Down With Love | 就想賴著妳 – Ep.14 (2010.05.09) [VOSTFR]

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Down With Love | 就想賴著妳 – Ep.14 (2010.05.09) [VOSTFR]

Credits go out to the DWL team on Viki No hardsubs or softsubs please ♫ A little arrogant, a little naughty ♫ ♫ Your style is very hard to guess ♫ ♫ It is not aligned with the audience’s expectations ♫ ♫ Oh, when you occasionally get angry, you play dirty ♫ ♫ Your natural personality is irreplaceable ♫ ♫ I have memorized all your attitudes (your atittudes) ♫ ♫ Look at the gleaming white snow of the north pole ♫ ♫ it has all melted because of you ♫ ♫ My emotions overflow without reservations ♫ ♫ You drive the gloominess away when I am feeling down ♫ ♫ You heal my heartaches ♫ ♫ And make me forget the past scars ♫ ♫ Brighten up ♫ ♫ Oh girl, I love you flowy flowery skirt ♫ ♫ Please do not mind my sweet confession for you ♫ ♫ Your smile is like the warm spring breeze, nourishing the tender shoots of love ♫ ♫ I just want to stick with you and love you forever ♫ ♫ It’s unbiased, never too fast or too slow ♫ ♫ Cupid’s arrow has linked you and me together ♫ ♫ While searching and seeking ♫ ♫ it turns out true love was actually here all along ♫ ♫ We depend and rely on each other ♫ ♫ Please do not doubt this invincible true love Episode 14 Yang Guo, I know no matter how many times I say sorry it would never be enough for the mistake I’ve made Actually I don’t wish for you to forgive me But… Brother Qi I don’t blame you Really I admit that I was really miserable at the beginning, and I was also very angry I was angry at myself angry at myself for being so stupid Couldn’t even tell if you really liked me or not And didn’t think of my qualifications being far less Actually thought you liked me I even thought that You must of thought I’m really stupid so that’s why you used me It’s not like that Yang Guo I know you’re not that type of person I know I just want to say At first in my brain it was all this self-denial of negative thoughts Until today Brother Xiang Said something to me Now I finally understand We both did wrong in this situation He has made me realize There is a big problem with my personality All this time it was me that worked hard to match up to other people Forgot what I really wanted I even lost my true self Like when you asked to date me I didn’t think thoroughly if I really liked you or not just because you said those words to me the things you did for me made me feel really touched So, I impulsively went for it I wholeheartedly worked hard to make this relationship work You are just that kind and cute So in the end I have really fallen in love with you Please believe me Your request to be with Hui Fan was it before or was it after (you supposedly fell for me)? Doesn’t matter anymore. It’s not important anymore The most important thing is even though you, dating me is fake But during that time I could feel your care towards me and how good you were to me That feeling of happiness, I think it was real and not lies Thank you, Brother Qi I hope one day you can find someone that truly loves you Let’s work hard together ♫ If you say that this world is not perfect nor good enough ♫ ♫ then it must be waiting for us ♫ ♫ To make it better ourselves (To fall for you~) ♫ ♫ Just like how love may seem so scarce, it must be (To fall for you~) ♫ ♫ Waiting for us to bravely seek it and find it together (To fall for you~)

Every falling leaf is waiting for a garden to blossom ♫ ♫ Thus hand in hand, they braved through winter ♫ ♫ Every butterfly, in order to take to the sky and dance ♫ ♫ has to first make a cocoon ♫ ♫ The most beautiful coastlines are always those that are meandering ♫ ♫ Only that would be able to make one linger ♫ I welcome you to watch the Love Magic Show Love is something that captivates/fascinates people Among the entire sea of people, how are you to find The right one who truly belongs to you? I am really stupid only cared about quickly finishing it I forgot to get your hand measurements I made one big one small I don’t know if you can wear it or not The stupid one is me Hi, Brother Qi Yang Guo I thought you were never coming back again Guo Guo I just came to take some things I’m leaving straight away Correct She is just taking the things that are hers She will never come back again Yan Ling Calm down a bit Are we going to stay friends? If you treat your friends like this then aren’t your enemies dead!? Ai, Yan Ling I’m not saying anything wrong! He is the same as Ah De If useful, they are loved If not useful, they are friends Don’t say anymore If you say anymore, I’ll get angry Fine Brother Qi, thank you for letting me work here and thank you for caring about me Ah right This I don’t have the heart to throw it away So I’ll give this back to you Don’t say good bye anymore to him. Let’s go Yang Guo Brother Qi! Brother Qi, are you alright? Brother Qi, are you alright? You, how do you drive?! Yang Guo Let me pursue you one more time I really have fallen in love with you I beg you Give me another chance Don’t even think about it! Guo Guo, let’s go! Brother Qi Or do you really want to be with him? Then let’s go, go! Yang Guo! Get on! Mister, your glasses Thank you

