【FULL】Everyone Wants To Meet You EP01 | 谁都渴望遇见你 | iQIYI

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【FULL】Everyone Wants To Meet You EP01 | 谁都渴望遇见你 | iQIYI

The buyer comes in 3 days You have three days to handle formalities Tell me when it’s done Yes, sir I’m sorry Are you alright? Hello, is this the car rental company? My car was broken down on the way I don’t know why So, please tell someone to fix the car or change another car? Thank you I live nearby Do you need some help? Leave me alone You’re Chinese? I’m so sorry Are you alright? Could you leave me alone? Secretary Xiao, my car was broken down on the way Did you get the luggage? Come to pick me up We’re running out of time Hurry I didn’t mean to stop in the way

I dropped something Leave me alone, please Look, you’re waiting Let’s talk Where are you from? Shanghai, or Beijing? Are you in holiday? It’s far from downtown Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion Do you get lost? Or are you coming to a chateau? If you’re coming to a chateau, you’re talking to the right person My family runs a great chateau Trust me, I’ll make up all these Could you please shut up? Your finger’s hurt President Zhang Well, President Zhang You were too slow Because of the traffic jam Will you make up all these? Great Stay here and wait the guy from the car rental company Why? Hey that’s mine I will keep the painting Give me my car and you’ll get it back I don’t know who you are! That’s mine You will make up all these Keep your words I offered my help How could you do that? Give me my painting You can’t do that That’s ridiculous! How could you! Xiao Congcong So nice to see you. It was a long time Sorry I can’t speak French Don’t you remember? She’s my wife Betty You called her Aunty Betty I’m you Aunty Betty Don’t you remember me? I’m tired I need a rest OK Go for it Is he Xiao Congcong? Yes, he’s tired I’ll help Is he Xiao Congcong? President Zhang doesn’t feel well He needs the bathroom Could you take this? It’s Miss Luo Xi’s graduation work Why is it here? Is it? I don’t know I don’t care Sir, I hope it doesn’t bother you Why didn’t you come for the farewell visit to Mr. Wu? He was waiting for you Sorry I was little I can’t remember Where is my room? What did he say? Where is his room As usual This way Thank you My pleasure Here it is Thank you This was your room when you were little I made it ready But you may not remember Are you sick? Sir Your luggage Thank you I want to meet the lawyer, and sign the heritage agreement asap I’m going back Are you in a hurry? OK I’ll let you know when he comes Thank you You already have the certification documents you need

So, let’s finish it today Sorry. We’re waiting for someone What? Is there anyone else? President Zhang Min, you’re not the sole heir to Mr. Wu There’s also a girl, a girl whom Mr. Wu used to take care of She’s entitled to part of this legacy as well I’m sorry but, I can’t say any more until she arrives Why didn’t you tell me this before I came to France? Who is this girl? She’s Mr. Wu’s botanist She came from China and helped take care of Mr. Wu before he passed away That was crazy He couldn’t do that I couldn’t believe it It’s you! Why are you here? Well, it seems two of you already know each other President Zhang, this is Miss Luo Xi Miss Luo Xi, This is the owner of the grapevine This is Xiao Congcong What? Impossible! According to Mr. Wu’s will, the chateau and everything in it will go to President Zhang Min However, the vineyard and the courtyard will go to Miss Luo Xi Why? It was Mr. Wu’s hope that Miss. Luo Xi will continue to heal the grapevine Without the vineyard, this is a shabby county house This is not a chateau! I didn’t help Grandpa Wu with Xiao Congcong for his legacy He was good to me and took care of me It was enough Are you saying you’ll give up the vineyard? Yes Xiao Congcong is getting better She’ll be fine in a few months Anyway, if you need help, I can stay here for her till she’s fine Secretary Xiao, please review the sales contract with our lawyer The buyer is coming Yes The buyer? Buy what? What’re you doing? Are you selling this place? Don’t you know why Grandpa Wu give you the place? Until his final days, he was thinking about Xiao Congcong grapevine he planted with you 20 years ago And you, you were not with him when he needed you, and you’re selling it now You’re a scoundrel What is Xiao Congcong? Why does it make you so indignant? I got it You’re using it to get more money Tell me How much do you want? I won’t give up my vineyard I won’t give my grapevine to someone like you You’re crazy! Xiao Congcong, do you know your planter has become a different man? But it’s OK You have me I’ll always take care of you Just grow and be happy Miss Luo I’d like to introduce myself I’m secretary of the general manager of Sihai Group, Xiao Zhengnan President Zhang would like to know, well, look, at what price can you assign the vineyard? Grandpa Wu told me his grandson was nice and smart This man is absolutely not Miss Luo, your price I’ll report to President Zhang Please There is no price I will not sell this place To Grandpa Wu, this place means a lot And Grandpa Wu never told me someone would come and sell the place Well… President Zhang Is there a price?

