Important Annoucement about Free Trading Signals Good News and Bad 6 8 14

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Important Annoucement about Free Trading Signals Good News and Bad 6 8 14

good morning everyone this is mr. P broadcasting from Dallas Texas it’s Julie 8 2014 at 6 12 a.m. central Daylight Time well most of you have gotten the news and I’m auditioning for America’s Got Talent but I want you to know one of the conditions if I’m selected to be on the Today Show is that I get the tell my occupation which is the founder of gold money party America’s first and voter owned and operated political party okay now folks I think it’s time that you and I talked face-to-face before you’ve known me as a voice behind a trading screen it’s made many of you a lot of money and money is not evil or good money is basically an instrument of exchange and the motive that you have inquiring money however is very important Jesus most of you know that I’m a born-again Jewish Christian born 911 on that September the 11th I’m not going to reveal a year but let’s just say over 71 years of age folks okay jesus said this he first the kingdom of God then all these things will be added unto you there are two forces operating in man a one is one of selfishness ego me first the kind of thing that makes you want to bust in line and take somebody’s place the kind of thing that makes you want to be first when the door opens at a new movie me first me first let me tell you what our warriors have learned in Afghanistan those of you who have been servants of our nation am I commend you I do but you you know that you survived because you put the man beside you first that’s how you got out of that war you were willing to give your life to save theirs and they will willing to give their life to save yours so war as evil as it is produced an environment where survival was paramount now I would submit that our nation is in a war our world is in a war and let me tell you what the two contrasting forces are you can call them good and evil but we’re not going to label them what we’re going to do is just tell you what they are in the history of the world they’ve always been two forces centralization pyramiding where one person sits at the top of the pyramid and everybody beneath everybody beneath works to serve the master who’s out the top of the pyramid it’s called the Pharaoh system okay now the powers that be that had been on planet Earth for 6,000 years are at the point where they’re going to have a pharaoh over the entire world now you won’t know him as a favor oh and he won’t sit on a gold throne but what he will do however is to centralize all of the world economies around a new currency that will be backed by gold and silver okay they will collapse this economy the way they work is they create a crisis such as the bombing of the world trade center a created crisis folks not anything that happened other than what the CIA approved of and the president approved up they wanted to be able to control your life to have satellites focused on you 24-7 and so they needed to create a crisis it’s called create the crisis create fear in people they manipulate you like you’re nothing better than an animal and you get afraid and then everybody puts up a department called Homeland Security which now knows exactly where you go to church will in the future what kind of car you drive how many miles you drive in other words this was designed the wars have all been designed of course to make the corporations who manufacture it web weapons of war rich and they’re willing to send your children and grandchildren off to war to have their arms and legs blown off so they can have a bottom line of profit and those corporations are organized like a favorable pyramid everything in America from Chase Bank all the way down to the well there’s one exception middle-class Americans who repair cars and shoes the little guy who’s getting screwed every which way folks okay what I’m trying to share with you is that the Pharaoh system is designed as a pyramid the Federal Reserve System is a pyramid definitely a pyramid scheme unlike Bernie Madoff though they can print more

money to keep a pyramid moving I’ll be explaining more about this as time goes on all right so the force of centralization and then there’s the force of what we call agrarian farmer type movements independent movements and this is what the New World Order doesn’t want they want everything under their control probably a few thousand families whose histories many of them royal families whose histories go back thousands of years all the way back to the Babylonian Empire but what America was designed to do under the guidance of the holy spirit of Jesus Christ was to make it possible for a strong middle class to grow folks okay a strong middle class of independent people everybody operating as an independent businessman or woman if you will the only connection that God your Creator wanted was a spiritual connection with you so that you could go out and pursue your individual dreams with his spirit living within you and achieve anything that’s lawful and within the will of God now all of you have prayed over and over again our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven now let me explain there are two types of marketing generally that are going on in the world today there’s the Pharaoh type the pyramid scheme and with all due respect to those companies that are out there and i will name a few names i don’t think i’ll get in any trouble for it companies like Legal Shield find companies prepaid