For you Oh, no need What no need? This is what we already talked about Oh, thank you I don’t know Excuse me Our family has something today, so I can’t invite you in Then… I’ll leave now Okay Bye bye I’m so MAD! Unless he kills me Tell that brat, don’t even think about it! What has happened? Why are you using “death” as a threat? You ask her Don’t ask me I’ll say it When I took Guo Guo to take her things That Mr Ke Zhong suddenly rushed out Said he has sincerely fallen in love with Guo Guo and wants her to give him another chance that really makes me mad! How can there be such people like this? How can there be such people like this? After swindling you and taken all your money, And now telling you “Let’s bet on another game.” Does that make any sense at all? Yeah, don’t mind him anymore Enough Don’t blame Brother Qi anymore I think in his heart he must be having a hard time Otherwise he wouldn’t have thought of ways and means to be so nice to me Guo Guo You’re not thinking of forgiving him and then carrying on being with him are you? Not possible Right now I just want to be alone Things to do with love, I’m slightly scared of now Within a year I’ve been lied to by two men I’m really scared now Daughter It’s good that you can think things through But don’t rationalize things too far Do you know that there are better people at your side They are secretly looking after you You just have to look carefully Between all these good men Just pick a person that truly likes you and truly loves you, will be fine Aiyo Dad I know you only want what is best for me But I really thank you Right now I just want to be alone and have some peace and quiet Why alone? How can that do? How can that be? Father Yang What’s with the elusive language Just say what you want to say Guo Guo Lawyer Xiang likes you Do you want to think about it? He likes me? How can that be? Aiyah, not possible I’m not his type Not possible If he doesn’t like you then why is he so good to you? He’s good to me He’s good to me, because I’ve saved him once So he treats me like family Guo Guo, why are you so stupid? Think about it, I treat you as family But when you are not happy I don’t drop all work related things just to give you some company and use so much money to search an entire mountainside Just to help you find that.. What’s that? Useless magic ball But, but why have I never felt it before? Daughter You are blind to what we outsiders can see If he didn’t like you why did he use all that effort to be by your side, protect you, and care about your feelings But You’re all here Sister Yang Guo Sister Yang Guo These two brats were begging to see Yang Guo So I brought them here Ah right Your door wasn’t closed So I just came in What’s happened? We were just Nothing we were just We were just thinking Who here loves our family enough to go into the alleyway to go buy us some food Are you willing to? Ok Then that’s great Then you go You go with him Why do I have to go? No, you’re going to buy some drinks back It’ll be better if he has company, ok? I want to go too I also want to go You little loving playing monster I’ll play with you in a moment Quickly go Go Let’s go together, I’m not going I’ll wait for you to come back Quickly go Quickly go Quickly go Don’t mind them Sorry He likes me Can that be?

You can only see one view but we can see it from a 3rd person point of view If he didn’t like you Then why does he use all that effort to comfort you, protect you, and care about you Why did you take the vacuum cleaner? I’ve never even seen you clean I suddenly just You should just fix it. Why are you talking nonsense for? Ok, I know Stop blaming yourself Hey! Crazy What are you day dreaming about? I haven’t thought about anything haven’t thought about anything nothing to think about nothing good to think about Do you still remember last time when we made it to our 4th eating stop And then we surrendered. Do you remember? I remember. I was so full? And then I went online to find the 5th place Actually you can order it online and they have delivery Really Look Here Wah, you’ve really bought it You must think it’s really strange right? What’s strange? Because this is the only one left Don’t you buy it one by one? Just now in the car Yu Ting ate a bunch while I wasn’t looking That little monster sneaked a bite Why don’t you give it a taste If you like it, I’ll order you some more Ok Wah Ok? I wanted to try this for a long time It’s really tasty It really does have an alcohol flavor Do you want to try it? I’ll eat it myself What was she thinking just now? Uncle Why aren’t you asleep yet? It’s 9pm already Because just now at Sister Yang’s house heard something really important and I want to tell Uncle What is it? They said Uncle Ke Zhong still wants to be with Sister Yang and wants Sister Yang to give him another chance Then her attitude just now is about this situation? Uncle Grandfather Yang also said you like Sister Yang is that true? I Hello? Ok Wait for me I’m coming over right now Bye Yu Fei I need to talk to Uncle Ke Zhong in a moment We will be nearby, in the park Can you take care of your little brother for me? We are going to talk about Sister Yang Ok, be good Uncle Even though I really like Uncle Ke Zhong But I will still be standing on your side You must work hard, you can’t lose What’s the point of playing the game if you take the ball without attempting to score?

