How To Use TubeBuddy To Get MORE VIEWS On YouTube | Step-by-Step

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How To Use TubeBuddy To Get MORE VIEWS On YouTube | Step-by-Step

– I’m going to show you how to get more views using TubeBuddy I’m gonna tell you the specific tools inside of TubeBuddy, the different options that you have that are going to help you get more views on your videos, and we’re starting right now Cheryl D. Floyd left a comment asking, “I just got TubeBuddy and I’m overwhelmed “I need someone to go very slowly and show me “what is the most important one thing I need to do first.” Well Cheryl and everybody else watching this video, I’m going to show you the one thing that you need to do first when it comes to TubeBuddy and using it to get more views on your channel, and I’m going to show you even more things that you can use it for to get more views on your YouTube channel But for this, we got to head to the computer, let’s go Okay, so here we are in front of the computer, and I’m going to show you exactly how you can use TubeBuddy to get more views on your YouTube videos and basically make your channel just do better Now, just as a heads up, I’m gonna be showing you some of the free features, and I’m gonna be showing you some of the paid features as well, but if you want to follow along, you can install TubeBuddy if you don’t have it already, you can install TubeBuddy through the link in the description, or you can just go to TUBEBUDDY.COM/NIMMIN, my last name, and that is an affiliate link, so if you do decide to upgrade in the future, then I will get a commission for that, but you can install it free now so that you can go ahead and follow along with the free options that I’m going to be showing you here in this particular video And even with the free one, it’s still gonna help you get views on your videos as well So if you don’t want to, you never have to upgrade, which is pretty cool So the next thing on the list that I want to talk about here now that we got all that out of the way is the Keyword Explorer So in order to get to this, I’m just going to click on the icon up here, and then it’s gonna open up this whole window that’s going to show me the tool and the different options that I have, okay? So in this case, I’m gonna go to the extension tools and then I’m going to click on Keyword Explorer Now with the Keyword Explorer, one of the really awesome things about this is when you open this up, if you make any type of content that is based on current events, things that are happening right now, you know, news content, or you’re on sports content, you’re on gaming content, anything like that, then they’re gonna show you here If anything major is happening, this shows you all of the searches that are happening right now, in this case, in the United States, but you can sort this by the entire world But basically, this is showing you all of the stuff that people are talking about right now on the internet So if you see something, if you log in, and you scroll through this and you see that something that, that applies to the type of content that you make, that’s an opportunity, because there’s a higher interest of that topic happening right now So if you make a video, the likelihood of you getting views for that video is drastically higher Next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go up to the Keyword Explorer box up here, and I’m gonna put in a keyword So what you want to do in this situation, a lot of people will put in an entire title, and when they put in an entire title, what they’re doing is they’re kind of working against themselves, okay? So what you want to do is you want to put in the keyword to start with, you want to put it in the basic idea So since NFL schedule’s the thing that we, you know, was one of the things here trending, I’m just gonna put in NFL schedule just for fun, and then I’m gonna hit go so that we can explore this one Now once I’m in here, you’re gonna see that TubeBuddy is showing me the overall score, which in my case is good for this particular one It’s not amazing, it’s not great, it’s not excellent, but it’s good Now they’re showing me this weighted Now, if this was just general, right? Like if you’re on the free version, you’re going to see the general version of this and that basically doesn’t take any of your channel’s data into account when it’s showing you the results When you are on weighted, it’s also taking all of the information that’s happening on your YouTube channel, your average views for a video, all the interactions that’s happening on your channel, people that have recently watched your content and all that, and it’s giving you just an idea of, you know, how you can perform based on all of the data around your channel that they have access to So that’s what the weighted versus the unweighted is But if possible, you want to go with the weighted, of course, that’s the upgrade, but, the same information I’m getting ready to tell you also applies to the unweighted as well So you can use it in the free version Now, where does this score actually come from? Right? If we look at this and we see good, where does it actually come from? Well, if we go down to the score analysis, you can see here that they show us that the search volume on this is excellent Of course it is, because it’s a trending topic right now So it’s all the way into green, as far as it can possibly