If I was BROKE… This Is What I'd Do.

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If I was BROKE… This Is What I'd Do.

what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel the best place for new coaches content creators and entrepreneurs in today’s video i want to walk through what i would do if i lost it all if i was flat out broke what are the exact steps that i would do to make income back in 30 days and i know previously on my channel i’ve posted a few videos about income giving you guys insights on how much we make in our business and i figured that for this video specifically i would really peel back the layers of the onion and really stick to the basics of what to do if you’re literally starting from zero so if you’re interested in learning the steps that i would take the moves that i would make and the strategies that i would implement then this video is perfect for you and you should keep watching so let’s get right into it okay ps that was super lame but this is something that my friend got me and i think it is so cool and i wanted to use it in a video for once so yay but yeah keep watching alright so let’s talk about the first thing that i would focus on if i found myself hella broke and that is i would take an inventory of all of my expenses from the last six months and see where i can cut back on especially those little pesky expenses that you don’t even know is happening behind the scenes so what i mean by this is a good hack or a good thing to consider doing is head over to your paypal and look at all of your existing subscriptions and go from there or even going through your itunes account and seeing all your subscriptions and what is set for renewal cancel those or anything that you know you aren’t really using and you’re still paying for or will be paying for in the future especially if you signed up for any annual renewals those are the little things that always sneak up on me so i definitely want to share that another tip that i have for you is even if it’s on a spreadsheet list down all of the things that you’re subscribed to when it comes to software how much it costs monthly and also putting notes on when things are going to be expiring or putting notes on when you need to cancel certain software items because it’s very easy for these things to sneak up on you and it’s super important especially as a business owner to keep track of all of your expenses now i do also want to talk about a common mistake i see a lot of people making when they are cutting back their expenses is a lot of people what they’ll do is they’ll only focus on how expensive things are and then they’ll cut based on that but the problem with this is you really shouldn’t only be looking at what is most expensive that you should cut back and instead you should be looking at what exactly are you currently spending money on that isn’t generating you a return or won’t generate you a return in the future and i really want to talk about this because sometimes what i’ll notice is people will find themselves in a financial rut and the very first thing that they’ll axe off is maybe their mentorship programs their courses access to their mentors resources all those things because those are generally things that are a little bit more expensive but what i want to urge you to think about is you really want to think about hey maybe that course that you paid for or maybe that membership that you’re a part of if you actually focused all your attention on that maybe that will actually give you better income generating skills in the future and maybe and just maybe that very course that you’re thinking of cutting out from your life could actually help you get your money back and so that’s something that i definitely want to mention because i notice a lot of people when they are in that financial rut and when they’re strapped for cash they’ll literally remove the things that actually are there to help them produce them income and so you definitely want to consider that when you’re looking through your books when you’re looking through all of your line items so in my case the things that won’t generate me more revenue would probably be more clothes i don’t need more of that to make me money food and eating out i can make food on my own that’s totally fine it’s not going to affect the income that i earn versus maybe a library card membership or maybe the program that you invested in or maybe the software that’s actually saving you time maybe those things you might want to think twice before cutting back because those are the very things that actually might be able to produce you income in the future or even your va or your team members those things generally even in our business are the biggest line items but remember those things could actually be giving you your time back in which case you can generate more revenue using that time that you earned back and so that’s just definitely something i want to mention before you start axing all the expensive things from your books or from your spending habits and you know really start thinking in the lens of return on investment instead of oh my gosh this is so expensive so let me just cut that from my life now just as an aside the thing that i mentioned about focusing on return on investment versus just thinking about how expensive things are i actually dive deeper on this in a podcast episode where i talk about the differences between someone who has a four-figure mindset versus someone else who has a six-figure mindset so definitely check out this podcast episode if you want to dive deeper on the mindset shifts that you need to make in order to get to the next income bracket now on top of that i also want to give a bonus suggestion when you’re thinking of looking through all your outline items and figuring out how to generate revenue is if you’re in a position where you can’t afford the programs the coaches the mentorship the resources the books or the software or the team members that