legal companies like empower network I have a lot of reservations about that company but it’s a pyramid the it’s they’ll call themselves multi-level and it’s legal to be multi-level but it’s still a pyramid let me tell you the definition of a pyramid mr. P’s definition of a pyramid is you follow the money do they collect your money and then dribble it back to you in smaller chunks let me repeat do they collect the money you send the money to them the favor at the top of the pyramid and then they dribble it back to you a little at a time that’s a pyramid folks okay a corporation is a pyramid you have a chief executive officer then you’ve got middle management then you’ve got the guy in the middle class who’s doing all of the work he’s hammering the nails he’s putting the tires on the new cars all the rest of it okay those are the ones who’ve been screwed in America actually the guys are putting the tires on the cars belong to a union because they learned a long time ago there’s more power in a group of like-minded people than there is of everybody trying to act as the lone ranger the reason that the middle class has been screwed is because they’re operating like lone Ranger’s ok so the other force would be what we would call and this has been revealed to me by Jesus mother power of His Holy Spirit it’s called referral marketing it’s definitely not a pyramid because everybody does their own billing you need to use paypal with occurring billing arrangement or you go out and look in google and find a local accountant that you trust and have them do all your billing for you mr. P doesn’t touch your money at all i do is come out to your meetings or invite you to my meetings to pass out rewards to those who are successful in our system that i’m about to discuss with you in a moment here folks and the vision that I have of the future now let me address this issue that i’m getting over and over again emails from you mr. p shut up about politics we don’t want to hear about politics we just want to make money on nadex that just shut up about I don’t want her anymore about it this type of person I don’t really want their business and I don’t want to be in their companionship the reason that gold money party was formed in nadex Trading’s and by the way I’m not affiliated with nadex in any way shape or form I’m not endorsed by them in any way shape or form folks okay I am simply using them and referring them to you it’s what 40 marketing that’s all of his vote just like I were to tell you get is a great restaurant go over there and eat the foods great lobster is wonderful go over there and they can see that movie it’s a great movie you’ll enjoy it good for the kids on that is referral marketing is the most powerful kind of marketing there is when you combine that with a Pay system where every individual who joins has an opportunity to do their own building at a hundred percent then you’ve got a revolution for the middle class that will work for the middle class now what is our product membership

in the gold money party what is the gold money party it’s America’s first political movement it’s very similar to the tea party except everybody gets to do their own billing and makes a one hundred percent commission do you follow what I’m saying folks this is a revolution in American politics my vision is to have 10,000 of you at the senior advisor level and I’m going to discuss in a moment how that can be achieved you say no only hair let’s go back to how we’re going to make money I’m on the signals on Monday I’ll get rich back here it’s got rich my honey listen to me if your dollars are worth noting what good is it to be rich if your dollars are not backed by silver and gold what good is it to be rich if your country is going to go down the crapper of the International powers controlling your life what good does it to be it to be rich they’ll have cameras looking at you from the sky that’ll that will examine what you do in your bedroom and if they don’t like it they’ll put you in a theme of prison it’s going to be that bad folks okay what good what profits a man to gain the whole world and get all the money and get rich if he loses his soul that he loses his nation and what better product there is then organizing America’s middle class do you know the gallant conducted a poll recently and in that pool Americans said they were fed up with both the Republican and the Democratic Party now Americans are also fed up with third parties they don’t want a third party it’s too much work so what the Tea Party did has come along and they ran as a rat they rant they were tea party Republicans that got elected to Congress now all the tea party Republicans had done is just a block legislation more power to them Ted Cruz as an individual that’s real good at saying no okay and Texans wanna say no to Obamacare and everything else we’re an independent the little independent nation here in Texas okay but what I’m trying to say to all of you with all my heart is that the Tea Party it going to cut it the republican party isn’t going to cut it and the Democratic Party is not going to cut it because our gold the Federal Reserve Bank is still intact in all of their platforms all other party platforms gold money party wants to send you to Washington as gold not as gold money party candidates I want you to apply for every vacancy there is and the Republican Party and run as a Republican but I want you to do so with an army of five ten thousand people behind you that’s compensated so they can take off work and in a moment I’ll talk about our compensation