go in the green, which tells us like, “Hey, a lot of people are looking for this.” So because of that, there’s a lot of opportunity here for NFL schedule Now, the next thing on this list is the competition This is basically telling us like, Hey, you know, what’s the competition like on this In this situation, it’s not fantastic, it’s not great, it’s just kind of like, you know, eh, and it’s in the orange, which tells me like, “I’m not really sure if I would really make this video “or not,” because when it comes to the competition, I don’t have like a really like super winning possibility chance of getting past them in that situation And keep in mind though, this is for search rankings, right? But everything I’m getting ready to tell you or everything that I’m talking about, this also helps you with discovery in general, because when you’re using keywords in your title, your description, tags, all of that, then that helps give YouTube context to what your video is about, which then helps them show it to the right people on the platform And if you don’t believe me, or if you’ve heard otherwise, if you go to review search overview, one of the things that you’re gonna see here is that they straight up tell us, “To estimate relevance,” and this is when it comes to search, “To estimate relevance “we look into many factors, such as how well the title, “tags, description, and video content “match your search query.” Now within that, it is important to know that tags

are not the most important thing that you need to focus on However, still use them, okay? And this is also gonna help with that Okay, now let’s look at the optimization strength If you look at the optimization strength, what this is telling me is that people are really optimized for this So if I’m trying to make a video for this, then there’s a really good chance, like my optimization has to be on point, my video has to be awesome, the overall response to what it is that I’m doing has to be magnificent in order for me to have a crack at this particular one Now, if we keep going down here, this is also telling us that the number of videos and search results is 12.6 million, and the number of monthly searches, in estimate, is 23.7 million And then it also gives me some other general information in terms of just average view counts and things like that So when it comes to this, what you use use this for in terms of getting more views is the higher you can get this score, the better your chances are for showing up for this topic on YouTube Now, keep in mind, you want to base this around the keyword or keyword phrase that you’re going for, not your entire title So the big idea on YouTube is you want to make sure that you are writing titles that get clicked in terms of they’re compelling, but you also want to make sure that you’re including keywords or keyword phrases for YouTube having context when you first publish and for humans to be able to identify that that particular video is for them So because of that, you don’t want to put your entire title because once you start putting in your entire title, what you’re doing in that situation is you start working against yourself because then you’re only basing all of this information that you’re seeing on this screen on your entire title, not just the keyword or keyword phrase that you’re trying to bring attention to your video for, okay? So one thing that we can do here, we see that this is good, right? This ranking is good, but if I wanted to make it better, and this is where this thing starts getting really powerful So if we wanted to make it better, then in this situation, I would go over here where it shows me video searches Now if I look at this, it’s showing me here that NFL schedule 2020, NFL 2020 predictions, NFL schedule release, predictions, so it’s giving me all of these other options based on things that people are looking for on YouTube So because of that, I can click on NFL 2020 or NFL schedule 2020, and when I click on that, it’s gonna change everything over here in this left panel, and just so you know, you have a history down here, so you can actually go back if you want to, but it’s going to show me here now that I changed my keyword or keyword phrase to NFL schedule 2020, now my chances of ranking for this or showing up for this are excellent, right? And you can see everything moved here to kind of be a little bit more in my favor, and since we put the 2020 it’s more current, which means that I’m also competing with a lot less people for this particular term even though the search volume is very good, even though there’s a lot of search So because of that, the other version, and I’m just going to go back to it here just so you can see the difference, but the other version of just NFL schedule, in that case, I was going, I was competing with 12 million other videos on the platform So what I did in this situation by just using their recommendation over here in the related is I just cut my competition down to less than half of what it was previously, just by fine tuning the keyword phrase that I’m after Now another thing that this can do in terms of helping you get more views is helping you come up with video ideas that people are interested in as well, because in this situation, you know, of course, if I was making this type of video I’d have some type of sports channel, but in this case, I’m going after NFL schedule 2020 However, I would