Highlights of Winter 19 Release Webinar

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Highlights of Winter 19 Release Webinar

Morning everyone it’s just at 11 o’clock we have a bunch of people joining as we speak so I will come back to you in about 60 seconds and we’ll kick it off Hi everyone, we’re gonna go ahead and get started welcome to the Salesforce org winter 19 release highlights webinar where we are going to share some of the things we’re most excited about both on the platform side and on for nonprofits and higher ed customers before we begin let’s just talk about some quick logistics we have some some questions that come up often in our webinars so let’s just get them out of the way first how do you ask a question if you have one we have a question widget in the GoToWebinar panel on the side of your screen and you can just type a question into the panel we have people standing by to help answer and point you in the right direction of resources and if we have time we may take a few questions at the end next will this question this session be recorded and yes it will be you will get a copy of the recording and a copy of the slide deck in an email following this webinar probably look for that in the next day or two either Friday this week or early next week and where can you go to get more information you can go a lot of places but one place we’d specifically recommend is the Power of Us Hub and in the power of us have we even have a new release readiness hub group so take a look at that and you can get more resources for managing your release readiness please note that Salesforce is a publicly traded company and as such please make any purchasing decisions based on features and functionality that is currently available in the product not any roadmap features we may discuss in this webinar okay with that who are we here today I am Anne Crawford I’m a success content specialists here at Salesforce org I focused primarily on nonprofits and lightning adoption Hi I’m Jessie Rymph, I’m also a success content specialist I am I’m building out a new series on engagement and for nonprofits and I’m excited to be here today Hi I’m Kied Bangsberg, I am product manager in higher ed thanks for having Hi folks, I’m Mary Pustejovsky and I’m a product manager on the NGO team glad to be here yeah we’re all super excited we’ve got a lot to share with you today so let’s take a look at our agenda first we are going just to talk a little bit about lightning we have a couple lightning features that came out in winter 19 to make it a little easier to make that transition so we’ll talk about those we will spend the bulk of our time on platform updates I’ll be giving you some and then Jesse will be showing you some other cool features that I’m super excited about and then Kied will be sharing some higher education updates and we will finish up with Mary’s updates on non profit and nonprofit success pact okay so I said we’re gonna talk about lightning and so let us start one of the most powerful benefits of being a Salesforce not of a customer is that your organization automatically gets upgraded in our three platform releases per year winter 19 being one of them but there is a caveat if you have participated in any of our last few release webinars you may have noticed a pattern almost all of the new must-have platform features we’re covering have been lightning only features and you may

be wondering why that is it is because the future of the Salesforce platform is enlightening and almost all future functionality enhancements will be built in lightning in this release alone we saw almost 200 lightning only features and while no one that’s taking classic away there is no sunset date at this point by staying in classic you are not getting the full promise of your Salesforce license donation which we definitely want you to get the full benefit of the product that you have that has been donated to you so with that we are going to do a quick poll and you may be wondering why we are seeing two pictures of Jesse’s dog this is Bailey bones and Bailey bones is adorable no matter how you look at her but in one we kind of have the classic Bailey bones and in the other we have lightening with the new user interface where she looks just a little bit spiffed up so let’s launch our poll and find out where are you right now in your organization are you mostly using classic are you mostly using lightning or are you working in a mix of classic and lightning so we’re going to give you about 45 seconds to just quickly vote what are you using at your organization right now okay about 10 more seconds and I’m going to close the poll and share the results okay okay so we have about 28% mostly in classic 45% in lightning and a mix of 28% making in a mix so in that transition period so that is great for us to know um and in doing that I lost my slides so hang on there we go um great so I think no matter where you are now we want you to be aware of a couple important things so lightning is simply a user interface so it does not touch your underlying objects fields or data or even your workflow or processes and I believe we’re still seeing the poll you’re still seeing the poll okay hang on a second let’s see what I can do about that I can see my there we go there we go thank you okay so lightning is a user interface it does not touch your underlying objects fields or data or even your workflow or processes so I could be working in classic and Jessie could be working in lightning and the same data would be there so just like Bayley bones here whether you’re looking at the classic Shaggy Bailey bones or the Bailey bones of the spiffy new haircut she is the same dog on the inside and so your organization is the same organization it just uses a different user interface the other thing we want to point out is there is no additional charge for lightning we do get that question periodically there is no additional charge for lightning it’s just the next generation user interface oh okay so if you are still on Team classic Bailey bones you may be wondering if you’re missing out and in a nutshell yes you are we already talked about the fact that all future Salesforce platform features we built on lightning but besides that lightning is just a better user interface and a better user experience than classic so if you need some guidance on making the move please check out the lightning experience group in the Power of Us Hub we do not want you to experience a class case of fee FOMO fear of missing out and I mentioned we had a couple winter 19 features to make it easier for your users to adopt lightning so the first thing a new user when you rolled out to new user when they first log in to Salesforce in lightning they will be presented with a pop-up which is what we call the welcome mat and it will give us some information a little video to watch and some additional resources to help them get comfortable in lightning if you want to you can set this up in the onboarding and assistance set up in lightning it is not available in the light in the classic setup menu you’ll have to navigate to lightning to see this you can enable the default welcome mat that you see here or you can even create a custom one and link to it with the URL also knew in winter 19 is the lightning experienced configuration from burger