can actually help you produce more income by either saving you time or giving you more income generating skills then what you want to consider is selling your stuff you know sell maybe some of your clothing sell maybe some of your tech whatever it is you can always find a way to generate a little bit of income to buy books software whatever it is that you need in order to level up your thinking and get in the mindset of making money and so i definitely want to mention that before we move on to the next tip that being said the second thing that i would do if i found myself again in that sticky you know pretty much black hole situation rock bottom situation is i would take a part-time job that requires very little brain power and this is actually what i did when i started my business i mean i did have income already or i did have some money in my bank account but i didn’t have any money coming in and it was very stressful for me when i was starting my business i really don’t like seeing my bank account shrink every single day and so what i did is i literally put my ego aside and i took a job as a part-time barista making 12 an hour and even though 12 an hour is a far stretch for making 10k months or for my old salary where i was making 65k a year it was still something it was still some income coming in to my bank account that i could cover for any software expenses i could cover for eating out if i wanted to having a little bit of freedom or even buying myself a cup of coffee to cheer me up on those down days where i’m running my business it was super super helpful and what i liked most about my approach is this was a part-time job it didn’t require a lot of time on my end it wasn’t like a 40-hour work week and so i still have time to side hustle my business and on top of that a job like retail or being a coffee barista or customer service these are things that you don’t necessarily need to take home versus when i know when i started my business i was so tempted to going back to the corporate life i was so tempted to have an office desk job but i realized knowing my character i would probably take a lot of that work home and many of these jobs aren’t really part-time these are full-time jobs that require a lot of dedication and a lot of commitment and so that’s why i decided to go with the barista route because i knew that i would work for those you know eight hours six hours whatever my shift required of me and then i would go home and nothing that i would do at work would actually affect how i would run my business how i would spend my own time offline or my own time aside from working at that coffee shop and i found it to be really really useful in protecting my energy financially and making sure that okay even though i’m not producing income right now in my business at least i’m producing some income even if it’s 500 a month from my job working as a coffee barista so if you do find yourself in a situation you definitely want to consider maybe taking a really easy chill part-time job putting your ego aside and just doing the damn thing because it can really speak volumes to you feeling comfortable and running your business and not going into debt running your business as well it’s definitely not an energy or a vibe that you want to sit in for too long and so definitely consider that if you do find yourself in a financial run on top of that i also want to mention that you also kind of want to treat your part-time job or whatever job that you’re doing right now as you’re doing your business as an angel investor to your actual business that you want to grow and go full time in in the future i’m pretty sure that every single dime that i made working at that coffee shop a good majority of it was reinvested back into my business whether that was just the softwares that i needed to purchase or the courses that i wanted to buy the books that i wanted to read all those things just make sure that if you do have that part-time job or that side income that’s supporting you that again you don’t blow it all on things that aren’t necessary and things that aren’t actually going to generate you revenue or make you a better business person in the future now the next thing that i would do that i believe is very important and often overlooked is really try my best to secure a strong mindset and remove any limiting beliefs as much as possible and this is actually something that i teach my own students inside the bossgram academy the moment that they join is to really help them overcome their limiting beliefs because if your mindset isn’t right if you’re constantly telling yourself that oh my gosh i don’t have enough experience or i’m going to be broke forever or i don’t deserve success or how come everyone else is successful except me or you know this market is too saturated there’s too much competition and i shouldn’t try at all those are things that are going to totally sabotage any trajectory that you plan on making in building your business and making money if you don’t have your money mindset right if you don’t have your confidence packed down then you’re gonna be in deep doo-doo it’s gonna be really hard for you to actually execute any strategies that you learn it’s gonna be really hard for you to listen to podcasts and actually feel the message that you’re getting and implementing it right away these are really foundational blocks that prevent anyone from being successful and so i really want to share just a really quick practice that i learned to do and that i also teach in

my program and that is just the power of objectivity whenever you have a limiting belief write it down so for instance write down the fact that you believe that the market is saturated okay and then right underneath that limiting belief really argue with it and ask yourself why that’s not true right so if your limiting belief is i believe that the market is way too saturated and nobody would ever buy my products and services then write down why that’s not true so for example there are so many youtubers that started youtube last year that have gotten their 100k play button or that have monetized successfully so that’s why it’s not true that the market is too saturated because there’s proof that other people are successful even though they started in the recent year or it’s not true because there are so many people out there in the world that are less qualified than you actually making more money than you’re making and the only reason why you’re not doing the same is due to this limiting belief so funny enough i actually had the exact same limiting belief when i started my business and i want to show you a real example of how i argued my way out of that limiting belief so my limiting belief very similar to the example i just said is it’s competitive in this coaching space i’m not going to stand out from all the other life and business coaches and why it’s not true and i argued with myself about it is it’s not true because not many people in my network even know about other coaches so within my current audience that i’m trying to attract i would be the first one that they’ve ever