight off the striker but she probably wouldn’t be but because there would be that much torque whereas a geared motor like this one from eBay would be ideal and it would have a huge about torque so the little motor would be spinning very very quickly it wouldn’t have much torque but after that’s been converted through the gearbox you’ll have a lot of torque on this output shaft so they’re brilliant bring it to the motors so these are the motors we’re going to have a look at today and all of these ones they’re cost less than four dollars I think these are they’re pretty cheap that these ones are a bit more expensive but there are a lot better so the reason why these are more expensive innovative metal gears the very small this is pretty much ideal for our application but I ordered a an array of different motors from eBay the cheapest we could guess because they don’t forget that the seeker motors are great but you need to pay by roughly 20 euros to buy the motor and a from Andrews I’ve seen it spend about 10 to 20 euros then shippers let’s ship to Ireland anyway so

that’s why I look for alternatives but them if you can afford the seeker motors they are brilliant but you might want to buy them you might want to buy five or six in them at once to kind of counteract the cost of the shipping so we’re going to have looked through these different waters as possible alternatives okay so the first motor we’re going to have a look at is this little it looks like a hobby boat or a toy at the Thalia motor and it has three little plastic gears gearbox here but pretty big okay so we would assume that this is a I’m not a maybe hobby robot you could easily make a robot with that thing to note about this one is that hex Shafter that is the same as a Tamiya shaft so this would be compatible with tamia parts so this one cost 360 dollars it has a little on/off switch just useful I suppose but Tim it’s rather bulky and we look at all the space that’s why I stood around here well I don’t know if it’s wasted I mean trying to keep the cost down and to keep the cost and they need big years and you kind of need space for those big ears so it seems alright I mean for if you have maybe a combine harvester or something that you wanted to convert to RC maybe maybe it would work for us the gears seemed reasonable enough I mean if you were going to put huge stress on them they’d probably break but you know if you unless you’re going to try and push something with your combine harvester you probably be ok with this motor you know you know what’s something big enough to how did this already because it is quite large and if we turn up the voltage here so there we go work work try point riverboat poetry of revolt and our motor is already spinning now the eBay seller didn’t give me voltage and they’re just not not indicated on the page I bought this from put given the little motor we can assume to around about a three volts is probably a reasonable voltage to be using this motor so if we up the voltage so there is one volt I will try to lower that okay so we don’t have a huge amount to talk but still that’s that’s a reasonable amount for a for a small Lord riding he should them you know if you were doing this in a combo you’re not gonna be loading with that as much as I am pushing it here I don’t think it should be should be reasonably reasonably yeah a reasonably light load which are combine harvester so let’s open two three boats and see what’s like okay so a three boats we seem to have plenty at all it’s quite hard to stop the shaft so when we up the tree votes we had plenty talk although when you know if you’re if you’re combine higher storms going that fast I think pretty hard control that the gearbox doesn’t slow the slowed the output speed of the shaft light very much seems pretty fast so maybe this motor is better suited to like an RC car or something in 1/16 scales of my dad but it seems like a reasonable more to give seemed reasonably strong output shaft a compatible with Italian that’s a good point ordered on the size I test pretty good more it’s reasonable ok so here’s our second motor this one a cost one dollar ninety and it is labeled as a for AM an Arduino robot so we can probably assume that this motor is going to be reasonably strong because they you know

here robot could be carrying a quite a bit of wish in servos and other electronics so we can probably assume this motor is going to be quite strong in this case the seller does give voltage that says it can work from anywhere from three volts to 12 volts and recommends six volts so the reason for that will be the lower voltage to our HR your motor at the the longer it’s going to last for so let’s just turn up the voltage EO T at what photo just starts to move okay so in this case the motor didn’t start moving until we reached 1.9 boards so let’s keep going we go to three volts okay so there is around about 3 volts stops pretty easily a 3 volt sits there dr. Valarie we keep going go to 6 volts you ok so at 6 volts are a put shaft is you probably got a reasonable speed for an RC tractor and it it’s getting quite difficult to stop so let me downside is that it’s just rather big but this more so you’d probably it’s probably better suited to a 1/16 scale model really but maybe you could find places might be better for a for a combined model and this model we looked at earlier and it does seem to be a last run and we can keep going up to 12 volts so let’s see how fast it goes at 12 volts so our 12 volts the motors gone pretty quick and is very very difficult to stop that motor at 12 volts so yeah probably good for a combo model or pretty large model and although you might want to go to 12 volts it’s still still pretty good more our six volts I think you’ll be I think it’d be pretty good for a combine model so that’s the second model we’ve seen that’s probably a good choice for combine model and remember this this was only one ninety dollars so it’s pretty cheap don’t lose to shipping so pretty ideal so here’s another very cheap motor this one was a three dollars and just consists of a couple of gears on a little frame with a another hobby motor on a little DC motor and this one if you can see the frame has lots of little air holes so you can change the gear ratio and it’s just the little shafts are just held in like the rubber and endstops seems to work pretty good so let’s crack this one up and see how it goes it should be able to operate at 3 or 4 or 3 or 6 volts according to the TT eBay page so let’s see from what voltage it started so around about one volt and a bit rougher than the other rare order said go to three volt I testify the sick boat I saw at 6 volts we were a slow in the