this tool can help you in two amazing ways so one thing you may or may not be aware of is that JavaScript or what are sometimes called URL button hacks are not supported in lightning JavaScript buttons in classic are the super handy but not very secure so they commonly do things like open up an external web page or pre-fill fields on a new related record the configuration converter has a wizard which will analyze your current JavaScript buttons and then propose lightning friendly alternatives such as actions or lightning components in your org second you can also use the configuration converter to add standard and custom actions to all your page layouts which can save you hours of manual work in the page layout editor dragging and dropping so this will really help you with the heavy lifting so I wanted to make sure you are aware of it ok so moving on to the more general platform updates here is a copy of the release notes we have a link here you’ll get that link in the slide deck after the webinar or you can just google winter 19 release notes if you want in more information about setting up any of the new features we are showing you today also be aware there’s a PDF version you can download or a more searchable filterable HTML version of that ok so the first things I want to show you are some things that are just a little easier to show you than to tell you so I’m gonna switch over into my demo org and get started on that I’ve got too many many desktops here oh I know what I have to do sorry about this you guys I have to actually exit out of the PowerPoint for a moment okay okay so we are here in the ugly dog adoption app in our demo org and the purpose of our organization here is to help all of our animals find a good forever home so and in our org we’re currently moving to lightning and to help our users with that I’ve actually created a chatter group here it’s called get help lightning fast and what this does is allows me our users to post questions it also allows me to post updates for our users so for example I say join me for a lunch and learn on some new features we are rolling out in lightning I can add an emoji I think that was new a couple releases ago and bring your questions and we’ll take care of the lunch and let’s say in the middle of drafting my post I get interrupted and I quickly navigate over to home to check something and then I realize I never posted that chatter post I’m sure everyone’s had that happen so I go back to chatter and in the past I would have had to start typing again but in winter 19 we have a new feature called my drafts so I can just click on that and I see my post and I can just finish it this autosave it looks like it missed the last thing I typed I have get it away too quickly so bring your questions and then I can share that and the other time that this feature can be really handy is if you get timed out let’s say you’re doing a really detailed a really long chat or post and all of a sudden your your your session times out and then you feel very frustrating so when you log back in it will actually give you the option to go back to that draft chatter post and fix it so I mentioned that that was a chatter post and in I specifically created this called get lightning get help lightning fast and the other way that this can be really handy is you can enable something called the switcher feedback so if I switch over to if I’m a user and I’m working in lightning and I switched to

