71. Marple Aqueduct to New Mills. Narrowboat Adventures on the Peak Forest Canal.

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71. Marple Aqueduct to New Mills. Narrowboat Adventures on the Peak Forest Canal.

Hello…. Welcome back We’re not on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal anymore We go to the end which is where we left you last time and a few hundred yards down we got to Portland Basin and there’s a junction, we could have either gone straight on to Manchester or up the Rochdale Canal But we took a left on to the Peak Forest Canal and that’s where we are now We’re actually a few miles up the canal and we’re gonna start this vlog here At Marple aqueduct, how gorgeous is that? Beautiful! See the little round things at the top of the arches, I want to play in one of them. [Shaun laughs] Because I wanna play one, because nobody can get to me if I go in one of them I’ll order the Undertaker Built in 1800 by Benjamin Outram, the same guy who did the Huddrsfield Narrow Canal… before he cocks it all up I’m assuming. [Laughs] 1800 it was built, it carries the Peak Forest Canal a hundred feet above the River Goyt…… Goyt….. a real a word I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right but Goyt. And then next to the canal aqueduct is the railway viaduct and that’s even biggerer! Massive! It’s huge…. Mahoosive!! and lots of trains which I’m liking from our mooring, which is just at this end of the aqueduct Just after this we’ve got the Marple Flight We’ve got 16 locks which takes us up towards Marple and then it’s not actually a long canal there’s only about six miles of it and we’re going to go down towards Buggy Basin Buggy Basin I’ve got an itch You get some cream for that [Music playing] [Music fading] It’s 8:30 in the morning and this is lock number one….. there you go Shaun’s on his way around with the boat, I’ve set the first three locks ready for us So hopefully there’s nobody coming down, I think it’s a bit early, they’d have had to set off at like 6 o’clock this morning wouldn’t they? So the first 3 locks are set and I’m hoping fingers cross, we can get up there pretty sharpish this morning [Music playing] This is lock 6 of 16 on the Marple Flight, Colin has volunteered to do all the locks this morning it’s half past nine ish and he stacked it looked a little bit red-faced [Music playing]

[Music fading] So we just got to the top of the Marple Flight and did a very nice, if I may say so myself, reversing maneuver onto another canal. We reversed under the bridge onto the Macclesfield canal just about hundred yards to the services Weakest water flow ever! An hour!! No, an hour and 25 minutes. Oh really? Yeah, to fill a tank from a quart full to full And three three boatss waiting Three boats turned up and they were hissing, they were proper hissing at us Sssssssss! [Laughs] No they weren’t, they were quite patient They didn’t like it Are you standing on your hose? What yer using your new washer for? They don’t like it. [Laughs] But we’re full of water now We’re only actually going about a quarter of a mile down to our first morning point for the night, which is where we going to stop It’s not actually that late it’s nearly one o’clock A recommended mooring site So this next morning is recommended and we’re going to stay there tonight and then move on tomorrow Eeee it’s sunny [Music playing] [Music fading] That little foot bridge in the background is Bridge 20 We’re on the Peak Forest Canal and yesterday we came up the Marple Flight of locks. 16 locks and we did it pretty good timing didn’t we? It was add work again for me Its about two… two and a half hours. Single-handed up to about lock nine or ten and then some CRT volunteers came down and helped us up to lock 16. Which speeded it up a little bit It did it was a really good day, it’s really nice morning as you see from the footage it was lovely. Today It’s misty. It’s very misty. It’s about what? 10 o’clock? 10 to 10 cowboy time. [Laughs] ten to ten to ten ten ten [Colin sings tune to Bonanza] [Laughing] Who’s that? Is that He’s crackers No it’s De de de de….. that is that Bonanza? Yeah. Is that the one that burns when it’s like the credits? Yeah Older than you think [Laughs] [Laughs] So yeah it’s pretty misty morning, forecast is nice for today But we want to get off. The problem is The views are gorgeous and you can’t see em And I ran ahead about four miles yesterday because I like to do a bit of research what we’re going to film, and the views are just spectacular and you’re gonna see squat [Laughs] [Laughing] Wondered what you were doing then A squat. I was watching Dylan [Laughing] So you’re gonna see squat today So we’re just out on the outskirts of Marple, We’re going to New Mills today. The views are supposed to be spectacular, you’re not going to see em, you’re gonna see a lot of misty mess We might have to do it on the way back So we’ll do it on the way back I’m repeating you again aren’t I? Yeah [Music playing]

