FFWB Washington – 3/13/16

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FFWB Washington – 3/13/16

preaching through the Gospel of John is the gospel of belief it is the gospel that tells us not just about the life of Christ but as we’ve already mentioned in John chapter 20 John gives us the purpose of this gospel he says and many other signs not just things but signs did Jesus do in the presence of his disciples that are not written in this book but these are written that you may know that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that by believing in him you may have life through his name that John tells us clearly that he doesn’t include everything he handpicks it through the inspiration and through the unction of the Holy Spirit he selects certain occasions as a matter of fact the incident we talked about in John chapter 5 with the healing of the impotent man at the Pool of Bethesda and the instant we’re going to talk about a day in John chapter 6 there’s an entire year than his past of time from John 5 to John cigs clearly not a quote illogical story john is a lawyer he is selecting hand-picked pieces of evidence to lay on the court of universal opinion to prove to you that when we come and we talk about Jesus capturing us with His grace and Jesus coming to our rescue the reason we talk about him is because he’s not just a good man he’s not just a religious figure he is was always will be the eternal son of the Living God and these stories are proof of his deity and not only do we have proof of his deity but we have the power of his deliverance because John goes on to say and when you believe that when you believe he is the son of God you may have life through his name we have an apologetic purpose to prove he’s the son of God and we have an evangelistic purpose that we may have life through his name by believing in him so please keep that in mind when we read John 6 in a moment John picked this story put it in his gospel to prove that you that Jesus is God and if you’ll trust him today you can have life like you’ve never ever known now if you’ll let me take a commercial break or a technical break for a moment I need to see back there what they’ve got up here because I want to follow right along with you when I preach I don’t want to get ahead of myself and I sure don’t want you to get through listening before I get through preaching today I want to preach to you in my favorite passage of Scripture you’ll probably hear some of these points and you say you know that’s familiar i think i’ve heard them before well the reason you think that is because you do and you have and you have a good memory but i love the truths in john chapter 6 that’s the next passage as we’re going through this different this gospel called John but before we get to John chapter 6 I want to do a little trivia game with you anybody know what that is that’s the Titanic exactly right almost famous ships if not the most famous ship in all of history because in 1912 the White Star Line launched the Titanic on her maiden voyage today she sits 883 feet below the surface of the water because you see on April the 14th 1912 she hit an iceberg and in just 2 hours and 40 minutes she went under the waves and she carried over a thousand people with her to their watery grave but what a lot of folks don’t know when we’re thinking about the Titanic is this particular ship was being built about the same time that the Titanic sank and well everybody knows about the Titanic you probably don’t know about this ship this ship began as the SS Medina it wasn’t nearly as large or grand as the titanic it made no claim about being unsinkable for years he carried nothing but onions between New York and Texas during World War two it was converted into a troop ship and carried soldiers across the ocean it was bombed torpedoed but the ship refused to sync on one crossing it was the only vessel and a convoy that actually reached his destination after the war it sold as scrap but it was rescued and converted into an Italian cruise liner called the Roma years later it was sold again for scrap but it was rescued again and it would become the ship MV doulos and my future son-in-law is here he’s the Greek scholar in the family thank the Lord they get smarter as they come along because if they don’t I’m in trouble and I believe he would agree with me that do loss is greek for

servant to get that right I’m right good I got a thumbs up I’m good to go the reason this ship was named the duel us is because it was purchased by an organization called om some of you know the OEM ships operation mobilization this ship became a floating bookstore and it literally traveled all around the world carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1978 the do loss has welcomed over 20 million visitors in 450 ports in over 90 nations many countless numbers have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on board that vessel and through its influence a few months ago she was finally decommissioned after more than 95 years of being on the ocean the point I’m making is simply this God is in the business of taking little ordinary things and using them for his glory well it might be that the Great Titanic makes the headlines its the faithful do loss that are making the difference and the same is true of you and me God often chooses the smallest and weakest ones of us to demonstrate his mighty power to demonstrate to a lost and dying world that