Medford Boat club, paddle board tutorial

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Medford Boat club, paddle board tutorial

I used to go sir some of these are different legs they’re not all the same length there’s one that’s taller want it shorter there’s two they’re kind of like a middle-sized so press the button here you can still be a little more efficiently photographer on my right side but why get your arm around the entire board pretty fast bounce or down really slow down before the fight starts Gail group wobbly by the comber complete stop feet on the pedals just gonna fall over on your side right here you’re not going to fall over on your side but so let us start you know choked up on the paddle over to the blade here take a couple of strokes I just want to come over for the venom you know how I

headed out that way in this kind of decision like this no we have no balance like anyone you can come over me right now just push me over and fall bounce on all fours no this is your right not lay around this handle supposed to be reaches for the sport leach is really important this particular sport once you pal past your feet you’re losing efficiency the cows most efficient from here but ideally all your power you want to vary that play so you want to snap the pole this is the pull I’m pulling back to here to my foot release here i’m just taking just barely out of water here so right out of law you don’t want to do this kind of motion well well if you should senior motion because you just pop it just above the service you can almost skin the water you don’t have to do this is called fettering when you turn the plays like that to a more aerodynamic this is the recovery here catch pull throw these look up catch pull obviously here today my hair is not going to be here above money guys this is kyle shoulder level okay it’s over my call

ray so well is like play golf or play baseball or softball when you swing it back no sweet about your arms swing the bat your wind up your upper body we did all the power this thing where the first Gulf for playing baseball same thing here all the county of stroke that twist stuff I’m twisting forward pulling and twisting back all the way in I’m not just pulling back for twist driving my drive that paddle deeper down pull it out here the basics are switching time all the one side script if I start on my right side pretend there’s no wind today where’s the known when you gave I fell on my right side before 140 I found on my website before is you don’t wanna turns good right so you have to switch sides today chetori Stokes first I’d before you switch and then when you go to switch get to your release take your top hang off top fans going under your body in the bottom hand becomes a new top and take a scrip every other side minimum through three strokes on this side what’s gay there is a little wind is blowing that way offshore right there so we’re going get it out straight in the back when we go with the wind will you out there I’ll that way the other way to be back Calvin against against the way it’s appalling today if I’m paddling this way this way pally this way the winds of the L my fees would be on my left side here we’re going to want to blow my nose Bobby’s like a big sail going straight up when you’re sailing doesn’t really work that well oddly it’s okay but you’ll have to Kyle against the win if you’re ever in the win situation you get yourself in trouble there’s a couple things you can do I think it all over there like oh no I’m never gonna meet at that one you brought yourself for the walkthrough kids we call your photos the other one is there’s no one out there get down to the knees your palate against the wind so I’ve got five straight back away there’s a lot less windage down here so I’m more like over for the kayak you sit on the board choke up on the paddle backstroke take three or four with

backstrokes one two three four five six two or three four Forks four strokes on this side 12 this will turn my board to go right on the opposite way one two three four backstrokes 12 this is called a single stroke tenure an armed force chemical clock next twelve o’clock right there I go all the way to overclock here this is it kind of stings comedy movie I’ll turn me to the right attorney if your movie have for momentum in your paddling so just what I correct your course i call this kind of a good check turn stead of going all the way up here i’ll go maybe up here a couple 123 kind of correct recourse to left or the right so straight out of suicide another turning technique is called a cross pattern it’s a little more advanced moving my paddle like this wind up that my torso YF my race I’m trying to circle around my boat or just pop it above the nose of the board I’ll turn you into 18 if i do on the other side popping over quick don’t watch that do that though motoring the traveler finally if you move to kind of an advanced terms it’s called a kick turn or a dip turner a buoy turn this is a turn like you’ve got to go out there and say you weren’t a race you’re trying to turn on really quickly on this board and step back i look at step too far back i want to step over the pin here but step back weight on your back leg pick your nose up and i’ll either sleep on this side of this now we turn to the left side of this so you’re possibly those up you literally kid at the board around so they sort of advanced group don’t worry about financial issue one girl finally falling here comes a time three seconds you’re balanced one thing you go why i do this is what everyone that we show you what everyone’s nice house like this could stay here you step forward step back step forward and the staff to walk right off the 10 that’s what everybody does don’t let the paddle go in here every palate to start feeling while the number one can always kind of try to get back down to your knees number two is it checked off the board it’s 95 degrees out you won’t be wet anyways number three take a stroke give that paddle blade in the water the resistance gets that proud and persistence for brunch right this is something you can lean against so I think it’s go forward if the Blake is something slide up to the board slide yourself low crawl up though it’s not elegant but it’s getting on the board