So this is the second of the lift bridges on the Peak Forest, the first one was just after the junction with the Ashton Canal, which we haven’t vlogged yet So this is the first proper lift which you seen, we use it with the windlass, all we do is….. it’s a little bit like the ground paddles on the locks Put the windlass on and turn it round and it lifts the bridge and then when we’ve done just turn it the other way and it drops it down again [Music playing] [Music fading] There’s so many places to explore around the Peak Forest Canal and I’ve spent almost every day just discovering new trails and paths near the canal that lead down to interesting and hidden away places. So just a few minutes from here at bridge 23 near Strines is a lovely walk Now it’s a bit of a steep hill down from the canal but once she crossed the road and go down another steep hill you come into Barlow Wood, it’s lovely down here and you’ll find yourself by the River Goyt There’s a quaint old packhorse bridge it used to be called Windy Bottom Bridge [Laughs] But the Victorians changed it to Roman Bridge, you know just to add a bit of romanticism Well it’s better than Windy bottom isn’t it? Now across the bridge you can either go left down towards the Roman lakes and the ancestral home of Samuel Oldknow is pretty well known in Marple he was a mill owner back in the day, but I turned right and followed the Got Way, which goes alongside the river, it goes under the railway and then it follows the railway back towards the tiny little railway station in Strines, and from there it’s literally just a 10-minute trek and I mean trek back up that steep hill to the boat [Music playing] Even though I like to get a bit of exercise on my arms, it’s always nice to see an electronically operated lift bridge like this, so instead of using the windlass it’s like the old electronic locks we saw on the Aire and Calder I’m just going to put the key in press the button and the electronics will do the rest [Music playing] This is where every ten-year-old in the world and me wants to work. As we get closer to it is like a mist of sherbert in the air it actually is sherbert it’s sugar It’s one of the longest running sweet factories in the world It’s 91 years old and the Swizzles factory opened here in New Mills in 1940 They moved here from London after the Blitz and that make some of the biggest known sweets that you’ll find in the sweet shop. Palma Violets, Rainbow Drops, Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Refreshers and about 250 more now. You’re probably shouting some