need to make some follow up videos to this if this thing started doing great, because there’s a higher interest right now So because of that, NFL 2020 predictions might be the next video that I would make, or maybe, maybe it would be something like NFL schedule 2020 week one And then I can start breaking down some of this stuff based on things that people are actually looking for Now another way that this can help you get views, cause this right here is about YouTube But another way this can help you get views is if I click on web searches, this also tells me like on Google, like what are people looking for on Google? And then I can also start looking for video ideas and things that people are interested in here as well, because one of the big advantages on YouTube is if you can make topics or make content about topics that people care about, or that they’re interested in en massE, then you’re automatically, right out of the gate, increasing your potential for being able to tap into all of that heightened interest around a topic And it doesn’t have to be trending, what I’m saying is it’s just stuff that people are actually looking for instead of making up titles and making up keywords Using this, you actually get to identify video topics and video ideas that people are actively looking for on the platform, they’re looking for on the web, so that you can increase your chances of getting exposure there Now, if we take this a step farther, let’s go up here to the top Now we’re also going to see if we were going after this, when I click on this, the results that I’m seeing, these are showing me the other search results for this particular case And keep in mind, again, I just want to remind you that this is made for ranking videos in search,

but this is also something that you can use just as a discovery tool to make sure that you’re fine tuning your content in a way and making the right topics just to help yourself show up on homepages and recommendations as well, because you’re making videos about the right things that people care about, and you’re titling it in a way to give YouTube the right context But anyway, this shows you the other videos that happen to be showing up for those search results And then of course, if I look at NFL schedule 2020 right now because it’s a brand new trending topic, it’s not showing any results for that right now in terms of historical, because right now, the 2020, it’s just a brand new trending topic So because of that, it’s not actually showing me any trending data, but if you have an older topic, it’ll show you trending data here and then historical again, because we’re going after 2020, I don’t expect it to show me anything here, but it does So it does show me that there was a peak of interest back in May for this particular thing as well So you can start using this information to see actually how the interest in the topic is ramping up And then right here, you can see that, you know, we’re getting a little bit more of a lift here recently with this, and you can use that to make future content decisions on things that are steadily increasing over time in interest or things that have had just a consistent amount of interest over time So let’s say for example, you’re making content about quilting or you’re making gaming content Then in that situation, what you can do is you can go in here and you can put in your keyword about a particular game and you can see if the interest of that game is on the rise or if it’s on the fall so you can make sure, “Hey, if I’m going to start a channel on this, “or if I’m going to start, you know, making content “about that particular game, “I want to make sure that, you know, “that it has a good, bright future ahead “instead of that, you know, the curtains closing “for that particular game.” Okay, now we’re gonna go up to the tool again, and we are going to go down to the SEO Studio Now TubeBuddy calls this the SEO Studio, but personally I like to call it the discovery studio, because, again, YouTube tells us that it’s important to make sure that you’re adding keywords and things like that to your videos so that YouTube can have context So you can see this again, you can see this here where they show you, “To estimate relevance, “we look for many factors, such as how well the title, “tags, description, and the video content “match your search query.” So this tells us right here from YouTube But what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna put in NFL schedule 2020, because that is what we are going for, and I’m gonna hit start Okay, right out of the gate I’m up to a 62%, which is good Now, I’m going to see if I can take that up further, and I’m going to say NFL schedule 2020, make it a little bit compelling, everything you need to know, okay And then I’m going to move down here to the description and one of the things to understand here, when you are doing all of this is you can see that they have NFL schedule 2020 up here in the top, and they went ahead and just put it in the description for you Now of course you want to continue to talk about the actual video itself so that you can, you know, just fill this out with an actual description of what your video is about Now I can say here, the NFL schedule 2020 has been released and this video shares all Okay So what I just did there is I basically just filled out the description, you can see through all these little changes that