The Day Without Spider-Man | Full Episode | Marvel's Spider-Man | Disney XD

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The Day Without Spider-Man | Full Episode | Marvel's Spider-Man | Disney XD

[Gwen] Peter Parker, wherever you are, I hope you’re okay, ’cause this is my fourth call, not to mention the million texts I sent you The Science Administration just arrived to drop off the Blood Gem, which you promised to help me study with Horizon’s proprietary particle scanner So whatever you’re doing, please stop doing it, and call me! [beeps] Hi there Delivery manifest lists two people picking up Your friend flake on ya? [sighs] No It looks like all my friends have more exciting things to do I can handle this on my own [sighs] [panting] I’ll take high, you take low [grunting] Now, why would you want this, Mr. Purse-Snatcher? It seriously doesn’t match your look [chuckles] Banter That’s something Spider-Man taught me He taught you to not be funny? Huh [muffled grunting] He also taught me words can hurt just as much as punches How can you joke when fighting crime is so serious? According to Spidey, it distracts the bad guys and makes the people you rescue feel safe [scoffs] Where is Spider-Man anyway? Wasn’t he gonna help train me how to use these powers too? [scoffs] Please! I can Spider-coach you just as well as he could He’s probably off doing, like, Avenger-level stuff or something What? You have notes to the police already written? Of course I’m always prepared It’s my other superpower! Okay, this is my last call, Peter The Blood Gem’s in my lap, and if I make any real headway on its alleged mystical properties, the glory of the discovery is 100% going to me Cool? Cool. See ya [beeps] [chuckles] “Spider-Gwen.” Sounds funny now, doesn’t it? But it sure was fun But that was then Now I’m just going to devote myself to world-changing, scientific breakthroughs No superpowers, no super-villains Who needs that kind of excitement in your life when you’ve got this? [yells] [evil laughter] Scuse me, miss, but I think you have something I need [grunts] [Gwen screams] [yells] [grunts] Scorpion?! What do you want? How do you know who I am? You realize you’re dressed like a giant scorpion, right? And Spider-Man taking you down was all over the news last year? Don’t mention the bug! Look, this doesn’t have to get messy Just give me that Blood Gem You think I’m gonna let a criminal take an item of unknown power? Yeah. ‘Cause how you gonna stop me? Ooh, a microscope! How scary Now step aside! You first! Ow! [groans] [grunts] Gwen, get out of here We’ll handle him I’m not running away We took down the Spot together I can help! Help by getting to safety Let the superheroes handle this I got a better idea [grunts] [grunts, yells] [both yell, grunt] [grunts] Hero Lesson 52: Agility beats strength! [yells] [grunts] But tails beats everything I’m not sure about your lessons [yelling] [grunts] [grunts] [grunts] I’ve fought the real Spider-Man, kiddos You ain’t him! [panting] Gotta find a place to hide this This is either brilliant, or I’m gonna have to buy a new phone I’m done playing games! [growls] [grunts, yells] [Gwen grunts] Huh? [grunts] See ya! [laughs] [groans] I’m guessing Scorpion came this way Gwen! Are you okay? Yeesh! Why can’t anyone ever use a door? I– I’m fine, but Scorpion took the Blood Gem What’s a Blood Gem? The Science Administration found it in an ancient dig site last year It supposedly gives off strange energy But they needed our scanner to test it So whatever Scorpion wants it for, it can’t be good But I think I know– Strange energy Bad news. Got it Wait. There’s– Gwen, I love that you wanna help, but you can’t fight villains like that without powers But I don’t need powers, because– I just don’t want you to get hurt Fine Don’t wanna listen to me? I’ll handle this myself Bet no one’s ever used a phone-finder program to track a super-villain before Gwen for the win

