[ENG SUB] Alice: Boy From Wonderland [2015] HD

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[ENG SUB] Alice: Boy From Wonderland [2015] HD

Uploaded by saaapiiikaa People become adults while they’re losing their memories Jung So Min So those memories that we can’t remember forever Hong Jong Hyun disappear into the sea of the subconscious Jung Yeon Joo From those vague memories, there is one I’ve killed someone, only once. [Seo Kap Seok, Lee Go Eun] Alice: Boy From Wonderland Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki Sign of Hare (the 4th of the 12 Earth Branches), Flower, Blood 3, 28, 24 What are you doing? You’re still sick You hurt your hand again? It’s okay, since it’s a wound that is an honor for someone I love What honor? Why does your hand get hurt whenever you cook a meal? Auntie, I thought you were going to investigate with Reporter Kim. Aren’t you late? That was the day before yesterday You’ve been sick in bed for three days. It’s no wonder you don’t know what the date is today Really? Don’t pretend you’re fine. It won’t work today Hey! Don’t go to school. I made an appointment at the hospital I’ll probably be late today because I have to do some errands for my professor What did that crazy woman order you to do? You don’t need crawl to her. Even if you don’t get a master’s degree, I can feed you You’re starting again. I’m leaving first because I’m late Hey, hey! After you did such a lousy job, you haven’t shown up at school for a few days? We couldn’t find the scripts that I asked to proofread at all The publisher kept calling us all day long I’m sorry I wasn’t feeling well Did you have an abortion or something? What? Kids these days They don’t have brains but have such a debauched lifestyle I don’t want to see you, leave Paju Children’s Literature Award D – 15 days Sunbaenim, what was the most sad memory of your childhood?

Who was the main character from your favorite fairy tale? Mine was Alice They say I would often run away from home to follow a rabbit I can’t remember You’re lacking a childlike mind and imagination, Sunbae The children’s literature writers must be the ones who spent a childhood that remained in their memory So it should be the ones who have the innocence of childhood Unni I’m bored Hye Joong Hye Joong It’s time to go home Hye Joong! – What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Auntie, with these hands, I-I killed Professor Lee I have never killed a person… even though I watched someone else dying. I never killed I’ll come to kill a person… Auntie, you know that W-What should I-I do? Hye Joong, it’s just a nightmare It’s just a dream I have to cut. Cutting is how to make it stop Hye Joong! No! She came I should’ve just gone to Brazil yesterday Oh my god! Ha Ran Please save Hye Joong She used to get up in three days at longest. But this time she doesn’t awaken even after one week I’ve done everything to check on her, but these stupid fools say that there’s nothing wrong If there’s nothing wrong, why is she slowly dying? I’m scared to death Hye Joong will pass away. Ha Ran, Huh? You are more scary, wench Look at her properly. What is this? Are you a crow? Try spending all year with ghosts. Do you know how cold it is? That’s why I was going to go to Brazil I should’ve left here yesterday. You’re really not helpful at all You… If it’s severe, ghosts live in your blood and cells Find the will to live

There isn’t enough time Since she was a child, she’s been plagued by nightmares She collapses because of nightmares, but when she wakes up, she is fine again But she’s gotten worse this year. Why exactly is she suffering from nightmares? It’s because things that were lost are finding their way back What is it? I don’t know either. If we make her return to her memory’s origins, we’ll know Explain it simply The place where her memories started is not here but inside here It’s a place where the wind blew, where something was flying like a tornado… I couldn’t see it well Maybe I’ll be able to see if I eat this You, come here Is it Hwa Ryeong’s story? What? Hwa Ryeong? Flower Ghost? Is it pretty? Hey, you stupid. It’s called Hwa Ryeong because the flowers fall down like snow Anyway, she can’t go there. My mom said to never go there That’s strange Your mom said she has to go soon because there’s not enough time You can see my mother? Are you possessed by my mother’s ghost? How is she doing? – Is she here?- She can’t even come here She committed an eternal crime so she is being wrapped in a coarse straw mat (paying for her sin) Why does Hye Joong have to go to Hwa Ryeong? How many times do I have to say it? She has to go there to find what she’s lost What is it? What happens if she can’t find it? Everybody will die! It’s not only one or two fates that became entangled It looks like all of those fates will gather this year You wench! How can you swallow carrots while saying such a story?! You wench, do you add something else on me while I’m eating carrots? Ghosts don’t even bother me when I’m eating! You petty, bitch You come to the shrine tomorrow. I’ll make a talisman 3, 28, 24. Does it ring any bells? 3, 28? Does your house have a safe? I don’t think so March 28th, it seems right What’s 24 then? Humans have 24 vertebrae. They also have 24 ribs. Twenty four is the number of humans On March 28th, my brother? Regardless of East or West, 3 is the number of ‘birth and growth’ that connects the past, the present, and future. Then what is 28 for? Regardless, the combination is ominous. It’s strong March 28th is the day my brother died There is an old item in your house It seems it doesn’t belong here Have a good look around Was that storage drawer Grandma’s? Yeah. Your grandma treasured it very dearly Grandpa made it If you look carefully, you’ll find decades-old cat hair from Grandma’s cat, Nabi Why? Should I change the storage drawer for you? No 1987- 1988 1991-1992 There’s no diary from 1989 to 1990 1989 – 1990 Ganwon-do (Province), Hoengseon-gun (County), Guiyeo-myeon, Hwaryeong-ri 3, 28, 24. Does it ring any bells?