I’m making how it’s improving my SEO score And the reason for that as I’m making these changes is that it’s basically just giving more context to what’s going on and I’m including information about what it is that I’m talking about So you’ll see here that I included NFL, I also used schedule again in there just for the sake of adding it But most importantly though, I have the actual keyword that I’m going after in here once in natural language Now I do recommend, for this tutorial I’m not gonna do it, but I do recommend that you do fill out your descriptions a little bit, you know, just keep giving more context, just talk about what your video is actually about and make sure that you are including keywords in there in natural language, in the actual paragraphs as you’re putting them together Do not stuff, do not just cram a bunch of stuff in there, that’s against the community guidelines, you do not want to do that, but you do want to make sure that you’re including those words in natural language Now that we have that taken care of, we’re going to go to next Now another really cool thing about this, as you can see, that they went ahead and put my target keyword into the tags box So now what I can do is I can go down here, I’ll put in a misspelling, I will put in the release ’cause that’s what’s going on, and I’m just going to take, you know, a look at their suggestions here and just see if there’s anything that I can put in here to help raise this score up Okay, so I went ahead and filled out the tags box here with things that are relevant to the video that I’m talking about Now, this is really important because again, and I’m gonna keep referencing this, “To estimate relevance we look into many factors, “such as how well the title, tags, description, “and video content match your search query.” So because of that, I’m making sure that I’m not talking about just a bunch of random stuff in here, I’m talking about the NFL schedule 2020 So of course I put in the NFL there as well because the video is about the NFL, and then the other thing is the NFL season, because this is about the NFL season and the NFL games 2020, because again, this is all about the NFL schedule for 2020 So for the sake of relevance, that’s why I put those in there Now the one thing keeping me back right now is that

I don’t have the partial matches of the target keyword But by adding schedule, I was able to go ahead and get that in Because now we have schedule, the video has NFL or the tags have NFL, it has schedule, my target keyword, NFL schedule 2020, right? So now my SEO score for this is 100%, which means, it doesn’t mean that this video is 100% sure going to get lots of views on it What it means is my video is properly prepared to give me the best opportunity to get discovered on YouTube and to show up in search, show up in recommendations and to get shown on the homepage as long as people respond to the content So again, you still have to make great content, but this makes sure that your video is optimized properly for the highest possible opportunity for you getting views on your videos So the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to next and now that we’re on next, another really awesome thing about TubeBuddy as you can see here as we scroll down, we can see the other thumbnails that we would be going against for this particular term So what I can do is I can click on upload thumbnail, and then when I click on upload thumbnail, I’m just gonna pick something random here, we’ll do that So here we’re just gonna put my mad face and you can see here that, you know, out of all the other things, of course, you know, people would probably respond more to the, to the NFL imagery However, you know, depending on this sticker or video saying that, “Hey, I’m not happy with the schedule,” might be something that would work, but I wouldn’t use this thumb, but I’m just using this as an example so that you can see exactly how, if you just upload your thumbnail, you can use this competitively So you can say, “This is what the other thumbnails look like “for this particular thing “So I need to make sure that mine stands out more “than theirs.” If you do that, that’s also going to help you get more views Now, the next thing that I want to talk about that’s gonna help you get more views is the A/B testing tool So we all know, we’re content creators, we know how important it is If you’ve been watching my videos for any amount of time, you know how important it is to make sure that your thumbnails are effective, to make sure that people are clicking on your thumbnails at a high rate, they’re watching the video because the expectation is right when they clicked on the video So when you go into TubeBuddy and you install TubeBuddy, they have something called the A/B testing feature Now, but the AB testing feature, what this does is this actually shows you, when you compare thumbnails against each other, it shows you exactly how people responded to it on the same video So it’s not like, “Hey, I’m gonna do one video like this “and one video like this.” So based on how the content is and the topic and all that, it’s gonna be different This is saying, same video, same topic, we’re swapping out thumbnails and we’re gonna let you know which one’s better so that you can use that one because it gets more clicks, gets more watch time and all of that stuff So let me show you how this works out So