[Miles] It looked like Scorpion headed north from Horizon, so let’s keep that direction So, we’re just winging it? We should invent a Spider-Tracer or something Yeah, Spider-Man already did, but I kind of forgot to bring ’em with me Wow. No offense, Miles, but you’re not exactly the most prepared superhero coach, are you? Yeah. Okay. Maybe Spidey would’ve been better at this But at least I’m here This is useless We can’t just wander the city looking for random clues where Scorpion went Okay. Let me check police scanners and social media, see if there’s any sign of him [beeping] But first Hello, Mrs. Parker? Hey, it’s Miles Is Pete home? Yeah, I’ll check the lab at school I’m sure he’s just working late Except that he’s not Spidey, where are you? [Tinkerer] It looks like your mission was a success Delightful! That gem-tracker thingy you whipped up worked great Of course, had to do a little bashing [Tinkerer] I’m sure That’s why this partnership works so well My brains and your brute strength Heh Which is about to become strengthier, right? If “strengthier” was a word, yes I’ve heard legends of the Blood Gem since before you and I bonded over our hatred of Spider-Man Its properties haven’t been completely tested But based on what I’ve read, if I can harness even a sliver of its alleged energy, you’ll find yourself more powerful than you could ever dream I can dream big, Tinkerer Big enough to take down the bug! Oh, trust me, Spider-Man will be no match for the combined might of the new and improved Tinkerer and Scorpion “Scorpion and Tinkerer,” you mean The two names that Spider-Man will regret ever sending to prison What is this? Gotta belong to the girl I yanked this from at Horizon Well, she’ll be missing some texts You moron! Someone could use this phone to track us. Destroy it [yells] Hurry this up! I’m getting impatient! That was brand new Okay, this is out of my league Time to call the big guns [chirps] [Tinkerer] It’s working Except I’m out of time [beeps] What are you waiting for? Power me up! Our revenge on Spider-Man can’t wait another second Infusing your cells with an untold mystical energy isn’t like using a common hair dryer I must calibrate the settings Huh? [grunts] An interloper! The girl from the lab! Uh [grunts] [grunts] [yells, grunts] [groans] What– What happened to me? [growls] Nothing happened to you! Hmm? [grunts] Brilliant plan, genius Your power-up doohickey doesn’t work This girl didn’t power up or nothing I told you I had to calibrate the settings If this partnership’s going to work, you need to seriously consider going to anger management Hey, where are you sneaking off to? [grunts] [grunts] You’ve seen too much, girl [grunts] You ain’t getting out of here [grunts] [pants, grunts] Wha– My spider powers are back? She couldn’t do that before Hmm. Someone owes me an apology Your doohickey really worked! You gotta blast me with the– [grunting] Oh, I missed having these [grunts] Ouch! [yells] [cries out] [grunts] [grunts] Aah! Ha! If you guys are done with this, I think I’ll just take it with me [grunts] [grunts, groans] I’ve got it! Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves [pants, grunts] Just like riding a bicycle Take that, Anya Huh? [yells]

[grunts] [grunts] Whoa. Okay I can kind of glide now, too? This just keeps getting better [grunts] See ya [growling] [Anya] Excuse us [Miles] Sorry How is a giant Scorpion dude so hard to spot? [sighs] We should’ve gotten Gwen’s help With her expertise on the Blood Gem, she could maybe track it or something ‘Cause it’s not like Scorpion’s just gonna head our way Heads up! Scorpion’s headed your way! [Scorpion grunting] [tires screech] [yells] Bring that back! [whimpering] I have so many questions right now [yells] Guys, Scorpion trap! Lock him in! [grunting] [straining] [yells] You can’t stop me! I don’t know if that’s gonna hold Then just to be sure [yells] [groans] [grunts] [chuckles] High fives all around for the Spider Team! How Funny you should ask So, the Tinkerer– You fought the Tinkerer too? Who now? Don’t be so surprised Remember, during Spider Island, I had powers way before you did Like, two days before And I had powers way before both of you But that’s not helping me understand what happened to you Well, the Tinkerer created this to harness power from the Blood Gem Based on my preliminary scans back in my lab, it had some sort of transformative powers, and somehow they triggered my spider-powers to come back Are you okay with that? Guys, I’ve missed having these powers every day And watching you two swinging through the city– It’s not all fun and games I didn’t say it was [straining] Shh! We gotta get to the police station and take them to the Tinkerer’s lab Anyone have paper? So we can leave a note Whoo-hoo! Gwen, we’re not at a playground here This is serious! Lighten up, Anya I’m back! Which is great Don’t get me wrong But you don’t see me cheering for myself every time I shoot a web Because you never lost your powers like I did Imagine it. One day, you’re swinging over the city, and the next day, that’s all gone Now, let’s get to the police station before the Tinkerer leaves his lab Courtesy of “your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Team”? [grunts] Spiders! [officers yell] I’m through playing around The station’s just right up here [Tinkerer] Sneak attack! I wouldn’t be surprised if you did not recognize me You’re the Tinkerer in a robot suit Well, it’s not fair for you to answer You just fought me Did the rest of you recognize me? Oh, so this is that Tickler guy you were talking about? Mm! It’s “Tinkerer”! I’m famous [all grunt] [gasps] And ha! My banter was only a distraction Clever! Now prepare for real power I’m not an evil mastermind, but making us more powerful probably isn’t a winning plan for you Ha! I’m not blasting you [grunts, laughs] Finally [evil laughter] Now, this… is power! [yells] Tell me one of you has Spider-Man on speed dial [grunts] Are you sure you missed all this? Well, not this part exactly [Scorpion yells] [grunts] Gwen! Hey! Don’t ignore me I can kick your butt too Are you okay? [grunts] Of course Spider strength [both grunt] [grunts]