I won’t give up You already missed your chance I really do love her I’m sorry I know I made a huge mistake But I can’t give up I won’t give up My current feelings towards Yang Guo don’t lose to yours If that is true then let’s have a fair competition Fair competition for her heart Xiang Yu Ping! Xiang Yu Ping This time, don’t hesitate anymore Speak out the words that are in your heart Yang Guo I like you so much that even I don’t know when I fell in love with you Do you hear me? Hello? Hello? Miss Yang! Boss I’m sorry, you caught me My sister is in the shower Those words just now Do you want me to pass them along to her? No thanks! I dialed the wrong number! Bye LOL honestly I never thought that a normally sharped mouthed lawyer has no creativity when confessing his love “I like you” ” When I started to “even I don’t know” Who are you imitating? So sappy and romantic Never mind that Just now, my boss called Sis to confess his love for her Wow. I like a man who is direct He, I like Why the change in attitude You were just saying how romantically sappy it was He genuinely loves your sister I definitely have to support him to the end Don’t you want your sister to be happy? Of course I want my sister to be happy But the main point right now is not whether my boss likes my sister But if my sister has feelings for my boss She doesn’t? I don’t know Having a conversation? Sis..just right now No, I was just asking your big sister which was more expensive, lettuce or carrots I think its carrots I’m going to blow dry my hair Next time you have a chance help me ask your sister Does she like your boss? If she doesn’t then Bring your talent into play Persuade her until she likes him Dad We shouldn’t mess these things up Sister’s affairs, We should just let her decide Let her decide herself?! Last time we let her decide herself The result Attracted one who is totally heartless This time, no, no The idiot is calling again Don’t You two you could just answer the phone for me Hello? It’s me I have something I want to say to you Thank you for your good intentions I’ll have a think about it It’s late, I want to rest Goodnight See

Sis doesn’t have even the tiniest of feelings toward my boss Why are you getting so hot-headed about? Waste of my time I’m going to wash Just one sentence And he was killed in action This is a good man I can’t just forget about this Yu Ping It’s Father Yang You should never ever lose heart You know that Yang Guo has been emotionally hurt recently That is why she spoke to you that way Father Yang I haven’t even called Yang Guo yet Ok, ok Don’t be shy in front of me You… Just listen to me talk When I was chasing your Mother Yang She used eggs to hit my head with But I…I gave her a welcoming smile And said “Be careful, don’t hurt your hand.” “Come, hit me with another one.” See, just like that She saw how silly I looked So she married me Do you understand? I know what you mean There was a cotton swab One day, his head was itchy After scratching, he became a match-stick Ooops. No more cotton swab Can still make it 50 cents It should be enough Silly boy, tell me honestly How much do you like our Guo Guo? mmh? Is it because she has rejected you a few times You think it’s very embarassing So you’ve given up on this feeling I really don’t know how to say How much I like her Honestly, I always thought that career achievement was most important It was until Yang Guo appeared In the past I never realised That a person’s smile Can make me so happy As for your question as to Whether I would give up after being repeatedly rejected Previously, it was because I had too many misgivings and lost her So this time I really don’t want to think so much about it Even if everyone finds out that She rejected me a hundred times I really don’t want to give up anymore Good! Hello? Did you just hear everything I said just now? Mmh Then Your answer? I don’t know Even if everyone said that you like me I just don’t believe it much Why? Because I think the women you like are like Hui Fan so pretty and popular How could you like me just an ordinary girl You’re not one bit ordinary In my heart You are better than anyone else Thank you for saying this to me But if you said this much earlier to me I would probably be so touched that I would accept you But Ever since what you said to me last time You said I’m always the one working hard to match up to other people It’s because of that That I thought a lot The things that happened between me and Brother Qi Actually I also did wrong I didn’t think about if I really wanted to be with him So I just accepted him Brother Xiang