Seems Miss Luo doesn’t want to sell it You’d better fix this, or you’ll be buried here President Zhang, burying me here doesn’t help Maybe you could fix this by yourself Secretary Xiao That’s a nice place Like it? President Zhang, I work for you, I don’t belong to you – Hello – Thanks President Zhang, Miss Luo is devoted to her job She couldn’t have fooled Mr. Wu Are you devoted to your job? I… Is there anyone who works harder than me? So why do you always fool me? Did I? I didn’t It must be another Secretary Xiao So please take my vineyard back, another Secretary Xiao Alright I’ll call another Secretary Xiao now Miss Luo, Enjoy it Miss Luo, please, I’m begging you Give me a price I have to report to President Zhang, Please Enjoy it Miss Luo, I haven’t slept for over ten hours Please, show your mercy I’m working Do not bother me, please I… I’ll buy these, all of these Now you have time for a talk Are you sure? Yes Fine Steven, this gentleman has bought all of these All of them? Enjoy it You’re so generous Enjoy it Your bill Luo Xi, Luo Xi, Sir Alex, is Miss Luo back? Miss Luo Xi… She’s out. I didn’t see her come back OK Get to you work Yes That was close

My key! Where is it? Are you looking for this? Where did you get it? This key goes to the chateau The chateau is mine, and this key is mine, too Nonsense! Give me How much would make you sign the paper? I don’t want to talk to you As long as you sign the paper, you’ll have the key and your graduation work I don’t want to talk to you Give me Not my fault I did nothing! Luo Xi! Sir, I didn’t see her So that was a ghost? A chateau ghost And, where does this key go to? Mr. Wu gave this key to Miss Luo Xi I don’t know where it goes to Sir, I think you need a towel No, I don’t Secretary Xiao, search floor 1 I’ll search floor 2 Yes Luo Xi, Come out now Where is Luo Xi? I don’t know Luo Xi I don’t know Maybe downstairs, or… I don’t know. I’m alone here Luo Xi I don’t know what happened to him He’s not the boy I knew He’s totally insane. No, no, no Luo Xi Luo Xi Did you see Luo Xi? Not here Luo Xi, come out Found her? No Sorry, the monitoring system is broken What did she say? She said I work too hard and deserve better pay What did she say? I don’t understand If you want, call the police. Police Police? Police Police? Yes, yes, police I haven’t paid tax in France Don’t call police Yeah, right President Zhang, you’re wet and will get cold Go fix it I’ll go on Find her I see you Come out This is a small place You’re in the small loft I am coming to you This gonna to be embarrassing It seems

you’re taking here as your home You’ll make Grandpa Wu’s dream come true and take care of the grapevine? The truth is, you want to finish your graduation work Those are excuses Girls in this age really are schemers How is it going? I got a situation I am not the sole heir to the chateau Could we notify the buyer and postpone the signing for a few days? You really let me down Do I have to tell you again how important this is? We did a lot to find the buyer He flies all the way from China to France for this It cannot be postponed I flew all the way to France, too Do you care about whether I have arrived? I know you have, because you’re talking to me What makes you garrulous? I don’t think this is the way I taught my son Yes, Chairman Oh, no Hi. How is it going? I’m looking for this place. Do you know? Yeah, I know, I know You do? Yes Get in I’ll go in the back OK Thank you If it were not for Grandpa Wu,

I would not tolerate all these Nuisance Fighting someone in dream Rowdy I flew all the way to France, too Do you care about whether I have arrived? Alright It’s alright It’s alright Got you You were pretending! Off me You’ve got nowhere to hide You must sign the paper now, or you won’t see that grapevine again Are you amnesiac? Or you’re not Xiao Congcong? Are you? I knew it Where are you going? Grandpa Wu and you planted it You can’t do that Even if he was an old man unknown to you, he left you something valuable, you can’t do that You don’t have to answer now But I hope you think it over before… I’m going to a shower Please get out I’m undressing Please get out The paper or the grapevine, choose one Why do I have to choose? As long as I don’t sign it, Xiao Congcong will stay in my courtyard Why do I have to do it for you? It’s but a grapevine I could cut it down and you call the police The worst case would be I pay for it Are you Xiao Congcong whom Grandpa Wu loved so much? Do you think everything is business and is about money? She who has nothing lives on memory Listen, you’d better sell the vineyard Maybe you’ll profit well He who has not memory is a wretch I won’t sell it OK I understand Hold out and bargain Tell me How much do you want? 10 million Holdup Two words Not for sale That is three words It’s not for sale You may go now I’m taking off my pants I grew up with my brothers They worked in the farm in this way, and they looked better Thanks a lot

Damn it Damn it Scoundrel! Tao Lun! What brings you here? I miss you so much President Zhang, President Zhang, Come here, come here Come on, come on Do you know that guy? Why should I? I got it Luo Xi’s boyfriend Look You bullied her and her boyfriend comes to beat you Do I have to find you a boyfriend? I don’t need that Who is that Luo Xi? Alex and Betty said Mr. Wu hired many botanists to save Xiao Congcong, but they all failed Then, he heard Miss Luo had saved many plants He hired Miss Luo It was amazing She did it Mr. Wu was grateful and helped with her overseas study formalities Ah, my finger Yesterday I carried luggage and got a big cut here Miss Luo cured me and I’m fine Isn’t it amazing? Working on you graduation show? Don’t mention it I’m getting mad Never mind You have me here Well, how about your study? Professor gave me two-week leave I would be with you for a while Really? The graduation show is important for you I must be with you Great You have the courtyard but the house belongs to me You bring your boyfriend here Did you ask approval from the house owner? I don’t have a room left for your boyfriend