heard of or there’s a good chance that i would be the first one and also i only know that the industry is saturated because i’m in the industry because i’m following other coaches and following my competitors and following everyone that i look up to for people who find me through my instagram podcast or youtube i might be the only coach that they’ve ever known of because even for me a year ago i had no idea what this coaching space was another thing that i said was i have more resources on my side than most coaches who start out i already have a good social media platform i have a business degree i have solid marketing experience i write good copy i have great public speaking skills and i am good at telling stories the only thing preventing me from getting to the next level is me and then finally if i have this belief that the marketplace is too saturated then i’ve already given up before even starting and so that’s just an example of an exercise that i did with a limiting belief that i know a lot of you guys might be facing and so i highly recommend to get over yourself is to do the same exercise that i teach my own students in my program because i assure you that this exercise is probably one of my students favorite exercise it’s so simple it’s so easy and it just makes you feel so much better knowing that all the stories that you have in your head all the limiting beliefs that you’re storing inside are only preventing you from moving forward and if you actually exercise the power of objectivity you step outside of your own mind and you argue those limiting beliefs as if you were a lawyer or as if you were a friend or as if you were someone who’s just looking at it with a third person perspective then you would be shocked by why your blooming beliefs really aren’t true and are only stopping you from moving forward in your journey now of course when it comes to business there are a million one other limiting beliefs and so i highly recommend if you haven’t already to check out this complimentary training that i have at www.followersdeclines.com inside i also go over the top limiting beliefs that prevent a lot of people from starting and launching their coaching businesses so you definitely want to check that out on top of that there are also three trainings that i share inside this training so it’s definitely packed of value and you will walk away with actionable strategies that you can implement right away in your business so again the link is in the description box and in the comment section below if you are interested in checking that training out now once i’ve really overcome a few of my major limiting beliefs and of course they might creep back now and again but the moment that i feel a little bit more confident and i’m like wow i can do this and i put myself in that energy in that state the next thing that i would do is i would take an inventory of all of my strengths and start thinking about what skill i want to monetize and i know that for some of you and even myself it’s really hard to admit about the things that we’re good at or it’s even hard to have awareness on the things that we’re good at because we feel like you know this stuff is normal this stuff comes natural and i shouldn’t charge for it or i’m not really that good at it this is common sense but the thing that you have to realize is it’s common sense to you and it comes naturally to you because you are good at it i can guarantee that there are a million one people who find it hard to speak in front of a camera or who find it hard to do public speaking who find it hard to do graphic design who find it hard to have really nice hand lettering who find it hard to take nice photos you know there are so many people who don’t have the same strengths that you do but it’s really hard for us to see that because for us those things just come naturally and so instead of just putting an inventory and you’re writing down all of your own strengths what i would recommend and this is actually something that i did when i was trying to figure out my business idea and what to do is ask your friends ask your family ask your old co-workers

ask your old managers or current managers to help you with this exercise to help you by telling you what they think your strengths are by telling you what they think you excel at by telling you what they think you are really really really good at and so by doing that you can really see objectively whoa this is what other people think of me and i know for me when i did this exercise there were a lot of things that my friends said that i didn’t even see about myself until they said it and that’s when i started to kind of have that growing confidence that whoa i’m actually good at a couple things that other people aren’t and that really led me down this path of starting my youtube channel of sharing the topics that i’m sharing today of monetizing it in the way that i have because i’m capitalizing on my strengths it’s amazing when you start building a business that’s surrounded around your zone of genius and that’s really how you can unlock a career path where things don’t feel that hard and things don’t always feel like work now obviously there are going to be times in your career in your job even though it is your passion even though it is things that are coming easy to you there are still going to be roadblocks there are still going to be things that annoy the heck out of you there are going to be days that you hate what you do but overall when you do really hone in on your strengths and you create a business around it it can really do wonders in helping you unlock amazing revenue streams to you in an easy way and so definitely if you guys haven’t already i highly recommend just asking your friends your family old co-workers current co-workers managers anyone who’s ever worked with you on what they believe your strengths are and i guarantee it’s going to open a huge window of possibilities of different things that you can monetize and or things that you can double down on in your business speaking of which we talked about opening up another income portal for yourself based on the skills that you’re good at and the next thing that i would suggest is really offering high ticket services and if you actually visit the free training that i mentioned earlier at www.followerstoclients.com i actually walk you through each business model whether that’s one-on-one coaching or services versus courses versus starting an e-commerce business the different profit margins that you can expect the different