plan compensated so they can take off work and support your can see now if you don’t want to run then at least let somebody in your organization run and you as the leader and founder okay you as the leader and founder than can share your vision with somebody in your organization that is interested in politics and you support them folks okay that is the only way the middle class is going to achieve power and they have to do their own billing if I were doing the billing and then sending the money back to you in little chunks I would be Pharaoh okay what I’m doing is referral marketing folks and I’m allowing you to keep one hundred percent of the money and you Bill you Bill you in a sense and you don’t own people but you own the group of people that you’re putting together all I want to do is be a servant leader and come and share my vision for the nation with you now at the same time just as Jesus gave loaves and fishes to the people to attract them to his meetings I’m giving you not giving you charging one hundred and fifty dollars a month for nadex signals but my purpose is not to get you rich yes it’s I want you to not to have to worry about money ever again folks that’s ridiculous you don’t need to be worried about it okay anymore I’m going to show you a system that’s completely legal it’s not a pyramid scheme it’s not multi-level marketing human which is barely legal this is just simply telling people to go to a restaurant that you like go to a movie that you like and you’re doing all of your own billing so by definition my attorneys are telling me I’m not a pyramid folks now let me tell you the biggest problem that you leaders already an MLM have and that is you’ve got to have five or ten thousand people to make a living and you’ve got to constantly replenish the people that are dying off because they can’t pay their light bill there is no way in the world that people in America are going to be able to pay their bills with multi-level marketing as long as they’re making an average of two dollars and eight cents that’s a figure folks that’s the average commission that people make for sweating 8 to 12 hours a day doing thing they possibly can to get people the meeting sacrificing family time offering themselves instead of to their wives and kids to the little meetings where you all get around hoop an hour over what a couple of months that’s

ridiculous that’s the reason multi-level marketing is designed to fail I know in a moment I’m going to show you a system and those of you who have a vision for it I don’t care whether you ever done this before I don’t care if you’re just a college graduate or a high school dropout if you can convince me that you see the vision that you’re seeking first the kingdom of God and God let me say by definition is Jesus Christ he is the only Son of God you don’t get to the Father except through Jesus and him alone I won’t have a private meeting with anybody that isn’t a Christian why I love everybody but i prefer Christians I prefer brothers in Christ now if you can convince me after you see this video that you have a vision i’m going to give you my private cell phone number no one else on the internet does that and if you don’t have the money to get to dallas i’ll send you a ticket to fly in the dallas or if you’re afraid of planes i’ll come pick you up or whatever we’ll go out to eat we’ll fellowship i’ll go over my trading system in great detail with you heck I might even give you a USB and and show you exactly how to set up when I’ve set up I know a lot of you are worried about me croaking and you want to be able to do this yourselves well here’s your chance to do that folks but you have to be interviewed by me and my Holy Spirit from Jesus living inside of me has to tell me that you’re in it for more than just the money I want you to be in it for the money I want ambitious people but I want you to be in it for more than the money i want you to see the vision that I have for America and that is to empower the middle class to take political power again that is to give you the opportunity to continue to run your own lives rather than have a group of people and Europe ultimately run it to have your own golden and a silverback currency before the Chinese and Russians come up with one and the Saudi Arabians do what I think they’re going to do very shortly and that has come out with a gold-backed currency and our enemies are going to present that to the Saudi prince and they’re going to say look we don’t want the US dollar anymore and I know you don’t either mr. Saudi prince here’s gold-backed currency let’s get rid of America’s reserve status let’s let’s abandon the agreement that that Richard Nixon made with the ould Cheikh it’s a new deal we want to get rid of America really we just want to make them our customers we don’t want to bomb them or invade them all we want to do is control them folks that that’s what they wanted it’s all matter of control and centralization what I’m about to show you is decentralized it is not a pyramid I’m not the Pharaoh I’m not asking you to send me the money and me dribble a little bit of it back to you are you beginning to understand what I’m saying here folks all right now let’s look at the system and I apologize i still haven’t got the printer to give me the final proof yeah I mean by the way we will have our meetings now i do want to announce on the trading signals getting back to feeding you with loaves and fishes to attract you to the gold money party in our trading system I’ve been giving away free signals every day of the week I can no longer