Salesforce classic I will be presented with a question saying why are you switching back to classic so I can answer I need additional help with report builder maybe they haven’t been fully trained in a feature or they have a question and then when I continue well first I’ll be taken back to classic but I’m going to switch back to lighting quickly and in my that that feedback has been posted in this chatter group so this is a great way for you to respond really instantaneously to your users just make sure you’re addressing any concerns they have at the time that they’re switching which is when they are usually experiencing a problem this is a feature we used when we rolled out Salesforce at lightning at Salesforce and I actually posted something once and it got fixed right away which made me feel great so I highly recommend setting that up in the onboarding section of setup and the last thing that I want to show you about oops hold on I can’t see very well there we go right about the pages so I want to show you a something called density setting so let me open up a record I’ve got a record here it’s for this dog fluffy and right now we are in what is called the compact layout that was just introduced in winter of 19 and if I want actually that’s comfy and then if I want I can do compact which is a little more dense and so what that will do if I open up a contact record it just minimizes the scrolling so if I got a lot of records on a page it’s a little bit more compact okay now I want to move in to list views we have a lot of graded improvements here so we’re going to go for a recently viewed two and all pets available for adoption and one of the things I can do now is math change owner from a list view and this is available on Leeds cases and custom objects at this point so I’ve got a bunch of cats and let’s say I’m in charge of cats Jesse owns these records now I’m going to just click change owner and I can change the owner to myself I’m not going to send a notification email I’m just going to do that so that’s a big time-saver if you need to manage ownership of a lot of Records the other thing that’s available and you may have already noticed this is you can now search in list views so if I want to use this kind of like a Rolodex I can just search for a particular and pet here and one eye and it’ll and it’ll filter that view and this is great but we feel a really long list view where you can’t actually see all your records those are a couple list view enhancements there and then one additional feature that I want to share with you is the ability to share this list view previously you could create a a list view that for a private viewing only you could see it or you could share it with all users and now you can share it with a group of users so if I want to have my all pets available for adoption and I have a public group called adoption squad I can share it with just those users okay and then speaking of filtering we have something a new feature in our global search so this is to help you find that proverbial needle in a haystack so I have a donor Daniel Martinez he is a big supporter of our ugly dog adoption agency and he is actually a monthly contributor so I need to go in and update that his current monthly pledge has been paid so I can go into this opportunities on the left and the search results and you can see I’ve got like 50 plus opportunities that’s a lot it’s gonna take me a while to find the one I’m looking for so I can refine my search so I’ve got opportunity name account name and I have a mount so I know it’s a $50 donation I can choose the stage I’m gonna say it’s a pledged I

still have a lot so I can act you do close date and I’m just gonna say it was within the last 30 days and that brings me to – and I can just update the one I need to update from it here and go right in and edit that and you can search choose the fields that you want to filter on under search results on the object level so if you click into the object manager and go into opportunities say I can add the fields here that I want to so you can customize that okay let me go back present the last couple release webinars we spend a lot of time on campaigns so we’re not going to spend a huge amount of time on campaigns today I just want to let you know that you can now add quick filters to your campaign member related list so you can see some of the things on the right you can do you can drill down on leads in contact campaign member status name title etc this is not a persistent filter it will it’s just only good for the session you’re on but really handy if you want to create a quick curated list for a list email etc we have a few great enhancements to share with you about a little email so first we now have information about your open status so you’ll need to enable to settings enhanced email and email tracking and then once you do this the status of your email whether it will display on the activity timeline it’ll say whether it’s been opened or when it was last opened etc another thing you can do is add these fields first open and last open to the email object alum layout and then you can get full information if you click into an email message if you are using data protection and privacy settings you can track whether a particular contact wants to be tracked at all that’s a setting and your company is responsible for getting tracking consent you will need to spend a little time setting this up mainly what we want to do today is let you know that this feature exists so that you can look at the release they notes and find out more about that and then if whether you’re using the privacy tracking or you’re just using the open you can see that on the activity timeline so this is just kind of a blow-up of that you can see the status there and another great feature and this one I think is a really great feature is you can now see if an email actually bounced so sometimes you send an email within Salesforce and you may be waiting for reply that will never come because you didn’t send it to a good email address so now you can actually get an alert and it displays on the highlights panel if you set this up it gives you a little triangle and then you can click in and correct that address so great new feature all right so reports and dashboards we are going to demo this let me go back out and switch over demo org and go into reports so the first thing I want to show you here is you can now search within reports so before in lightning you could only search in global search now you can search on the report tab itself and so this is customized you can you can kind of drill down to what you want to report so if I want to just look at reports created by me I could do that public reports all reports etc I want to look at a particular report called opportunities by type so if I just start typing it will highlight the letters I’ve typed and and I give me even make this a bit bigger if I want I’ve got an opportunity to buy record types report here and it’s got a chart and you can see along the left-hand column we’ve got it sorted by opportunity record type and across the top we have it sorted by stage so this

