Video for Children Toys Tractor, Boats, Go-carts for Kiddies Videos

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Video for Children Toys Tractor, Boats, Go-carts for Kiddies Videos

oh hey guys welcome to VX but ABS well here we have a few wind-ups or pull backs for you so there’s a couple of go carts a couple of boats and the tractor in the middle there okay so we’ll just start off with the tractor here we go with the tractor so the dog face on the trailer okay okay let me look at the box here fun team okay let me see how this little tractor Gus warned him up okay tell him over here it would go really good job not bad okay so this little tractor aside there and we’ll have a look at the boat here called the glider again from the funteam thumb team there get some different boats that are made by the fun team okay so just line up in a row okay I saw under how this one works I think you have to wound up it seems to work in there from this one must work in water I think

that will work some draw here nice dude obviously works on water but to get some water out okay we’ll leave that over there have a look at the smell this is the rescue ship this is from the fun time again the rider the rider on top there hmm okay this one date some water as well I can’t say these are the go karts now I’m not sure whether the go-karts I’ll call back or not they won’t be pull back bones just have to check on that my little go-kart this is partially die casters huh this needs to be diecast on the outside they’re in the wing and the front so sure whether for nah it’s not motive at all so I’m gonna hear something going on yeah let’s pull back that’s my price – well on this laughs oh yeah it is pull back good bit of room here sky on pull it back hey guys

tips we okay so we got the other one over here son see if it has been better yeah so I’m gonna better there because yeah okay so just see if I can grab some water for those boats just hold on okay here we are with a nice little pool of water to test out these little boats so just wanted to smile up like that in the world up yeah how about that very leisurely pace there good luck this seems to be a little rudder here big some of them I go around in circles I get uh I got oh it’s raw it again there you go okay try the other one okay so let me

turn the radar radar on the top there okay this one’s got a rudder sir see it’s the rudder at the back they’re just going around the same kind of a circle so we hold the raid I like that see what happens this is a bit faster this huh sighs safely Mike Mike it goes stripe see little are gonna strike on there you got hold up there there we go Oh try it again just seen a walk on strike too much maybe we put over on the side Oh Oh got too much water under this Sun know that again anyway thanks for watching guys just a bit of fun here oops again one last song just to think of the bus bathtub Oh guys

anyway thanks for watching and cheerio