he’s the answer to let this world know that he is more than enough in John chapter 6 if you would begin reading with verse 1 with me i’m reading from the New King James the Bible says after these things Jesus went over the sea of galilee now had to stop because the Bible says after these things and again John is handpicking he is being very careful meticulous that everything he includes in his Gospels there for a reason and so when he says after these things he wants us to understand that before he talks about what happens in John 6 something has already happened before John 6 do you realize that the miracle we’re going to read about today is the only miracle in the Bible that appears in Matthew it appears in mark it appears in Luke and it appears in John you say well man they couldn’t get it straight no you say boy they were really really we’re sure about that thing because the keppra pit know if you came into this service today and said preacher we just saw a line going down fifteenth Street I think now you know brother Bobby you’re a good man but I think you’ve been taking a little nip this morning maybe you know I don’t know about lines going down fifteenth Street but it brother Benji came in and say hey preacher have you heard we just saw a line going down fifteenth street and then brother Jay Bubba came in and he said hey there’s a line going down 15th straight brother Mike Jones comes in so hey preacher have you heard there’s a line if four guys came to me I would say you know that must have happened Matthew said it Mark said it looks at it John said plus we all get a different image or a different perspective they each one of them include things in this particular story that the other one doesn’t include he gives us even a fuller picture of what Jesus is trying to accomplish but again I go back to the phrase after these things what things as a matter of fact in Matthew and Matthew writes about it in Matthew 14 he starts off when Jesus heard of it you see the disciples had just returned from a huge preaching trip that took place in that year time frame from John 5 to John six when the 70 were sent out and they come back bearing all kinds of wonderful stories of how Jesus save people delivered people and and how people came to Christ and howl the demons were subjected to them and and they just had such a wonderful wonderful praise report of how Jesus had moved but also after these things means that Jesus had also just received word that his cousin his beloved friend the greatest preacher jesus said that had ever lived among women and among men the man named John the Baptist has just been murdered by King Herod and also we see in this passage in verse 2 there was a great multitude following him because they saw his signs which he performed on those that were diseased people were thronging Jesus he couldn’t even move John the Baptist had just been murdered by Herod who was kind of a half-breed traitorous King he had he was born somewhat of a Jew but he had sold out to the Romans and they had made him kind of an honorary type figurehead king and he cut John the Baptist’s head off the crowd had followed John the Baptist now they’re following Jesus and they’re seeing Jesus’s signs and they’re hearing him talk about being the Messiah and and they would love nothing more than Jesus go ahead and rise up they’re angry the government is doing things they don’t like the government’s persecuting them the government is tormenting them they’re taking the religious leaders and their and they’re putting them in jail

and and they’re even beheading them and the crowd is is angry this mob is angry what we need is a leader we need somebody to stand up and tell it like it is Jesus you’re that man and they were just longing him and pressing on every side and Jesus is exhausted it’s a matter of fact in another passage in marks account he tells his disciples guys let’s come aside and rest a while the King James says let’s come apart and rest a while that’s hammer said if you don’t come apart and rest a while you’ll come apart and jesus and his disciples they were men and they were weary and they were in danger of of literally giving out under the strain of the load but they couldn’t even have time to rest because as soon as they would go to a place the crowd would follow them and so now we get to this story and we see some very interesting things the Bible says in verse 3 Jesus went up on a mountain and there he SAT with his disciples this is also an interesting verse now the Passover the feast of the Jews was near don’t you miss that everything in John’s Gospels therefore region and John there are three Passover’s mentioned the first Passover we’ve already preached on we’ve already talked about when Jesus was in the temp when he cleared out the money changers that was during the Passover he will mention one more and that will happen in a couple of weeks when Jesus has nailed on the cross and as did you celebrate the Passover lamb being given to make the Death Angel pass over the nation of Israel so they can be freed from Egyptian bondage the Lamb of God the ultimate Passover lamb will be nailed to a cross to die for your sins in mind this is the second one of the three it’s tucked in the middle and Jesus is doesn’t go to Jerusalem like he did with the first one he doesn’t go to Jerusalem will with the third one he is on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee up on the mountain with a crowd of