is pretty much a typical sort of matrix report I can at the bottom toggle on and off row counts detail rows grand totals etc and then new in winter 19 I can drill down so if I pick donation here in this check box on the left this blue button appears and it says drill down so I’m going to do that and I can just group by the opportunity record type that’s what it’s already sorted by or I can add an additional group parameter so I’m going to say a cover account sorry record type here and apply that and now it’s just got my donations and it’s got a further sub grouping of account record type and I can show my detail rows and what’s really cool is I can actually just click into a particular box and then just see those records I can just click around from one to the other and then if you’re a little confused about what you’re actually seeing right here it may not be super easy to see on this screen you can actually see what filters you have and then you can just clear them all if you want so that’s a really nice new functionality in the lightening report filter okay and the last thing I want to show you about that is that you have more functionality around folders we’ve had a lot of improvements in folders the last few release and we’re seeing even more of that here you can now share rename favorite or delete a folder while you’re actually in the folder you don’t have to navigate up a level anymore and you can create subfolders from within the folder so for example here we have some development reports I’ve already got two subfolders grant reports and major gift reports if I’m creating a new report and I want to save it in a new folder you know for example in-kind donations or something I can create that new folder right from this interface I don’t need to navigate out to do that so just a little bit of improvement there and with that I’m going to hand it over to Jesse great thank you just get in the presenter change over here and I’m not seeing anything oh right great thank you so much okay so you can all see my screen yep okay thank you all right thanks for your patience so just first off a note in my slides I have a lot of gifts so you’ll see that this is a this image is gonna show you hue little demo and then repeat so it doesn’t line up exactly with what I’m saying so you’re not crazy I’m not crazy well we’ll see about that but just don’t be confused it’s gonna repeat itself if you miss something all right so for activities when you are looking at past activities in the activity timeline now you can choose which activity types appear there and save that filter so if in emails and events are of interest to you you can save that filter there when you create tasks through quick actions or global actions the action can automatically create a reminder you don’t have to go back in and add the reminder later so in your setup of global actions or quick actions just add the reminder to the page layout add that check box there you can now use quick text a little easier to save time filling out the comments or the description of a repetitive event or activity you know for example you’re receiving calls all day long from folks who cannot wait to

give you money right those eager millionaires are so annoying so you’ll just want to click on the quick text you’ve already saved and insert it and you see here the quick text can even include merge fields so I’ve merged in the first name of the contact when you create a custom calendar which you can now do really cool you can create a task list view to filter results on your calendar so for example like this little doggie you are overwhelmed you can create a calendar that is filtered on a task list view such as overdue tasks or open tasks another cool new calendar feature which is in beta you can schedule daily weekly monthly or other repeating events in lightning and the Salesforce app so let’s say your office hosts a community meeting twice weekly for a month you can quickly add those events and all so cool but still in beta you can sync these events quickly to Microsoft Outlook all right I’m gonna jump into a demo here alright so in our ugly dog adoption agency app let’s look at email templates so we have two types or sorry two types of email templates classic and lightning one way to get to view the lightning templates is to go to a record so I’m going to go to this contact record and here I’m going to pull up I’m gonna click on the email tab and to find your sorry to create a new template I’m going to start typing in the subject here and I can put in some berge fields so new in winter 19 the merge fields that you have access to are only of the relevant objects so that makes it much easier to find when I’m ready to save my template I click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign and here I can save as a new template new feature you can save as a private email template which is only visible to you or a public email template which is visible to everyone else let’s say instead I wanted to insert an existing template I have my recently used templates here and I can insert a template so really handy from here you can actually insert a classic template so that’s great you have access to all your templates and you can find your private or public email templates as well you can also search let’s say instead I want to insert some quick text from email you click on this thought bubble here and you can insert your quick text we also have new quick text for tasks events and logging the call the other way to get to your lightening templates is by adding it to your navigation bar so I’ve already added it up here by clicking on my pencil and clicking the add more button so when I click on email templates from my navigation bar I see all my templates here here I can add a new template I’m going to open up this one new in winter 19 you can add a file as an attachment so really excited about that so every time I send out my new foster parents welcome email this letter is going to be attached and this is saved as a Salesforce file so if anyone edits the letter where it’s stored in Salesforce it’s going to be updated here all right another thing I want to show you just while I’m in a demo mode has nothing to do with emails I’m gonna go to set up and search for integrations so now you have in one handy spot you can find all of your areas import and integration tools all in one place they’re right back into the slides alright let’s look at case email so email to case is a great feature that allows you to have email sent to an email alias such as our email address