let’s just be like this and keep our relationship like this I don’t want to be unprepared and rush into another relationship and then and make you feel miserable and make you feel that I am only using you I really don’t want it to be like that Ok I know I think you need time to calm down Then we will be like before to interact naturally like before Ok Don’t worry I will wait Wait until the day you accept me No matter what you say to me I will accept it wholy We will always be good friends I’m going back to take care of the kids Goodnight so it’s over? I haven’t heard enough you guys were eavesdropping you guys are so perverted! You don’t mind if I sit here right? Even if I mind, you’ve already sat down Ah right Your sister Is her mood feeling any better? How can she not be well? She is currently bottom of the ninth And batting a three-point walkoff home run What do you think? What does that mean? It means she turned it around into a victory You so stupid But to be honest, there is nothing strange about it My sister has such a good personality all smiley all day going back and forth doesn’t matter if its boy or girl, big or small whether it flies or crawls, everybody loves her Unlike me Should I learn from her? So then someone would like me You’re fine like this You don’t need to change Everyone has their own style Like me I really admire you Admire? Admire me? Admire my love for money? That’s right. I admire it Who doesn’t like money? But no one is as natural as you are But I’m a real penny-pincher You just do what you have to do If it weren’t for our coworkers who wants to take advantage of our boss’s money You wouldn’t say a word Sorry, but I often take advantage of people too Like, I always go to the convenience stores and those fast food places to get free ketchup and other condiments In my mind, this is called being careful with your money and loving the Earth Thank you But not everyone is like you Like him.. He would never like someone like me A fierce tigress Who is that person you are talking about? Yang Duo I’m sorry Can I speak to Yang Duo alone? I’m sorry Zhi Hao Can you go and buy me another lunchbox? then come back in 5 minutes You dare treat my sister in this way

Yet you still have the guts to come look for me? Say it What do you want to say? I know I’ve made a really big mistake Even I myself I can’t even forgive myself But can you please believe me? I really have fallen in love with Yang Guo I can swear My feelings for her are genuine You should be telling this to my sister Why are you telling me this? Because she doesn’t want to see me So I came to beg you Help me see Yang Guo once more Let me have the opportunity to show her my sincerity After you have done so many heartwrenching things to her, you still have the nerve to speak the word sincerity? You aren’t afraid of being a hypocrite? Leave Don’t force me to say even more horrible things to you Uncle, are you ready yet? Uncle take it Don’t want to Take it! You call Help me Don’t want to Phone, where’s the phone? Hello? Yang Guo In a minute I need to take Yu Fei and Yu Ting to their mother’s, and then Do you want to go together? It’s ok, if No…no no it’s okay with me No problem Really? Really Then… then in a minute I will pick you up in a minute Ok Ok… ok bye Thats great! Yes Hello? Brother Qi Are you going out? Sister Yang Guo! Uncle Ke Zhong Are you going to take us to the airport? Ke Zhong! We are going to the airport Do you want to go together? If you have nothing else to do No need I just have something to talk to her about Seeing as you already have something going on Then another day Then let’s meet another day yea I’m going first Quickly sit inside Yang Guo Are you free later? I don’t know If you’re free later on, Can you call me please? I can wait for you Sister Yang Guo, quickly get in the car The airplane is going to fly away I’ll call you Bye Bye Uncle Ke Zhong We’re leaving You two are going back Quick give me a hug I’m going to miss you a lot! You must miss me a lot too Understand? Yes I will, I will too Good Remember, after you enter the gate there will be a flight attendent lady waiting for you That lady is Mom’s friend Yea, Uncle, you already said it a ton of times Remember to find that Auntie, okay? -Sister! What? Although Uncle is fierce and likes to scold people, But he is a really, really good person Ohh I know He’s a very good person No, you don’t know