people in his spring it is probably April some Bible scholars believe it’s probably around 28 ad some dated a little bit later than that but the grass is green for we will read down in the passage and there was much grass in that place and he made him sit out it’s spring time do you get the picture you have political unrest you have Christian persecution you have religious preachers or our godly preachers being put in jail religious liberties are being threatened the crowd is angry they’re trying to find a leader they’re looking for somebody that will tell it like it is they are amassing around Jesus thinking that he will be the one that will step up and with all of his power and all of his mind because he already has demonstrated that he has so much power I mean Jesus not some fly-by-night flunky he’s already healed dead people he’s already raised lame people he’s already done some amazing things he’s a man of tremendous power and they just believe he’s the answer he’s the one that’s going to drive all the Roman dogs out of the country he’s going to be the one that will build up the Jewish military he will be the one that will give people back to work that the Romans have taken away he’s the one we need he’s going to tell it like it is and yet Jesus chooses the Passover as the time to do this miracle you know Jesus has a unique way of whenever we think he ought to be going this way he turns around goes like this there was a passage of scripture where the disciples came to him and I said Jesus you’ve got to come over here the people want to see you Jesus is ok he goes he starts walking off jesus never ever does what we think humanly ought to be done he always likes to do the opposite and so instead of going to Jerusalem for the Passover he’s getting ready to symbolize a Passover on the mountainside he is going to demonstrate just as that Passover lamb in Egypt was more than enough to provide freedom for those Israelites the great Lamb of God is going to stand on that mountainside symbolizing at the next Passover he will be on another mountainside demonstrating to the world that he’s more than enough for every need we have now you say how is he mourned enough well first of all we notice in this passage of scripture that he is more than enough for the hungry heart if you would please look there we see down in the passage now Jesus lifted up his eyes and he saw the great multitude coming to him and he said to Philip where shall we buy bread that these may eat but this he said to test him for Jesus already knew what he

was going to do one of the reasons it he asked Philip is Philip us from Bethsaida which is in that community Philip was around from that I us from around that area and he responds he says Lord 200 and there I two thirds of an annual salary won’t be sufficient for this crowd that every one of them may have a little these people were hungry The Crying multitudes came to Jesus we see in mark chapter 6 in marks account where they had deep needs mark tells us that jesus healed their sick he raised people from illness and sickness and blindness and deafness lameness but mark also says something very interesting in his account he says because they were as a sheep not having a shepherd it was more than his physical needs these people had they had great spiritual needs and let me just encourage you but it Manas you when you find yourself like the crowd in John 6 and you’re angry because of what’s going on in this world and you’re looking to a man to have all the answers be very careful when that man focuses more on the physical needs you have then the spiritual needs you have the greatest needs these people had was not the need for have their hunger satisfied the greatest need they had was to know that Jesus Christ is a savior the world and can save them from their sin mark 634 they were a sheep not having a shepherd searching for the one who could meet their needs interesting the Bible compares us to sheep sheep are not only defenseless animals I mean my goodness we we went to a farm the other day and we saw cows that had horns I mean God even gives cows horns to defend themselves a horse can buy sure kick you an armadillo has a shell turtle has a shell sheep or only I won’t say the only animal but one of very few animals in the animal kingdom that are absolutely defenseless they will stand right there and let a wild animal destroy them not only are they defenseless animals but they are also directionless animals we’ve heard wild stories of how somebody will lose their cat on vacation go to 300 miles back to the house from their vacation spot and the cattle Beetham home dogs have great since the direction they use birds as homing pigeons to take messages because they know where to go we love bees you say I don’t know about it well I love bees and I can set our beehive side by side by side and somebody asks birthday how do they know which hive is there as i said i don’t know we don’t have the house number painted on the front they just know that little tiny insect she knows when she can go out three miles and get pollen and nectar and she flies back she knows which hive is hers but a sheep is absolutely directionless if the Shepherd does not lead them out and go and get them to come back they will wonder off and die because she / not only defenseless in direction was cheaper dumb they’re very stupid you can go to the circus and you can see them train the elephants you can go to the circus and