when it comes to the A/B testing feature, you can see here that I can see in this particular case for this app video, that when I changed the thumbnail to this without my face on it, and there’s just more clarity, right, “Apps for YouTubers,” right here, what happened is it took my click-through rate from a 3.97 to a 5.34, okay? So we know click-through rate’s important So here I just need a better thumbnail Now, another thing that’s really awesome about this is if you look over here, it’s also showing us how much watch time per impression that we’re generating as well, which is ultimately what YouTube wants YouTube wants as much watch time per impression as possible So because of that, you can see here that I’m even getting a few more seconds of watch time per impression as well because the better thumb generated more watch time per impression, right? So I’m winning in two areas there Now, a really cool thing, which this is just kind of like a side note, but one of the really cool things is you can actually see here the clicks and how much they actually stand out, you know, here against each other as well But if we keep scrolling down, more importantly, another thing that I want to show you here is when it comes to your thumbnails, your thumbnails, and it’s really important to understand this, your thumbnails create an expectation, your thumbnail and your title actually, they create an expectation of, you know, what somebody expects when they click on that video If it’s conscious or unconscious, there’s an expectation there That’s why when people click on one thumbnail compared to another thumbnail, they’ll watch longer or for less So in this particular situation, with the A/B testing tool TubeBuddy even shows me that I’m getting a little bit more watch time as well, or a little bit more average view duration, which over the course, you know, of the videos, between the two, it actually, you know, ends up stacking up to a lot, but it shows you that in terms of the average view duration that people watch this one for just a little bit longer when they click on this particular video compared to this one Now, in addition to that, let’s say you’re targeting search with your content Let’s say you’re like, “Hey, I got a search-based channel Nick “I’m just trying to, you know, “get my videos to perform well in search.” Well, right down here, if you look at the traffic sources, this tells me that I get a much better response in search from this one than I do from this one It also tells me that in suggested videos, because, you know, we all want that suggested content as well, right, or that suggested traffic, this tells me also that I get more suggested traffic when I use this thumbnail, and I get more clicks on home pages when I use this thumbnail So because of that, even though, you know, I love this thumbnail, you know, my face is in it, of course Even though I love this thumbnail, I clicked on this one,

and it’s now this one because the test has showed me that people respond to this one better So for longterm video performance, this thumbnail’s gonna give me more views And you can even do this with details So let’s say for example, we go back to this one So this is a very old video and I had somebody reach out to me on Facebook and they’re like, “Hey Nick, “I noticed that your videos have this red line “on the bottom and it confused me “I thought that I had already watched that video, “even though I knew that I didn’t “So I just wanted to bring it to your attention.” And I’m glad they did because I made these thumbnails back before YouTube had that little red line on the bottom and I just had that as part of my branding so people could identify my stuff And so I’m like, “Hey, you know what, “let’s take your opinion and let’s put it to a test “and let’s see how it actually turns out.” And you can see here that by removing that line, I increased my click-through rate by 30 or yeah, by 36% in this situation I have a little bit more of watch time per impression from it, my average view duration is up just a tad, just a little bit and in search, this video gets clicked on more, the one without the red line on it In suggested, the video without the line on it gets clicked on more, and on homepages, that video gets clicked on more So because of that or that thumbnail So because of that, doing that test let me identify that, hey, in this particular video, and I’m going to test it on the other ones as well, but in this particular video, I need to get that line off of there because it’s actually hurting me Not just this person has that opinion, but now we have data to prove their opinion of not wanting to click that because they thought that they had already watched that video But you can see exactly how valuable this is when it comes to using this to get more views on what it is that you’re doing And again, you can install TubeBuddy through the link in the description, or you can go to so that you can see what TubeBuddy can do for you And in addition to helping you get views, it also has a lot more features that are gonna help you with your YouTube channel as well For even more tools that are gonna help you with tons of different aspects of your YouTube channel, click into this playlist right here, and if you haven’t yet, make sure you subscribe I’ve got an entire channel full of content for YouTubers Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you next time