This time, we weren’t suppose to stay this long It was Uncle who called Mom And begged Mom to let us stay so we can be with you Really? Then, I should really thank your uncle Sister Yeah…?? You can be Uncle’s girlfriend That’s a way to thank him Ay…Have you guys finished talking yet? Uncle! If you’re like this, you won’t be able to woo Yang jie jie! Hush you two! Don’t say so much Forget it! If this is so, Uncle is going to lose for sure Just wait for me to grow up so I can marry you What craziness are you saying Let’s go Didn’t you just say you weren’t going to say anything crazy? You two!! You’re so stupid Can’t even woo anyone, Can’t even woo a girl You’re just stupid Ay…Yu Fei! OH Ok, I know Yu Fei! Hurry up. There’s not enough time! Hurry and go! What’d you just tell her? I don’t want to tell you Say it!!! Well, I don’t want to tell you!! Well, you’re stupid. Yet, you still call me stupid Kids nowadays really watch too much TV Yea, watch too much They mature too early Yea, they mature so early And watch too much TV Scared? Talking like this is awkward How else do you want us to be? I just want us to be like before Just be natural, okay? okay I also don’t wish that every time that I face you is like I’m facing a judge It’s really weird That’s right. I also don’t want to be like a judge She even said so already Why do you still not have the courage to ask? Just ask her out for a date naturally! Just now what did Yu Ting I mean Yu Fei tell you? Yu Fei? Oh That’s our little secret Why should I tell you? Sorry, I have a call Hello? Oh…okay! Okay, Bye Bye In a little while, do you want to go eat something? But, Yan Ling just called me She said at the resturant somone has taken leave so needs someone to fill in the job, I’ve agreed You agreed already? Yea I’ll give you a ride Oh… Okay Thanks! I have to use the restroom Okay You’re saying both of them are chasing after you? And they both know it? That’s really hard to imagine! So stimulating! So interesting! Have you decided on who to choose? Lame Aiyooo…you have to know That I’m very interested in this matter If I’m not clear about it Then I can’t sleep for a week Just don’t sleep then – Say it! – I already said before I don’t want to date I just want to take a break It’s hot to death!! Let’s rest for a bit You have to answer Your answer makes one burst a blood vessel You have two men with such excellent qualifications for you to choose and you don’t want either of them? You only want to take a break? Right Then if you could choose one of them later to go together to take a break Very funny You joker Your head is filled with perverted thoughts Eh What is it? Tell me the truth If You have to choose between them I’m warning you Don’t choose Ke Zhong Why? Because betrayal in a relationship is the most unforgiveable mistake Moreover, he’s even worse than the betrayal In short Dishonest men aren’t worth to be considered It’s like that Baby What do you want? I know I was wrong Can you forgive me? Okay then, that’s fine

But Wait till you’re dead then we can talk Hold on, hold on! What are you doing?! What are you doing? When my heart was breaking, why didn’t you come then? Ok. Ok. Calm down a bit I promised myself I would never listen to his words again Go away! Eh Ling Leave GO! Stop hitting him He already bleeding Look I’m going to get the first aid kit Guo Guo, there is no need to Just let the blood flow This small wound is nothing compared to the hurt I inflicted on Yan Ling I know I made the worst mistake a man can make But if I didn’t make this mistake I wouldn’t know just how much I am in love with you If I continue believing you then I’m a pig Really These words have been buried in my heart for so long I have been wanting to express them to you The more I was with her the more I kept thinking about how good you were You are loveable, not artificial, Although sometimes you were a little irrational but when you were being irrational It was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought about it I really, really regret it Why only after I had lost you that I realized just how important you are to my life Baby Give me another chance, ok? Stop talking I don’t want to be tricked again Move Hurry and chase after her Baby, let’s start all over again ok? I don’t want to! I promise After this matter, It is like vaccination I will never commit this error again Baby Give me one more chance, alright? I am so loveable I do not wish to become a pig because of you That’s fine! I can become a pig together with you! See Hateful Are you sure you don’t want to watch a movie with us? I don’t want to Because What if the show you guys put on is more exciting than the movie? What should I be looking at then?! So hateful Ok then, we’re going to leave first Bye bye Be safe! Love is truly amazing She was just telling me through clinched teeth that Dishonest men can never be forgiven In the blink of an eye, she immediately took him back Yan Ling said Love can withstand all trials A love that withstand all trials Is this true love? I admit She is emotionally attached to this relationship As for me Am I also emotionally attached? Yang Guo Let me chase after you once again I’ve really fallen in love with you I’m begging you Please give me another chance If I am emotionally attached Then when Qi Da Ge told me He wanted to chase after me once again I should be like Yan Ling And be moved But I seem not to be moved, even by a little bit Miss, do you want to go forward or go back Quickly make a decision okay? I’m sorry Right now, I really can’t make a decision Give me a little bit of time I will think clearly You’re crazy! Hurry and move aside Scared me to death What should I do then? Or just go find Qi Da Ge to talk it over Hello. Brother Xiang Oh, I’m done with work What is it? Really? That’s a great thing! Ok, where is it? Where is it? You don’t have to come pick me up I know where that place is Save a spot for me I’ll quickly be there I would fly over there ok. bye bye Yang Guo You, from now on, have to live a happy life Do you hear me? Don’t let your mind wander anymore I hear you. I understand Bye Bye Have a happy life