time there was taken about an amp to do it yeah it’s ok it’s not it’s not the best bit more it makes a lot of noise because it’s not they’re not very well built would you can change the gears which is a nice little feature but still it it’s more for prototyping something so say you’re prototyping at a little car or something you might use this and change the gear ratio until you got a gear attached there that sees your jar your model I’d say that’s more what this is designed for but it’s a little bit like a Lego set with the way you can they just slap the shaft in and you can choose the position of this say this block so probably not very well suited for our applications but I’m sure you could find some use for it I mean if you had a diorama or something you could there you could surely apply us in that some way and this one was this one was three dollars so I don’t know I think hey I think this one was much better value for for money this is a little bit too little bit too rustic a little bit too simple so I’d say why this one rather than this one one thing about this more are you order this little bag of a here’s a while back caver I think about five dollars or sets different gears and I just checked there and the gears of this motor mess with this this little gear set so maybe you could find useful as you have things like this a long kind of rack rack here so you could maybe use this board or to try that in some ways if you had some application for that or rim a world of little air and gears like this so you give this motor up considerably if you had there needing a couple more days like shaft but you could give the motor up a lot and probably get a pretty strong motor as a result and it’d be exactly the gear ratio to you wanted so from the perspective of and to be able to modify you know that that is the most modifiable gearbox s rose color first that’s kind of all times it has gone first I mean these other gearboxes just seems so much stronger and this because there’s no second one of these blocks on this side you know the shaft are perfect know they’re a little bit loose that’s probably why it’s so noisy but there yeah that’s such a possibility if you’re interested in this that you might you might be able to apply this extra set of gears and make exactly the gearbox you want this is a tiny little planetary gear motor even smaller than our gear motor we use for the screw mechanism all right this one was a bit more expensive it was was 460 I’m not sure what it’s from it might be from a camera or something that’s very it’s very very small and much smaller than any of the other mowers we’ve looked at so it has to be from something and would require very small water so probably some sort of handheld device but there I have no idea really so this one’s supposed to be good too from three to six volts and yes starts moving around about point nine volts let’s go up to three volts so there’s three volts it’s not so it’s quite hard to keep the wires on this so even though three volts it has quite a bit of torque when we stalled that last more it went to nearly a nap and this one is putting a couple of Vinnie up three so let’s go up to six volts and they say that is a pretty good model and at 6 volts we seem to have plenty of torque dough making is this little connection here I’m not 100% certain ho hey I could get a good connection from –

to – a are a we love our tractor or whatever it is we want to connect to it looks like a Lego connection so maybe a Lego connection would fit – so I just grabbed a piece that I gotta if we push it in it’s a little bit loose so it’s not going to stay connected the origin so hey if you hadn’t done the Lego set you could you know if you could connect it in a way that this was up against the face it worked fine but for our application it’s not exactly perfect and the tractor I was thinking of using this motor in was the Ford 7810 because you know it’s very small model so I need a motor that can fit into this small space so I’m thinking I might be able to get the motor in in here I’d have to drill away all these part here then I might be able to fit the motor in guess I’ll get some Drive from this on this model which is pretty different because they’re all these other motors are kind of too big but yeah we might see does still do just this motor work that might be a possible application for us so the last motors to look at are these small gear motors you’ve seen this one before in the cramp half pipe trailer it worked pretty good in the screw mechanism hey this one I intend to use in my track John Deere Model so I have two of these these ones are you know this slightly different configuration so they they actually cost quite a bit more these ones for eleven fifty each so I have two these for that model they were pretty pretty expensive for this job but these other ones are for fifteen and they’re a lot easier to get then it was only two or three sellers on ebay selling these wares loads of people selling these ones so they’re supposed to be good to six volts so let’s see what photos to start over here we go at 1.2 volts our water starts to move and we can stop that it’s very hard to stop that motor driven death so left three volts now and no I couldn’t stop that and this is this one was actually slower than then this one was slower than the one in the halfpipe trailer Hey they were actually a lot faster than this so I just up the voltage to 6 volts there six volts empty that’s still pretty slow that is nice impossible to stop it has a very strong borer and only for 4 euros that’s it that’s a good boy so I did voice these motors and the speed of that though that is that’s the 30 RPM motor this one so it’s actually pretty slow and you get them in 60 rpm as well so maybe that’s a that’s a bad arm or maybe because I know you be waiting a long time on this to screw the screw mechanism from the half pipe trailer to be pretty slow down whereas this one should be the same this should be 3 rpm as well so we’ll just check this should be pretty ideal for the tractor John Deere because it’s a so just wrong little more so let’s see you there’s no way no matter what you try to pull with the tajalli yard it’s how you’re going to pull us or it’s gonna break the wheels that that is extremely powerful and it’s extremely powerful and are not even seen a blip on the card when we try to slow down so we’re talking tens of millions when I was loading down that Mora which is pretty ideal for our

applications we don’t want a huge current you seen in my previous video with the track John Deere factor I was getting massive current when I tried to move the John Deere Model that shouldn’t be a problem with this because they’re just such a huge amount of torque that the model should be able to pull pretty much anything so hey make sure and subscribe if you want to see that video because that should be coming up soon enough tend to get working on that pretty shortly I have little adapters to connect this shaft to the shaft for the Tamiya wheels and yeah it should be should be up pretty soon in the next couple of weeks animate you should see me at least tested the borders in the John Deere might be the full model but it’ll be me testing this drive system because I think this I think this is going to be the one that works best for us so if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions I’d opposed to here or in the forum and like I said to be John Deere build cover up and I probably have to Ford built his wild when I try to stick to smaller motors into the Ford and that might end up just rude in the model but we see so mature and subscribe so you don’t miss out on those and that’s everything I have for today so thanks very much for watching you