Traxxas Stinger Motor Review Replacement

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Traxxas Stinger Motor Review Replacement

hi everybody today I wanted to review the Traxxas stinger brushed motor but unfortunately when I installed it in my HSP brontosaurus which is the same as the Redcat volcano it burned out on the second run not even not going through a battery pack so what I was going to do was put back the stock 550 motor and unfortunately it’s too bad that the stinger burned out because it really ran fastest that this truck has run before I did a GPS reading on it just like I did for my lipo battery we use to see the speed increase and it did go of 36 km/h which is 22 and a half miles per hour using this Traxxas stinger motor so I just did one quick run to get a speed reading and then the next day I took it on some flat dirt just ran it around for less than five minutes smelled some burning electrical smell and felt in the motor it was just frying even from underneath and that’s it it just won’t turn on again so looking at the specs for this truck I found out that it has a 64 tooth spur with a 17-2 pinion gear so I don’t know if that’s a good setup or not for this particular motor I called up Traxxas to see if they have any insight you know as soon as you tell them that you’re installing it in a car that’s other than Traxxas they say oh well that’s the problem right there so that’s it so I said okay well what happens if I told you I put it in a flash with a 64 tooth spur and a 17-2 pea and you know you didn’t know what to say at that point so so unfortunately I didn’t really get to use this motor and I got it from Best Buy the reason why I got it was because my ESC was actually giving me problems this is the 30 we see I installed on here it just be branded the first one burned out with a puff of smoke testing a little battery maybe because I didn’t put the little jumper in and the second one and here it is here so I replace it again with the second one but the second one had a throttle problem the throttle problem was like you hit full throttle it would go slowly then all of a sudden it would speed up so the throttle response just wasn’t there so I didn’t know what the problem was I go well I just replaced the ESC so it can’t be that so I replaced the receiver and it wasn’t that so I said well let me try the motor maybe my original motors burnt out here it is here and it wasn’t that either so funny enough all the you know where I bought this truck from said it was a 540 motor and you know if you look up the other clones like red cavil kano or exceed infinitive they also say 540 motor but looking at this I hope you can see that it says 550 SH which to me means it’s a 550 motor and you can see over here that the stock motor is a little bit longer than the 540 so I’m assuming this is a 550 motor so anyways what happened was I ordered this motor from Best Buy because I wanted to get the Traxxas iPod dock which was 30 bucks and you can only get free shipping if you spend 50 so to top up my cart I bought this motor so that’s the reason why I bought it and it worked really well for one run so what we’re gonna do now is put back the stock motor which I’ve cleaned out with some electrical motor spray and maybe I’ll do a video about that how I went about doing that because I don’t know if you’ve tried to do it before do you better don’t have it here up my table to show you the spray but I just got it from the hobby shop electrical motor cleaning spray and I spray I ran it and

slowly and ran through sprayed it in these holes here so a lot of crud was coming out and all of a sudden once it’s all cleaned out it’ll start screaming and make a noise so that means that your bearing to me if I think it’s the bearings here at the the back on the front was already cleaned off of all the oil so it starts screaming so then you gotta grease those two bearings I used some WD and it seemed to work but then I guess it evaporates or dries up it just doesn’t last so start screaming again and then I used some bicycle lluís like bicycle chain grease or for the green and for the gears and that seemed to work well so that’s what I used I probably should use some real bearing grease but I didn’t have any I didn’t wanna buy some so that’s another story so you got to take this cap off here and I’m just loosening this two screws I believe is holding it down now this is the post this isn’t it this is the post that’s a battery post so on beside it and you have four bolts on the top so apparently you can run brushed motors with brushless EEOC’s so that’s probably the way I should have went because being on the third brush do you see now I’m 15 dollars a piece you know three of them so 45 bucks right there and probably could have got a half-decent brushless esc which will be more durable I’m hoping and something’s still holding this down sort of like so this part goes inside and around the the spur gear so you got to sort of turn and take it off so there’s the inside here they are metal the plastic isn’t this is plastic and plastic and it looks like some rock got in there so it started to chew up the gear a little bit but seems to be good enough well at least they got the spur and pinions somewhat protected with this guard here so there’s the other side of the card so it needs four screws on the bottom and four screws on the top to take that off so now actually it’s three screws on the bottom because this one here is holding the guide or whatever you call that the motor mount so let’s

put the motor mount back I think it’s gonna make it easier to take the motor off and on so to get this off you need to need to have a little allen key and you got to loosen those two allen key screws and I don’t have enough leverage because it’s a straight screwdriver type sorry about that just getting my a link II should have probably paused the video but this camera doesn’t allow me just to continue simply I have to edit the video and attach the video so ain’t getting in there so I loosened enough with the angled Winky just unscrew the rest yeah so if anybody has any insight you know the whether or not this motor should have lasted or if I was totally running the wrong spur and pinion what’s bran pinion we need to make this motor work properly on this chassis so again this HSP brontosaurus or red cap volcano or exeed infinitive so we got the motor off here it is to get the opinion off you need another allen key and of course not the same size as the motor mount will be a smaller one here’s this okay

so what a shame just taking a look inside nothing seems to be wrong with it that I can see I guess it’s internal so just I probably should just go to brushless and get it over with but it’s so darn expensive and so saying you know maybe I’ll get a 12 turn 550 Traxxas motor but I don’t know I saw some things online people were running it and these types of trucks but they burnt out quickly – they don’t say exactly when so maybe again it’s related to the gearing I don’t know but probably I was thinking then that probably the more appropriate motor from Traxxas would be the there’s a 550 monster one called I guess it’s 550 monster it’s in the used in the Emacs so I think it’s just 25 bucks Canadian I might try that next I’m not sure so what you have to do here is just leave enough space between your spur and pinion you need to put some paper in there and I’m just gonna double fold this maybe I should quadruple fold it I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not but I don’t want it too tight against my spur so I can get some freedom of motion and push it into the spur hopefully it’s making contact now this looks kind of tight better go back to the 2 now the hard part putting these tiny little motor mount screws back okay well we finally got that bolt in there and a little trick if you haven’t discovered this I just discovered you can magnetize your tools by rubbing it against the motor and it’s magnetized so I got that in there and this paper is now stuck between these four and pinions so to get that out I’ll just rip that out and have the piece of paper stuck between those so I’m gonna try and drive this there it is just pops out that way we have luck here you see back in place and plug these motor connectors back in okay and here’s my battery pack

I should have turned on this transmitter first help I plug the ESC into the receiver all right it’s alive alive a good amount of space between the spur and pinion hope not too much looks safe enough so there you have it the motor replacement and semi review of the traxxas stinger brushed motor thanks for watching please like and subscribe and share