Hey! What is going on? Did it start? Is this number 9? It’s starting right? How can there be such great event? It’s unbelievable All customers. Welcome Today is this store anniversary In order to thank everyone for their support This store is going to host a event to give thanks to everyone Right now we are going to pick 5 participants Only 5? How few! Those whose numbers are picked can participate If you can calculate it accurately, you can bring it home This activity is to see how accurate your guess can be Right now, I’m going to pick our first participant Here. I want to! Pick me! Now I’m going to pick our first participant Number 9… Number 8 Number 3… Participant number 3 Why? Aww number 3 Number 12 Who is that? Number 10 Missed it by one Number 16 Now that is left is the last participant This participant is number 9! Number 9! Number 6! Oh I’m Sorry, I’m sorry! The line is at the bottom So it should be number 9 The right participant is number 9 It’s number 9 You can see that they are all weak competitors Congratulations to the selected 5 groups The rules are simple Each number group can have up to 2 people Within 5 minutes all items in the cart their combined price has to equal 8888 This game is custom-made for me Unfortunately my Sis is not around But you can only have one of each item To make this competition more exciting I took down all of the price tags Don’t worry, I have all the prices embedded into my memory Especially toiletries But I’m bad at math, what am I going to do? Are you ready? Dummy Ready Set Go! Hurry This! $258 $137 Careful This! Yu Fei, Yu Ting ‘s favorite How much is that? 280 plus 357 is how much? 637 Wow, you are so smart Not really when I was in kindergarden I was number 3 in the nation Brother Xiang, You are good at everything It’s so great you are by my side And this one.. really good Um.. we should Go to the aisle where the items would give us the best chance at winning, what do you think That’s the toiletries aisle. That side Are you ok?… Hurry! I’m good! ♫ Oh girl, I love your pureness and innocence ♫ ♫ I wish to enjoy the seaside scenery with you ♫ ♫ I’ll stick by your side like a difficuld child ♫ ♫ I just wish to foolish rely on you forever ♫ ♫ Oh girl, I love your pureness and innocence ♫ ♫ I wish to enjoy the seaside scenery with you ♫ Oh my! It’s absolutely unbelieveable Good Job! 8888 to the last cent Are you for real? really really! everybody Today’s winner is participant number 9 Congratulate them They can bring all the merchandise home Boss, thanks You’re welcome It was no problem If it weren’t for you during that year This store would have gone bankrupt And plus, you are footing the bill for this what is there to complain about That little girl is so lucky