see them train the Tigers and the lines and the bears oh my but I don’t have never been to a circus yet that had the sheep act Ringling Brothers does not have the flying sheep or the famous sheet you’ll never see sheep in a circus because you can’t train them and if all the animals God compares you and I to guess why we’re called sheep all we like sheep have gone astray and when Jesus looked at this crime multitude he saw sheep as having no Shepherd not only do we see the crying multitude in these hungry hearted people but thank God the compassionate Messiah shows up and I want you to get this he’s tired he is grieving one of the dearest people in his life has not only died but had been tragically killed death is never easy but the death of a young person a young man and John was in his 30s and when that death is not only the death of someone young but it’s a tragic death and it’s a senseless death that makes it even harder to process and Jesus is grieving he’s just been hit with the news that John has been killed and yet his love for people is greater than his love for his own life for he looks at his disciples and he says you guys feed him not only do we see that Jesus is going to demonstrate he’s more than enough for the hungry heart but we also see another set of characters in this passage he’s more than enough for the hardened heart the Bible says that Jesus looks to his disciples and he says

especially if you look in Mark’s Gospel that they are to feed them he says you feed them as a matter of fact it’s a command March 637 you give them to eat and when they say we can’t find anything in March 638 another command Jesus says you go and look but notice what the disciples attitude was it wasn’t one of compassion it wasn’t one of concern it it wasn’t one of deep love and interest in the lives of these people their reaction was send them away they loathed them they look down upon them they had contempt for them and see when people have problems there’s two reactions you and I can have we can see people as problems and have contempt for them or we can see people with problems and have compassion for the disciples saw these people as nothing but a bunch of problems and in contempt they said Lord send them away that they can do find themselves something to eat in church that’s the problem today all around this building there are people looking for the things of eternity and the the things that will satisfy and yet because they’re looking for things to eat they’re finding things that will never feel that hungry soul that they have so Jesus looks at the church he says you feed them and I’m talking about physical food I’m gonna talk about opening up a food bank or a soup kitchen nothing wrong with that but Jesus is more concerned here about the spiritual needs and yes often we have to meet the physical needs before we can meet the spiritual needs it’s real hard to tell a man about how he ought to have Jesus in his heart if his stomachs growling I give you that it’s really really hard to tell a man about how Jesus loves him and came and died on a cross you give him life and he ought to accept jesus in his heart if he’s shivering to death because you don’t have enough clothes on no we ought to meet their physical needs so we can meet the spiritual needs and that’s exactly what Jesus is wanting to do here but notice the excuses they begin to offer them up in John chapter 6 verse 7 here’s excuse number one said Lord there’s not enough money Peter says 200 in there are Phillips says 200 an air I worth of bread is not sufficient for them we don’t have enough money to do what we need to do Jesus use somebody else notice in verse 9 there’s a lad here who has two who has five barley loaves and two small fish but that’s not enough we don’t have enough resources you don’t have enough money to buy what we need and if we had what we need it still wouldn’t be enough there’s not enough resources in Matthew chapter 14 verse 15 the Bible says they look at Jesus says and by the way the day is far spent it always it’s too late it’s in the evening Lord we don’t have enough time to meet their needs also in matthew’s account they say and by the way this is a bear in place notice the for excuses the disciples offer for not being able to meet the needs of the people we don’t have enough time we’re too busy to be other things on our plate we don’t have enough money folks aren’t giving like the alt to and I have so many bills to pay I can’t give like I all too and even if we had the money we’re too small I mean we don’t have it up we’re not went on a megachurch we’re not we’re not lighting the church down the road in the next city we don’t have a TV broadcast we don’t have a multi numbered staff and by the way have you ever looked at where we live I mean this ain’t New York City it’s not la it’s a barren place small town let somebody else do it Jesus let somebody else meet the need but we see as they loathed the disciple or the master love he looks at them he says you give them to eat Jesus commissioned his followers to feed the hungry hurting masses one can’t be a follower of Christ and feel that he or she is exempt from the Great Commission it’s an obligation not an option his last command must be our first concern and Jesus teaches his disciples that just as he’s more than enough to take care of the hungry hearts that are gathered around he’s more than enough to take care of their hardened hearts because the only thing that will cure hard-heartedness is Jesus many times we think well preacher if we had this campaign or if we had this activity or if we had this program i’m going to tell you something folks when you have a hard-hearted Christian who’s excuses I don’t have enough time don’t have enough money I don’t have enough resources I can a can of can’t the only thing that’s going to solve that is Jesus Christ a preacher’s message can’t solve it a Sunday School teachers lesson can’t solve it unless you get one-on-one and