Nope! Let’s see Spider-Man ignore this That web-head shows up any time we appear on the scene Well, this time we’re ready! Yes! It’s time for his final round with the Tinkerer and Scorpion Scorpion and Tinkerer! You two need to agree on your branding [grunts] [grunts] [whimpers] Is all of this really just to get Spider-Man’s attention? Ever hear of e-mail? Do not mock me Spider-Man probably doesn’t even have an e-mail address [grunts] Sure he does It’s on the World Wide Web [grunts] [gasps] [thud] He thinks he’s good at banter [yells, grunts] What’s Spider-Man got to do that’s more important than stopping us? [growls] [grunting] [Tinkerer grunts] Taste delicious defeat, kid! “Kid”? Hey! Just gotta borrow this for a second What? Give that– [grunts] No one calls me “kid”! There’s gotta be a way to reverse what the Blood Gem did to Scorpion Maybe alter the polarity on this? Check the amp fluctuations All hardwired, no access [growls] Man, I missed this Fighting for our lives? No. Us It wasn’t just my powers I missed You and Miles have been off, doing your spider things, and I was the only one left out I missed… you Well, I’d say you’re back in pretty seriously now [Scorpion yells] Careful what you wish for! [grunts] [grunts] [yells] [growls] Okay, the lesson was agility beats strength Let’s see if it’s true! [yells] [cries out] True! [groans] [Scorpion yelling] What? Am I doing something to it? You’re not taking that, girl! That’s my power source! [yells] [grunts] [grunts] [groans] [grunts] [cries out] That wasn’t my fault! Oh, yeah [chuckles] Heads up! [cries out] Why does that thing glow every time you two touch it? Scorpion actually said something smart His “power source.” Maybe this thing’s like a battery It’s generating our powers But what about the “let’s drain Scorpion’s powers” plan? [grunts] [grunts] [yells] [grunts] [grunts] There’s just not a feasible way to reverse this. Come on [yells] [angry grunt] [Scorpion grunts] [grunts] Wonderful Now we’re doing this live on TV Perfect There’s no way Spider-Man won’t see this now [both grunt] [grunts] [straining] Spider-Man, wherever you are, you have one minute to show your face, [straining continues] or I’ll destroy your little assistant here! “Assistant”? Show yourself! No! Let her– [grunts] You’re next! [grunts] I can’t reverse this device But I think there’s another way What are you doing? If this thing’s like a battery for Scorpion’s powers, then I need to destroy the battery But that would take away your powers too [straining] [grunts] This was never really about powers Thirty seconds, web-head! [grunts] [grunts] [crying out] [grunts] [grunts] [screaming] [groaning] Where’s Gwen? The explosion– She has to be here somewhere Oh, come on, Gwen

[Gwen] Wow. Nice to see you guys care so much [grunts] You’re alive! [laughs] Either that or I’m a ghost Ooh, how does that sound– “Ghost-Spider”? Creepy but kind of awesome Weren’t you supposed to lose your powers? Right? Maybe being directly at the gem’s blast point, I absorbed a massive amount of its energy, reenergizing my dormant powers? So, you’re thinking you became your own power source? Intense I’ll definitely have to study this But, guys, I can’t believe it Giant fight with super-villains in New York, and we were the ones who took them down We had to I mean, Spider-Man never showed Even after Scorpion called him out And that’s weird, right? Even for Spider-Man Yeah. Very weird [quiet chatter] I think we need to apply Planck’s constant here to– Guys, check the Daily Bugle, now Yet another in a wave of bank robberies, with Spider-Man still nowhere to be seen Is that web-head actually more of a menace when he’s not around? And who will stop these crooks? [tires screech] Study break? Hmm Huh? [girls whooping] [Miles] Okay, final lesson We’re only strengthened when we surround ourselves with the best people You got that right!