do that it’s not fair to my subscribers who are paying me 150 a month so what I’m going to do is have free signal Monday and everybody will be invited to get free signals on Monday that should give you more than enough money to pay the 150 dollar a month subscription fee free signal Monday the subscribers will receive additional training and get four signals each and every day but only the super to subscribers will I’m still giving away free signals but only on Monday do you understand that so Monday they’ll be free signals but on Tuesday if you’re not a subscriber you don’t get any more free what’s this no free lunch okay I got to pay my bills just like you do all right now let’s talk about the system that I did which is unique and the reason I developed this is the Holy Spirit led me back to the story of Noah’s Ark how many remember the story of Noah’s Ark okay god looked upon the world and wasn’t satisfied with it and so he picked Noah just as he’s picked me okay to bring everybody on the earth all the animals into the ark two by two okay I don’t know why he did that I don’t know why he just created the whole human race with two by two but now I’m a Jewish born-again Jewish Christian of the actual translation that God rested on the seventh day what happened is God looked at all he had made and said it’s great now I’m going to sit back and see what these people do with it because I’m going to give them free will to choose they can either choose good or evil or a combination of the two but those who choose good and the highest been greatest good is God himself in fact jesus said why do you call me good there is none good but God and God is a spiritual force of integrity and love love beyond the intensity of the brightest star that resides in the inside of your consciousness he doesn’t

reside in your body your body is just simply your earth suit the Spirit of God is invisible invisible at but powerful and his nature is love he resides in your consciousness folks and he gives you new and bright ideas that work all invention comes from God everything from the electric light up to spaceships okay all of this comes from God from His infinite intelligence and we have just begun to tap our privilege as the sons and daughters of God but a son and daughter of god is defined in the Bible as being those who do the will of God you have two choices folks you can do your own will or you can do God’s will in the Lord’s Prayer is it’s our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done now it is not the will of God for your entire to end with the tip of your nose it is not the will of God for you to get rich and watch everybody starve around you it is not the will of God for me first jesus said he was the greatest of all must be the servant of all it is not the will of God to set up any more pyramids that’s a satanic system when you look at the dollar bill which is an instrument of debt you see the pyramid with the golden eye that I looking back at you is Lucifer Satan okay I want a US dollar and I’m not going to have a pyramid on it and I’m not going to have an eye on it if I can I want you guys to go to Congress and let me have a dollar bill with the face of the Lord Jesus Christ on there okay because America if it gets away from the foundation of Jesus Christ is surely going to lose this war with Satan ours is a referral system here’s all I want you to do I want you to share this video with your friends and neighbors I also want you to show them your account balances on your natives account and show them the kind of money that you’re making your first two sales and the sale I by the way our affiliate program you are all made honorary members of the gold money party now read over the basic principles I’m sure you’re going to agree with some and disagree with others as soon as you build together an organization of 512 people you will sit on the board of directors of the gold money party four times a year I’m going to take the board to luxury vacation resorts everybody by the way at my beatings fly first class you and a significant other can fly first class to meet me in on Lulu for example and we will have one week long of training I will be passing out awards to those of you make this affiliate system work for you okay and in a moment I’m going to show you how simple and easy it is you don’t have to do any selling just show people the video that’s all I’m asking you to do and let mr. P do the work for you which I’ve already done okay who better to explain it than the Creator and I’m explaining it in a way that I think everyone you can understand all right you’ll be getting a gold Rolex launched a new computer and a USB strip with all of the current settings that mr. P uses to make his market predictions all right now let’s look at the pay system you put your name here you show the video to Mike and Susie to friends of yours and those people are passed up to me as your training fee that’s all and then you become a senior adviser with gold money party that gives you the right to set up your own billing I have nothing to do with your money you set up your own billing I’m not the Pharaoh I’m gonna ask you to send money to me to have it dribble on down to you I’m allowing you to set up your own billing well I don’t have a bill mr. P wealth open a paypal account pay him I think twelve dollars a month and they’ll do all your billing for you or if you don’t like PayPal or they’ve rejected you for some reason go to google and type up accountants in your city and you’ll find an accountant who do all your billing for you I