You are so creative This is for you I’m done This bag is for the bathroom The rest, I’ll help you put it in the kitchen and this bag, I’m going to keep for myself Ok, let me tell you a secret You know this thing this container is actually $245 I counted it as $248 So the sum is suppose to be 8885 not $8888 That boss got it wrong even with a calculator So dumb Yeah, stupider than you OK. I’m going to change some clothes OK Uncle’s red cabinet in the kitchen has a lot of little secrets that concerns big sister You have to go take a look in it Secrets that have something to do with me? What secrets? Hey this small candy is convenient to bring, you want it, you always have it I really brought it Thank god for you or else I’d starve to death Eating candy makes you feel the best Then If I said, all I wanted to eat was candy That’s not a problem I’d definitely send it over, Dummy What happened? Did you buy all this candy? Why did you open that cabinet? Yu Fei said this cabinet contained a lot of secrets that had something to do with me So these candies were all bought for me yea You said you liked candy So every time I passed by that store I’d go in and buy some But then after I bought it, I wasn’t able to give it to you So I just threw them all in here So all of these were bought with me in mind? Now you know everything What is your response? What are you thinking about in your heart? You said you wouldn’t push me Yeah, I’ve said it before But right now, I just want to take it back Say it Say what? Say what you’re thinking about! Yes, I admit In the past, I felt I had a huge chance with you But today I saw you and Ke Zhong Do you want to return to his side or Don’t ask anymore… Don’t ask anymore I can’t answer your question right now Should I be grateful to these candies

For giving me this chance I Wait a second There’s a call It might be something really important I’m going to answer it Hello? I am What? My Mom has been caught money-laundering My bank account is being frozen? Hello? Who are you? Inspector Chen from Taipei Investigative Department? I’ve heard so much about you You know him? So what you mean is that you want to arrest That Madam Wang who is suspected of money-laundering? Oh please, my mum’s been dead for a long time Ok No problem Can you please walk outside You can see cars right? Then use all your strength to crash into them! Then Mrs Wang will take you to see her Are you a pig? Swindling money in this manner?! Stupid! That idiot is still outside walking back and forth Why don’t I get a bucket of water and drench him? See if he leaves then Dad, leave it This… I’ll go talk to him You’re going to talk to him? Ok… you go talk to him You talk to him until he cries And scamper off holding his head like a frightened rat You should go back Don’t wait anymore Regardless of how much you do now, to demonstrate your sincerity, It’s all useless now Do I not even have this chance? If this thing happened to you, Would you be able to pretend that nothing happened and then carry on dating that person? You’re right Why did I not treasure such a wonderful girl like her? I’m sorry To let you listen to my grumbling But other than sighing sorrowfully, I really do not know what else to say Because I am really sorry to her Really sorry to her Actually, there are many things you can talk about Just you’ve forgotten You can talk about jazz Classicism Modernism Even current popular interior furnishing styles in Taiwan Rather than over-decoration, It is better to buy a few pieces of good furniture that would display it’s true value through time This topic sounds like something we discussed When we met at the cinema after the movie Didn’t think you would still remember You’ve taught me once how to tell the difference between a good bed Just using your hand to touch it You would not be able to tell how good it really is So So you’re that girl! No wonder everytime I saw you I had a feeling that you were very familiar I had even walked out of that forest with you once. Looks like you don’t remember anything. Mr Qi I think such a talented person like you You should understand this meaning No matter how valuable the thing is, If it is unable to blend with the style To insist on displaying it It can only demonstrate how incompatible it is It is better to give it up gracefully To apply this principle to the issue of relationships, It should be about the same But Sorry, I have to take this call Mum Mum..First of all, don’t be so worried Calm down, mum Ok, mum listen to me Right now I’m outside

When I get back home, I’ll call you ok? First of all, don’t worry…Calm down Ok, first this is it for now What’s wrong? Nothing, just something happened at home Sorry Looks like I have to leave I’m really happy I’ve talked so much with you Yang Duo, thank you How we were just now Should be considered being in a relationship, right? umm I I I don’t know if that counts How can you say you don’t know? Eh, please Just now we only missed out like a second until we would be kissing If that’s not dating then what counts as dating? Oh, so you’re with another man I haven’t been with another man But But what?! There’s nothing to but about Let me tell you In legal terms, Our intimate actions just now Would be considered tenable within love treaties So in future don’t ever say to me again what but, don’t know, and counts or not Don’t use those ways to reject me They are such crap! But. Again with the but! I really need to think about it Think about how to tell everyone Yahoo! Wow~ You brought so many things Yeah, how are they? I also have talent and, look at this Magic Mop! Good child, not bad My daughter is really happy Thank you Father Yang This time if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what to do Aiyo! Getting someone experienced like me to attend to this matter Of course, it would be different from amateurs like you Really? In future If there’s any thing just come to me Let me tell you, this kind of weird idea Randomly, I would already have thought of loads! For example, if both of you had quarreled Then you ought to send phone messages furiously for 3 days Then you suddenly disappear She would be afraid She would want to find you She would go around to ask others Then you must know You can do whatever you like now Seriously?… Of course Then, next time If I change a new girlfriend, Can I ask for your help again, Father Yang? Of course… Thank you Of course I will not let you off! – I was just joking… – Rascal! Come Sis Um, what is it? When did Brother Qi leave? About after dinner After I went out there to scold him a little And then he Anyway, he left Why do you still care about him? No it’s not that In my heart, I still consider Brother Qi to be a friend Actually, so many things happened recently Of course, I will feel kind of awkward whenever I see him Besides, If three of us meet up in this way, it would be totally awkward Why did you hit me? It’s because you’re stupid I How am I stupid? You’re just stupid The things you took are all cheap stuff Normally when we use our own money we take the cheap stuff But all this stuff doesn’t use our money of course you need to take the expensive stuff This way I can take some stuff back to the office to claim, And earn the price difference Hi He’s really not here Maybe he went to eat Forget it! I should just go home It might seem weird coming here Mum, we’ve arrived Get out the car We’re here It’s been long since I came here