some at the TV right now at me Now the factory runs 24 hours a day and inside these windows that are coated with sugar, they’re producing over a hundred million sweets a day… a hundred million!! Do you reckon they’ll let me have a look round? Noooooooooo! You’ve got enough!! I want more!! I want more! So we went up to the factory gates to see security and see if we could get a tour They were having none of it Nope, go away they said. But you know what Colin’s like He did a runner into the factory [Laughing] The security guard chasing him In the end, they had to chuck a load of sweets at him and chuck him out. [Laughing] Stop eating… you’ll get fat [Laughing] Nutter! [Music playing] I’d heard so many things about New Mills in High Peak. It’s a small town it’s set around a rocky gorge known as The Tours and it’s where the River Set joins the River Goyt. Now as much as Dillon disapproves, I’ve grabbed my camera and I’m going to wander off and go and have a look at some of the sights [Music playing] First place I’m heading to is the Millennium Walkway. Now this thing is just awesome it’s like a steel spider’s web above the river, it’s suspended from the side of the gorge and the railway retaining wall and it runs alongside the river and Torr Vale Mill. Now before this was opened in 1999 you couldn’t really appreciate the beauty of the gorge here Building the bridge he also gave access to the path which goes west from the Riverside Park and it means you don’t have to climb up out of the valley onto the road and come back down the other side near the railway station anymore I’ll tell you what I’ve done it it’s a trek, walk up the steps from the park towards the town centre and you’ll get an even better view of the gorge there’s also an information centre at the top Now just under the bridge, there, set on the ruins of the original tour mill that burned down in 1912 is the awesome Torrs Hydro. I’ve never seen anything like this before it looks like a cross between some weird torture device and a fairground ride. It’s basically a micro hydroelectric generator and it’s owned by the community here in New Mills Now it’s like a long screw, it’s called a Reverse Archimedes Screw. There you go It’s about two and a half meters in diameter, it weighs 11 tonnes and the way it works is as the gravity pulls the water down from the weir it rotates the turbine and it produces up to about 63 kilowatts of clean green electricity Now see those steps on the right hand side that the water’s coming down, they’ve been especially built and it allows the fish to pass through without getting caught in the screw and hurt That’s brilliant Now at the moment as you can see it’s generating 50 kilowatts, that’s 50,000 watts of electricity Let’s put that intosome perspective Narrowboat Silver Fox, our solar panels produce about 500 watts an hour so this is producing a hundred times the power of all the solar panels on Silver Fox [Music playing] [Music fading] We’re moored just outside New Mills You come passed the marina and the moorings and then get this…. That is gorgeous isn’t it? Beautiful! That is gorgeous Every day I’ve been out walking, because the weather’s been so nice I’ve been out walking every

single day, loving it Dillon’s loving the space as well and this morning is just perfect I’m a little bit hyper aren’t I? Just a little It’s all that sugar from the sweet factory He’s still got hands full of the damn things! Pocketful of sweets from the Swizzles Factory [Laughing] So we’re going to chill here for a few days now I need to come down from this sugar rush [Laughing] He’s like a hyper child It is really nice though. I tell you what, if we had to take…. have I said the permanent mooring thing? Yes. If we have to take a permanent mooring I would moor here It is just so nice, and there’s so many things that you don’t realize it’s so close to the boat. Like the Millennium Walkway and the the Hydro in New Mills. It’s just brilliant and the walking is just amazing Calm down Colin So we’re going to chill a few days… What? Calm down calm down. We’re gonna chill here for a few days. So next time you see us we’re going to be going down towards Buggy Basin. Buggy!! aka Bugsworth Basin in Buxworth We’re gonna be having a look around there, some of the history. I’m gonna have a walk over to the Todbrook Reservoir, you remember the one that nearly… they thought were gonna like…. Burst! Didn’t… you were all alright But we’re going to go and have a look at that as well. You anything to add? Yeah, let’s get on the boat Yeah, I need to calm down a little bit [Laughing] If you’ve liked the vlog, give it a thumbs up for us Any comments or questions or feedback drop it down below Subscribe and click notifications YouTube will let you know every time we release a brand new vlog We will see you next time. Take care see you later See ya later, bye [Music playing] TRAIIIIIINNNNN!! Hello and welcome to this Star Studded edition of Fox’s have Sunk Above the River Goyt. Goyt! Goyt? Goyt! [Laughs] Why do you do that? I do all locks anyway It’s hard work Have you had your Weetabix? No, I’ve had some err No…….. [Laughing] Gert Goyt Who’s Gert Goyt? We just got to the top of the Maple Flight and did a quick shufty MARPLE What did I say? Maple…… Maple Sing Mellow Yellow [Sings] They call me Mellow Yellowwwww [Laughs] Don’t make it obvious, but look behind us, [Laughs] Don’t make it obvious I think there’s foxy fans [Laughing] We keep hearing screaming. Screaming? Somebody shouting Colin…. and I just found a found a pair of knickers in the canal. I don’t know if they’ve thrown em at us or what. [Laughing] It’s making me nervous, it’s making my neck itch You should see Shaun’s chopper [Laughing] [Laughing] Look at him stop eating [Music playing] [Music fading]