info @ ugly dog org and that’s gonna automatically generate a case now email to case is even better because attachments to newly received email to case messages are automatically saved as Salesforce files so this lets your staff can immediately preview the file without having to download the attachment to their computer Salesforce files are also searchable and shareable across Salesforce so staff don’t have to navigate to a records related list to find that file consider establishing an organization-wide file nomenclature to make it easier to find those files and the files that you’re attaching to your email templates whenever you need to thanks to a new button you can insert images into case emails more easily so in the email action for cases look for the button in the email tool bar looks like a little picture and you can insert images from Salesforce files and from web URLs and really cool you can also copy and paste images from the clipboard so I’m excited about the ability to share screenshots with someone who I’m helping troubleshoot something with them and lightning or in classic that’ll be really helpful all right I am excited to get to show you a demo of what’s new with flow all right here we are on our home screen of the ugly dog adoption agency and here I have a new animal intake form that is a ScreenFlow built or put into a lightning component so you have met my dog Bailey boats I’m going to add this dog here and new inflows in winter 19 we have dependent picklist so these are coming over from the animal record so when I picked dog I was limited to see only the dog breeds so that’s helpful and I’m gonna click on if treatment needed great let’s look at this other flow that’s down here on my home page I’ve added it to a lightening component so this would be an intake form for a new animal foster parent and the top pieces here this contact information that’s all added using to the flow using lightning components that make it a little simpler to add contact info to a flow and we have these cool sliders here and a little little toggle just makes it a little more a little more fun looks really good alright now let’s look at the animal record that I created so for this dog I just want to note I created this through the flow created a treatment plan which is a related record so new in winter 19 is the guided action list that can show you which flows or steps you can take related to this particular record so I’m going to click add and this shows me different flows that are relevant so I’m going to do the vet intake exam pretend that I am the vet at our clinic and I’m gonna fill out a couple poor little dog has a couple little problems here and now that I’ve completed that flow it’s checked off here but on the history tab I see that I started and in taking exam flow and completed it so if I just start the adoption readiness but don’t complete it it all sure shows up when you refresh so this is just a really helpful way to communicate about what’s going on with a record between your staff members and you can see on my treatment plan here that the treatment plan info was filled out from that flow all right let me show you real quickly how I set up the guided action list Oh get whoops wrong thing going back to the dog record I’m going to edit the page and the guided action list is just a lightening component that I dragged over to the page and I told that which flows I was interested in I also want to point out that I can set component visibility now I can have more flexibility in who sees what so the component visibility can be set what’s new is that you can use permissions so if the user doesn’t have the permission to view a flow then you can prevent them from even seeing this component so that gives you a lot more flexibility in your who sees what all right back into our slides so you also new in winter 19 approval requests

you can see which approval requests are assigned to you and your queues regardless of which interface you’re in and lastly my favorite thing in winter 19 now on a custom field you find this button where is this used and when you click on it it can tell you where the field is used throughout the system so is it in a validation rule a page layout formula field apex class or even more so this amazing feature is in a pilot and so to get it you need to contact your Salesforce account executive and ask for it to be turned on okay that is the most exciting part in my opinion there are a few more things that we thought were really cool but we didn’t have time to get to in this release so just want to give you a heads up you can now access visualforce email in the lightning experience you can reference custom metadata types in formula fields you can create and edit field sets in lightning you can organize macros and quick text into folders and share them so once you have those helpful little snippets you you know don’t need to keep them to yourself share them I’m you can edit joined reports and lightning this is just in beta you can use join reports as dashboard sources and on dashboards you can choose the range for your x and y axes so um that is what we wanted to share with you if you wanted a little lightning reading check out the entire 554 page winter 19 release notes but that is all we have so I’m gonna transfer it over to talk about higher education okay thanks Jesse sure just wait for the presenter transfer here to come across but that field reference is really cool thank you for sharing yeah seeing that in action okay should have a screen showing here yep excellent fantastic okay and away we go just have a few brief updates today from education just a quick overview if case you’re not familiar with Education cloud what I’m going to talk about today mostly are updates to HEDA the higher education data architecture which we view as the foundation or the core of Education cloud and not to be outdone we are joined by Stu the Wonder Chihuahua today he’s going to help talk about the roadmap he’s our trusty adviser some recently released items include TD TM updates these have been out for a little while now but in case you haven’t seen these or you’re curious about learning more about triggers and table-driven trigger management I can’t recommend the blog related to that anymore it’s a great piece of information about how we manage triggers and how you can update them and customize them to suit your needs so please do take a look at that we also had some great translations gdpr support which I’ll talk a little more about in in a broader context both of those translations GDP are in a moment and then also program plans in course linking review some of those updates here but skipping ahead a little bit some of the work that we have underway and hope to be able to dive in deeper maybe even have something released here they’re not too distant future relates to that program plans and course linking we have it dubbed here as phase 2 which will allow some additional flexibility configuration and I think I might have even seen something about being able to clone some existing ones so hopefully that will make that a little more powerful and useful also we continue our investigations into other data standards and how we can align better to those this is kind of in a long-term roadmap process for us but it it is underway there’s some work going on there to see what we can do to make exporting data they’re more convenient and make sure that we’re better aligned so stay tuned for more information on those fronts also there’s an ongoing conversation about lead conversion in HEDA we’ve had some great webinars some great meetings that open-source sprints which I’ll talk about more in a little bit as well but what we’re really asking is for the community to come together and share best practices we don’t necessarily think there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for lead conversion we don’t certainly have plans to implement any specific features around this but rather would would like to build a greater body of knowledge so that people who might be new to Salesforce and or new Taketa can understand the different approaches that schools have used successfully in that process so please do let us know if