Jesus Christ breaks your hard heart he’s the only answer but I here I’m here to encourage you he’s more than enough to do that not only is he more than enough with a hungry heart and the hardened heart then lastly we see that he’s more than enough for the humble heart John is the only one that records this particular verse of all the four counts in verse 9 I love these five words there is a lad here many times we have the idea that you’ve got to be an adult with a college degree and years of experience a lot of knowledge be used of God I want to say to our young people here this morning there’s some things that only you can do that no one else in this church can do and i’ll say to this church there’s some things that they will be the only ones that will do because nobody else will they’re the they’re the ones that we can do what no one else can do and sometimes they’re the ones who are the only ones that do because no one else will and there’s a lad here God uses this little junior boy he shows up and I don’t really know much about in the Bible doesn’t say much about him but there’s two things it does say about this young man first of all he talks about his availability now his parents aren’t mentioned there I suppose in my sanctified imagination that he must have come on his own because if mom and dad had been there looks like the me mom and dad would have had the sack lunch all right juniors time to eat I brought the picnic basket ladies in that who always has a fixed lunch amen the ladies I mean if mama had been there she’d had to do that too she had to clean him up and get him dressed and get him in the car and get him to church and had cooked lunch so for the moment been there she’d had the lunch basket maybe daddy would have had but this kid has his lunch and it just kind of just speaks to me that this little boy was by himself and that tells me something about when little boys go by themselves to go to a preaching meeting to hear Jesus all day first of all he went where others wouldn’t go I guarantee you that probably wasn’t as popular any more popular then than it is now whole lot more fun to play games and sports and there’s nothing wrong with either one thank God for young people that when they have a choice for worldly things they say I want to spend some time listening what Jesus has to say he went where others wouldn’t go number two he had what others didn’t have as far as we know in these five thousand men women boys there’s my twenty thousand people there no one else shows up with a lunch not only do you see his availability but also noticed his accessibility he went with others wouldn’t go he had what others didn’t have and he gave what others wouldn’t gate give if anybody else had a lunch they were hiding it they surely were not going to expose himself and risk giving up something that might cost them and so they say there’s a lad here five barley loaves that lets me know something about this boy he was probably very poor barley in the New Testament was called the grain of the poor probably came from a very poor home the fish will more like little sardines it would have scarcely filled up a little junior boys tummy much less been a meal for a good-sized man but you don’t know what Jesus don’t need a lot if you give him whatever you have preach I don’t have time give him what you have preach I don’t have enough money time give them what you have preacher I don’t have a testimony I can’t speak and tell p about what God just tell what Jesus has done if we give god your a little bit and when you give god your a little bit if that’s all you have God can feed multitudes the Bible says that Jesus took these barley loaves and he took this fish and he broke them I also love this too the Bible says in verse 11 that he gave thanks he prayed you see when Jesus came to this earth he didn’t only come to prove he was God but he also came to prove that he was fully man now if Jesus was trying to be big and bad this is why I know Jesus is not running for the Presidency of America right now book there’s a lot of reasons I know that but this is one of the main reasons if Jesus was a presidential candidate and they had handed him the loaves it’ll probably have had his brand name stamped across that’s from my store we make those loaves and fish I bought that business but he would not have taken time to pray and give thanks and ask for