don’t want you sending out bills you need to be coming to meetings because very soon mr. P is going to be coming to your town and we’re going to have meetings and many of you heard me sing new york new york i’m hoping that i’ll be selected to be on america’s got talent and i’m going to tell them i’m the founder of gold money party and even if they dragged me off the stage that name is going to be reverberating throughout America should the Lord bless me with being in New York on the Today Show many now I have heard me saying I want to come to your meetings and sing patriotic songs America the Beautiful the star-spangled banner okay i want flags flying I want you to rent a karaoke machine if you don’t already own one I want us to have fun food fellowship I want to meet you all face to face I want a hug you love on you okay and I want to motivate you to multiply and you explode into an organization and middle-class Americans that will be able tamat Lee to take over the White House as Republicans at first and then later y’all can do what you want because the middle class will be back in control not the New World Order now as soon as you’re at senior advisor

all you have to do is make two sales at 150 a month and do all the work i’ll send the trading signals to your two people and you keep 150 a month I’m sorry the three hundred dollars a month or thirty six hundred dollars a year now the problem with multi-level marketing is the average pay the average commission is two dollars and eight cents you’d have to have 500 people to make 300 a month okay but with my system all you have to do is find two people how do you find them you show them this video you say I’ve gone to a good restaurant it’s called the mr. P restaurant you need to look at the video maybe you want to come eat here too so you don’t have to do any selling I do all the work for you and now you’re making 300 a month now obviously read and Susie one of these senior advisors like you so they have to be if they they have to pay you a training fee of two people let’s say thats Sarah and Agnes that’s another 300 a month from red that’s been referred to you and he can then go off and form his own organization and then this individual here part man I my glasses on refers to people to you they’re paying you 300 a month the bottom line is with just two members you’re making thirty thirty six hundred dollars a year with just four members you’re making seventy two hundred dollars here let me stop right there we don’t live in a perfect world these are not all guarantees by any means at way shape or there are no guarantees in life boats things happen to the people in your organization wives get sick kids go to prison somebody has a car wreck whatever it may be it’s never going to work out perfectly up to exactly 512 but would you be able to put two people together showing them this video and your balance at Nate eggs I think so that’s 30 600 a year there was nowhere on planet earth that you can make thirty six hundred dollars a year which is to sales folks and our product is the salvation of America and the return of the American dollar to the gold and silver standard is that not they’re than online try how to make a million online is that not better than as important as vitamins and minerals are is that not more important than vitamins and minerals as important as your legal rights are and i commend Legal Shield formerly known as prepaid legal for offering people of legal protection but is not the protection of your families from the encroachment of the New World Order even more important folks is not the organization of the middle class and do a powerful prosperous group the most important thing in the world other than Jesus Christ I think you would agree now if you’d like to be interviewed to become one of my leaders if you don’t have the money to get here to Dallas i’ll send you the ticket the interview will be brief but the holy spirit is living in me so don’t lie always tell me the truth and on the side whether i want you to be part of my original group of 12 I’ve already selected three now you write need to write this phone number down folks to meet with me privately if you’re already a member of a big organization and have 10,000 people in your group I’ll sign a statement then I won’t divulge your name or anything until you’ve made the decision to move over to the gold money party my phone number is 469 230 1205 let me say it again go get a pencil and paper this is only going to be once in a lifetime for many of you so you need to write this down gold money party and I mr. P i’m the founder the phone number is 469 t30 1205 that’s 469 230 1205 my goal is to have at least 512 senior advisors that have reached the board of directors that would mean 500 people that will be making a million a year plus what they earn off of nadex and Jesus is already shown me having a private meeting with these people I’m going into the future and reporting back to you what I’ve already seen there will be 500 people within the next three years within the next three years that will be earning 921 nine hundred thousand year plus what they’re earning on nadex and you folks on behalf of the middle class will take over the power in this country it belongs to the middle class we’re the ones who are keeping it alive and one day God willing one of you a member of the gold money Party movement will take the oath of office as the next president of the United States god bless you and God bless these great United States of America and remember that Jesus Christ

is the greatest indicator of all