you’d like to be involved in that we look we’d love to hear the way that you handle that also doing some additional research into what we might be able to do to help with academic programs heat a health check to look at data in your org and some more translations I mentioned earlier that we’ve done some French and Catalan and some GDP our support we are looking to expand the use of pita especially in the AMIA but also laka and beyond so we have Dutch, UK, English, and German in the planning phases I guess is the best way to put it and to further put an exclamation on the point on that the reason that oli is not here presenting is because he’s actually in Paris at a partner event so you get to listen to me talk about heated today so we’re excited about all of that development that we’ve been able to release that we have in progress and some of the future items that we have underway so moving ahead real quickly program plans and plan requirements we’ve added these two new objects and what does that mean well it means that you can link plans and courses and requirements in a more robust and meaningful way so that you can have a BS in computer science and you can specify some of those underlying requirements below that plan and then have that drill down to the courses in the actual course instances so a lot of additional flexibility coming out of that we’re really excited to see that or getting some great feedback and welcome any additional thoughts that you may have on that I mentioned the open source community Sprint’s if you have not been to one I can’t recommend these highly enough we just had a great sprint in Portland and we had some wonderful conversations there particularly as related to affiliations but not just for higher ed also in the nonprofit space but specifically in higher ed we talked to about account to account affiliations and being able to tie those together in some meaningful way visualization of those affiliations and maybe even some reciprocation sort of in the more automated fashion so that some of those get tied together when you when you make those connections so go to the open source community Sprint’s group in the hub if you haven’t done so already and sign up and get involved they’re really fantastic and I would be remiss if I did not note that higher ed summit is coming up in San Diego April 16th through the 18th this next year it’s co-hosted by the University of San Diego and the call for proposals is open and actually will be closing very soon so if you are attending or would like to attend and are interested in presenting please please do go to get feedback comm at that URL and sign up and send us a proposal because we’d love to hear what you’re thinking about and learn about your success and your learnings along the way that you can share with everyone else at the conference and with that I am going to hand this over to Mary for some nonprofit updates great thanks killed so as killed mentioned I’m going to talk a little bit about what we’re doing on the nonprofit team the short answer is we’ve been very busy if you haven’t tried it out yet we have a really awesome new feature called customizable roll-ups we released this a few months ago and this really gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of the donor summaries that you have on an account or contact record so you can filter by whatever fields you like you can now roll up information around payments you can roll up to GA use and recurring donations and this is really rebuilt from the ground up to give you more speed and your processing of your roll-ups as well as allowing you to scale so if you are a large organization and have had issues with our roll-ups in the past this is really meant to solve a lot of those problems so really exciting what you can do here it also allows for cash accounting so if you’ve had any challenges around cash versus accrual in the past again take a look at this in your sandbox and test it out and you know hopefully you’ll roll it out because there’s some really great options there and just incredibly powerful new feature we also released a couple months ago a feature called automated soft credits so that if you have things like a specific relationship or an affiliation where the contact should always receive soft credit based on that affiliation or relationship you can create a soft credit that way so the big use cases here is when we have talked to people they said you know I need to track my board members and they’re expected to give a certain