the father to help him he would have stepped down said hey let me show you what I can do but he took time to give thanks now why did he do that and you got to get this if you don’t get this you won’t get the message Jesus was God Jesus didn’t have to pray he didn’t have to say anything he could have stepped out and just started breaking loaves and fish and they could have started multiplying but Jesus step back lifting his eyes to heaven and said father would you please do this through me so they will see you and not me Jesus is teaching us that if he is going to use us to feed the masses we are going to have to rely on the same Holy Spirit to empower through us that empowered through him and it great he could have done it himself but he’s teaching us that without the power of the Holy Spirit we can’t do anything and if Jesus had to step back give thanks and asked for the father to do it through him how much more do we need to do the same thing all is vain unless the spirit of the Holy one comes down but the good news is he’s more than enough to do things through you if you just open your heart to him what happened what was the result of this story well two things the masses were fed the verse 12 says and when they were filled and the Messiah was found in verse 14 the Bible says ah the truth Jesus is the profit that should come into the world and when we step out and we humble ourselves and we give ourselves completely to the Lord and everything we have goes to him and it belongs to him for him to use and to bless other lives and we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God he will exalt us in due time and not only will people come to know the Lord and have their spiritual hunger quenched but they’ll also find the Messiah to be the one that can do that what about your life today I started off the sermon with a picture I want to close with a picture this last portrait guys if you would put it up because I I can’t do it from here there was a Dutch painter named Nicholas moss he was in the Golden Age of art and he painted this picture the title of this picture is the old woman at prayer I don’t know how much you can tell about this picture but if you look closely you could see her weathered hands you could tell this lady lived and worked a long time if you look at our table you see a half piece of bread and you see a half bowl of soup and yes she’s stopping to pray the story behind this painting is that Nicholas mas the Dutch artist was invited to this lady’s home one evening for supper he said he looked on the table and it was hardly enough there for one much less to and he watched her as she folded her hands and she bowed her head and she gave things for what she had and she said he said that when she got through praying she looked at Nicholas moss and she looked at her table and looked back to he a man grinned a big grin and she said you know all this and Jesus to friend today you can have all this and Jesus too because he’s more than enough if you’re here today and you’re hungry spiritually hungry something’s missing he’s more than enough invite him in your life if you’re here today and you’ve let sin and the cares of this world harden your heart believer and you’re just living for you he’s more than enough to break through that heart of stone and begin to use you fill you with love and compassion again if you’re here today and you said preacher I just want God to do something special in my life I’m not much but I’m just willing to give him what a little bit i got guess what he’s more than enough to use you whatever your need he’s more than enough let’s pray father thank you so much for what we learned in John chapter 6 you are more than enough to fit or to meet any need that we have to carry any burden that we carry and so lord today I pray if there is someone here and they’re hungry o Lord there’s a spiritual void in their heart I pray dear Lord right now you would whisper through the power of the Holy Spirit love passion to them lord help them to know that you today can fill their life with grace with mercy you can forgive every sin every mistake you can put their feet on a

brand new path you can set them out on a brand new life oh dear Lord today we pray that you would be more than enough to that dear one with a hungry heart and Lord for a brother sister in Christ maybe they’ve been coming to this church a long time but they’ve let life problems and burdens frustrations hardened their heart to the point that they just go through the motions now it’s been a long time since they’ve been able to shed a tear over a soul it’s been a long time since they’ve come to this altar and knelt in prayer they see people ask problems and have contempt instead of seeing people with problems and have compassion whenever someone steps out to serve the Lord go overseas or go down the street they think it’s a waste of time and money but yet Lord this morning they realize that you are more than enough for their heart heart and they can come and give that hard heart to you and you’ll break through and soften that hard begin to make it pump again and to flow again with love with grace and passion for souls and then lord i pray somebody young person boy or girl mom or dad will be humble enough to say Lord I want to commit my life to you this morning not for salvation thank you that I’m saved but lord I just want to say here am I send me whether it’s across the street or across the globe I’m coming today to give you my life and surrender myself to your will whatever you want me to do whether it’s a doctor or a preacher or a missionary or a ditch digger or an engineer or a banker whatever you want me to do God here I might hear my use me send me I give all that I have to you would you foot please feed the masses through me so they can hear about the Lord Jesus give their life to Him Lord you know our needs to be more than enough this morning in Jesus name Amen would you stand with your head bowed and eyes closed as a musicians are softly playing Jesus is here today