price points that you can charge and the tldr of what i try to say is when you’re starting out selling one-on-one high ticket services is one of the best ways and easiest fastest ways to make big income in a short amount of time i know for me in my business it wasn’t until i started doing one-on-one services it started off me just helping people quit their nine to five at the one-on-one level or me helping someone manage their youtube channel or me doing social media services that actually helped me produce my first 30 000 in business it was really selling one-on-one services that helped me get to my first 10k month and the rationale behind this is when you sell personalized services or that when you are spending time and energy working with someone at the 101 level whether you’re mentoring them freelancing doing work for them or helping them and consulting them you can charge higher prices a lot of one-on-one services they can start off at two thousand dollars per three months of work and when you have five clients at two thousand dollars that’s already ten thousand dollars that you’re earning for yourself and on top of that when you’re doing one-on-one services you don’t have to pay that much to get started you don’t have a lot of inventory fees you have zero inventory fees unlike an e-commerce business you don’t have to pay for a lot of memberships to make it happen so for instance if you sell courses sometimes you’ll have to pay for teachable kajabi thinkific you know whatever else or maybe even a va to help you run that course whatever it is versus when you do one-on-one services really the only thing i remember me paying for is like a calendar booking system which is like 15 a month and zoom and at this point because of the global pandemic that happened pretty much everyone has zoom at this point and so the startup costs are really really low and so for me if i found myself in a situation like i did a year and a half ago where i was broke or i felt like i was at rock bottom and i was trying to start this business i would definitely do the same thing that i did a year and a half ago and launch one-on-one services so again if you want the whole road map on how i did that and my recommendation to you and some trainings on how to get started visit www.followers2clients.com because that is a full 90 minute training where i talk about it more in depth and so for me if i found myself not only rock bottom in my finances if i also found myself in a position where i lost all of my audience members i don’t have a big youtube channel anymore or i don’t have a huge instagram following i would definitely go back to selling one-on-one services because at that point it’s not so much focused on volume so you don’t need that many followers you don’t need that many subscribers you don’t need that much traffic and instead i would focus on selling high ticket services or high ticket offerings in order to help me make those 10k months or even 5k months to get my business up and running again now at this point you might be wondering okay thanks vanessa i got it build a business around my strengths check

sell high ticket services check focus on high premium services versus volume check okay all these things are great but how exactly do i find these clients and so the next thing that i would recommend is searching on facebook groups and i know for me i love instagram i have a whole program around instagram it’s called bossgram academy and i love youtube i have a youtube channel i love tik tok i love linkedin i love pinterest all these different platforms that can also help you get clients but if i was in a time crunch and we’re talking about 30 days or less and i need to make my money back i would go straight into facebook groups and the reason why is because when you search in a search engine and let’s do it together if i let’s say want to offer services around the health space and all of that or maybe i’m a fitness coach or something or personal trainer i can go on facebook search the word health or whatever keywords that you associate your services with i’ll filter through the groups and i’ll find all of these groups that already have my ideal clients right whether that is entrepreneurs in health or people who are moms that want to get healthy or just general health groups i would join these groups and i would do two things number one i would offer value in these groups i would answer people’s questions i would post my own content in these groups to give value to other people in that way i’m able to build authority and also make a name for myself and be the go-to of that group and the second thing that i would do is i would be a fly on the wall and observe the questions that people are asking because when you join these groups a lot of people go there for support a lot of people are posting all the questions that they have or feedback that they have or anything that they’re going through and that serves as powerful market research for you to improve your own products and services and especially if you’re starting from zero and you don’t know what to offer well heck these groups are literally telling you all the problems that they’re having in which your service could solve in which you could provide a solution later on with your paid products and services and so that’s why personally for me i would just zone in on those facebook groups especially if i’m in a time crunch because your ideal clients are already in that group and because these facebook group communities are closed a lot of the engagement is much higher you’re gonna get someone who’s gonna pay attention versus on youtube instagram and everywhere else it takes a lot of time to cultivate an audience it takes a lot of time to filter through people who are actually serious it takes a lot of time to build that engagement and so again if i was strapped for time and i only had 30 days to make my money back i would check out facebook groups and that’s what i would recommend to you if you’re hitting rock bottom just like how i was a year and a half ago i definitely started with facebook groups first and then i worked my way up as i was building my instagram as i was building my youtube channel and today i have all these platforms but again i would definitely start with the facebook groups now when it comes to converting the people that you see on the facebook groups into becoming your clients what i would do is i would offer a lot of complimentary value up front and then creating that environment where people see a need for my services that