amount or they have a specific portfolio of people that they’re going to approach so you can go ahead and create those relationships with the data showing what contact role they should receive and then as the opportunities come in and and are entered the that person will receive soft credit automatically so really helping you to automate some of those tedious processes and so you don’t forget because that’s one of those things that we’ve heard from people that you know they would enter you know the opportunity to have to go back and remember oh yeah that this person should receive soft credit so we really wanted to make that a lot easier for you we’re also currently in pilot for a feature that’s coming out and we’re looking in January to release the feature called batch gives entry this will allow you to enter your donation data very fast without using your mouse so you know we know a lot of people want to enter things in a grid-like interface and just tab through you can go ahead and add things and you can do that with batch gift entry and you’ll be able to build and reuse your templates and prevent duplicates as well so it will reward you if there are contacts that match your contacts that you’re trying to enter and it also wants you if there are potentially open gifts like an open pledge and you want to apply that to the donation so that is coming very soon we’re also currently in pilot with feature we call the data storage optimizer that allows organizations with large data volumes to better manage their data so this is really for organizations that have a lot of opportunity records and the related records to opportunities so think about payments allocations soft credits that kind of thing or custom you um so that is everything I think Jessie and and you want to talk about the additional resources yeah we lost the last slide that you just presented with the audio well present just um going optimizer yeah of course so yes so we are working on a feature it’s currently in pilot to better manage large data volumes specifically around opportunities and the related records so opportunities payments allocations partial soft credits and this allows the any but any admin to enter a criteria that they want so for example say shown you know archived all gifts over five years that are not major gifts or something like that and so that would be really easy for you to do as an admin and then you’d be able to view all of our archived donor data directly on the account or contact record and you’ll also be able to restore as needed if you need to restore on an individual account or contact basis so this is something we are building specifically for those customers that have at least a million opportunities usually more where they have just a lot of money spent on data storage from Salesforce as well as having challenges around performance that this really helps them be more successful and efficient so that is what we’re working on and that should be well it’s in pilot right now and we’re hoping to go ta by the end of January security review being what it is we have no guarantees so yes that’s really cool so yeah do you want to talk a little bit about some of our additional resources we have yeah so why don’t know since you’ve got the slide up let me just let’s just keep it right there and not switch back but yeah so we do have additional resources throughout the world we have local user groups that meet in person which can be a great way to get with support meet other users with similar challenges highly recommend that if there is a user group that meets near you we also have a link to an NPSP demo and then the last thing we would recommend is trailhead and I also want to say that coming out in December we will actually have some brand new trails coming out for end-users so keep your eye out for that as well and we have another slide there Mary and

we have yeah oh that’s it um I think we can probably take like one question or two questions I know we had one I wanted to just answer really quickly about performance TJ had a question about load times and while we here at Salesforce org can I can’t control the Salesforce platform speed what I can point you to is Anu and winter 19 feature and it’s in a set up in the app manager there is a beta of an app performance utility so if you go into a particular app such as the ugly dog adoption app that we’re working on in our demo and you go into the app manager you can actually run that and what it’ll do is send you an optimizer report and it’ll let you give you a few hints as to optimizing your performance if you have too many components on a page or if you could select certain like you know the related list component as opposed to details might improve your load time on pages so take a look at that should we is there any other question questions or if you would clarify regarding the data storage optimizer is that using big objects is really cool it is using big objects and it’s also going to be a paid offering okay thank you and another question can we look at the screen about the heated data model again if we have yeah area is that the one that folks wanted exit they want yep you might be getting a slide deck in than email he’s saying it’s the one before he’s interested no worries yeah this isn’t updated HEDA ERD to reflect those new objects that we’ve introduced it’s a slightly different look than maybe you’ve seen before but all the other objects and relationships are still listed there and maybe we could provide a link to the ARD or I guess when people get the deck afterwards great yeah people will get the deck at an email following this way tomorrow or Monday so keeping them on for that and this may be in the Power of Us Hub if you search for ERD I know that the nonprofit success PAC one is so yeah I believe it’s been updated on the heater group yep yeah and if it’s not yellow then another question about the data storage optimizer the question was is that available for HEDA customers – or is that NPS be specific it is for any Salesforce org customer so anybody regardless of whether they’re using in NPSP or HEDA or nothing at all um it will work for you great thank you that’s great okay well with that we are just at the hour so we are going to end thank you so much for joining us we were excited to share the winter 19 releases and please catch up with us in the power of us hub if you have any additional questions great thanks everyone thank you everybody thank you