I almost can’t recognize it Son Luckily I insisted previously To buy the house under your name Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to keep it Mum, things already occurred Don’t think so much How can I not think? Our Qi family has such a huge estate How could it collapse just like that? Mum Good thing your Dad has a conscience Although we have divorced, He did not push his debts under my name Left me some money So that I can still get by Excuse me I’m sorry. Excuse me What’s wrong? Nothing, you go up first I’m going to park the car Yang Duo, why are you Excuse me, I am sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop Actually, yesterday I was careless and overheard you and your mother’s conversation So Does Yang Guo know? Then please don’t tell her Because if she knows it’s only just another person worrying It won’t change anything But, if my Sister doesn’t appear at all..Then, wouldn’t your mum think it’s strange? I will think of a way to deal with it Okay? Women It is their nature to sympathise with the weak As long as we pretend to be pitiful, And provoke her maternal instincts, It would naturally produce love I don’t know why my body feels as if it suddenly feels alternately cold and warm Can you hear it? My breathing has sped up I feel that my pupil has dilated Aiya!!! Aiya, little chit! I finally see you again Ah Mother Qi Has Ke Zhong told you yet? My main purpose in coming Taiwan this time is to hope that both of you May settle your wedding matters as soon as possible And I can meet the future father-in-law Oh, ah Father of the bride I have a great idea! Let’s add greater intimacy to our relations! That is, to have Yang Duo and Yu Ping to be a couple how’s that? English subtitles brought to you by the volunteers on team Down with Love at www.Viki ♫ If you say that this world is not perfect nor good enough ♫ ♫ then it must be waiting for us ♫ ♫ To make it better ourselves (To fall for you~) ♫ ♫ Just like how love may seem so scarce, it must be (To fall for you~) ♫ ♫ Waiting for us to bravely seek it and find it together (To fall for you~) ♫ ♫ Every falling leaf is waiting for a garden to blossom ♫ ♫ Thus hand in hand, they braved through winter ♫ ♫ Every butterfly, in order to take to the sky and dance ♫ ♫ has to first make a cocoon ♫ ♫ The most beautiful coastlines are always those that are meandering ♫ ♫ Only that would be able to make one linger ♫ ♫ If your presence wasn’t as far away as the sky ♫ ♫ How would my courage ever appear? ♫ ♫ When you finally come up in front of me ♫ ♫ Completing the whole image ♫ ♫ Even if I had to taste the bitter sweetness before this ♫ ♫ Now only happiness will remain ♫ ♫ Only I understand this feeling of bliss ♫ ♫ It’s beautiful enough for me to pour out my all ♫ ♫ Being able to meet you, know you, like you, and love you ♫ ♫ makes me thankful for every tear I’ve shed ♫ ♫ Only you can understand how precious I am ♫ ♫ It is worth you changing yourself for my sake ♫ ♫ Please continue exchanging my bright smiles with tenderness, day by day ♫ ♫ Until we reach eternity ♫ ♫ If you say that this world is not perfect nor good enough ♫ ♫ then it must be waiting for us ♫ ♫ To make it better ourselves ♫ ♫ Just like how love may seem so scarce… You too can join us at www.Viki and subtitle your favorite dramas from around the world