i end up monetizing so this is actually something that we teach way more in depth in our paid program the boss gram academy where we go over strategy calls and all those things but what i would do if i were you and i was in that position is i would offer complimentary 30-minute assessments or audits so let’s say if i am a fitness coach i would maybe offer a free 30-minute gut check or a free 30-minute assessment on their eating habits or whatever it is and through there i’m delivering a lot of value i’m showing people the opportunities that they might be missing in their health goals and through that call they are going to be able to understand and see the gap between where they are and where they want to be and so these calls really serve four purposes the first one is to deliver massive value so regardless if that person decides hey you know maybe now’s not the right time you’re not the perfect service provider for me at minimum they’re walking away with massive clarity on the next steps that they could take in their health wealth business marriage relationships doesn’t matter what your niche is right the second thing is to make someone a little bit more problem aware and this is actually something that is within eugene schwartz five level awareness this is something that you could easily google online and learn more about but a big mistake that i see a lot of people make specifically coaches and consultants and everyone in this space is they’ll do these calls these calls are things that a lot of people know about these 30-minute assessments these 30-minute audits but the mistake that they make is right away they’re offering free coaching they’re offering free advice and they are already assuming that they know what the problem is and that they are going to give away all of the solutions which technically would cannibalize a lot of your pay products and services right but instead what you should be doing is spending time on these calls to identify and help someone identify what are the actual problems because most times people don’t even know what the problem is how many of you are just frustrated all the time you know maybe you’re frustrated that your channel isn’t growing fast enough or that you’re not making the income that you want to make or you’re frustrated that your team always flakes on you you’re frustrated that

your clients are always ghosting you or something like that but you don’t know why you don’t know what the actual problem is you just know that you’re in a state where you’re frustrated and things aren’t working well it’s not helpful to you if people are giving you multiple solutions when you don’t even know what the actual problem is if someone’s giving you a solution but you don’t know the problem then that solution might not even fix what’s going on that solution might not even get you results until you become aware of that problem and so with the calls that we teach in our pay program the boss graham academy and again if you want to learn more about the strategies that we teach definitely check out www.followers2clients.com link is in the description box what we teach is to help our students really help their prospects to become way more problem aware so now when they introduce the solution which would be their paid products and services it makes a lot more sense for the prospect and it’s truly a customized solution that can get someone results and through these calls we’ve had students sign their first paid clients really really quickly because now they’re doing these calls right and we’re making sure our students aren’t already giving free coaching already giving away free services without actually making their prospects a little bit more problem aware now like i said as you go down eugene schwartz five levels of awareness once that person becomes more problem aware now they are open to receiving the solution and that solution would be your pitch that solution would be where you would introduce your paid freelancing or your paid coaching program or your paid course or whatever that looks like for you and whatever you decide to monetize now of course afterwards once you present the solution now that person can then become product aware now they’re aware that you have a product and service that’s where the call will transition to inquiring about prices payment options what is included in your packages what they’re going to get with their investment all those things and then lastly they become most aware once they become a client or student or customer or whatever else now they’ve experienced your service now they’ve experienced your product and because they’re most aware now it’s going to increase the chances of referrals it’s going to increase the chances of word of mouth of them sharing your services giving you a testimonial you sharing testimonials and that’s how you can get more clients into your pipeline and this is exactly how i was able to really multiply my client pool as i was working with more clients as people became most aware of my services through walking them through the five stages of awareness so i definitely want to share that with you and like i said this is something that we teach inside the bossgram academy we give you the scripts the strategies the templates how to overcome objections all those things but for now i just want to at least share with you eugene schwartz’s framework on the five levels of awareness because that’s free and available on google and once you understand how the mind works it’s going to be a lot easier for you to position your products and services present them and also close the sale and so for me that’s what i would do and that’s what i did in order to get my first few clients and how i was able to repeat that and get more clients through word of mouth and testimonials now so far in this video i really walked you through the key steps that i would take in order on what i would do if i lost it all or i had to start all over or really just the blueprint of how i got started a year and a half ago and so while you wait for next week’s video you definitely want to check out these two videos that i have here as well i post a lot of content on entrepreneurship marketing social media coaching and all the likes of that so definitely check out these two videos as well not only this make sure you check out the free training if you haven’t already the link is in the description box below as always guys i appreciate you i hope you guys have a good day a good week and a good life and i’ll see you in the next one bye guys