Flower petals, the spirit’s tears, Wind, the spirit’s love. The pension house, Wonderland Wonderland? They said that villa burned down – You are going to die exactly the same way.- Hye Joong! Let’s… go home Hye Joong, what’s wrong with you? I can’t live without you.She’s living simultaneously in the real world and the dream world She’ll die as the boundary becomes blurred – Diary…- What? No matter how much I’ve searched, the diary from 1989-1990 isn’t there That’s when we lived there Hye Joong wrote a diary when she was four? My Brother’s diary He wrote in his diary everyday I guess that’s not it. There must be something else that only Hye Joong can find there But, if Hye Joong goes there, she’ll have to endure even worse nightmares Amongst those, if she has a nightmare that doesn’t seem like a nightmare, she must open this talisman in order to survive A nightmare that doesn’t seem like a nightmare? Is it a nightmare or not? I don’t know either As a shaman, how can you not know this much? Hey! Do you think the shamans know every principle of the world so they can do pow-wows or tell fortunes? Hurry and put this away. I wrote this without your mom knowing Without my mom knowing? Why? It’s a talisman that kills souls Also, there’s another talisman. She can get it when she’s there From whom? That That would be the person who started or witnessed this circle of ill-fated destiny Everyone died My mother and sister-in-law slowly died from illness within a year after leaving that place The concierge, too His corpse was found in the forest within a week of going missing My brother, on the ship returning to France, cut his wrists There was more There must definitely be another person who died or went mad There wasn’t Can’t I just go with her? She’s never lived without me You want to save Hye Joong right? Then don’t say anything and do what I tell you If that number is pointing at March 28th, you don’t have time to be doing this Your coming too right? Are you crazy? I need to go to Brazil – Then let me take this.- Hey! Un…Un…Unni, don’t do that. If I don’t have this, I’ll be too scared to live. Why are you being like this? Then just come with us! Crazy bitch, I don’t want to. Am I crazy? Don’t you know I hate wandering around You, wench who is scarier than ghosts Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki Make sure to keep the talisman with you When you have a nightmare that doesn’t seem like a nightmare, you must open that talisman for sure – The other talisman…- I know You said that I have to receive it here If you have a nightmare or see something weird, just shut your eyes tightly and open them again, because what you see isn’t everything Yes From now on, you must go alone If you go straight up this road, someone will be waiting for you at the pension When you arrive, contact me Let’s go Let’s go Hye Joong, let’s go home

Do you think you’ll die just because of some nightmares? Auntie will protect you. I’ve done that so far! Last night, I had a dream that I died You already know, my nightmares become reality You died? You said that I need to find what I lost here if I want the nightmares to stop It’s fine I’m fine I’m telling you there isn’t enough time Hwa Ryeong villa? The place that went up in flames about 20 years ago? I heard that this real estate agent introduced that house It seems like the rotten luck of that house is going to be transferred to me Why are you looking for that place now? I want to know what happened there before the fire broke out I’m sorry. I’m hungry. Plus, I don’t really have anything to do Would you like one? Ahjumma, That villa It’s said in this area that unlucky things will happen if we even talk about it If you want to protect your life and to live sanely, just act like you know nothing about it I need to know it to save my niece. Please, I ask of you Shall we go and see the rabbits? She said to eat this while waiting for the cleaning to be done Where is this place? Why can’t I locate this place? My cell phone’s reception is not working either Because it isn’t important Do you not have a phone, computer, internet?

I need to call my Aunt to tell her I’ve arrived You fall so easily you haven’t changed at all Do you know me? Do you really, not know who I am? Then can you hug me once after a long time? ? Petals, the spirit’s tears, ? ? The wind, the spirit’s love, ? ? The beautiful dazzling memory, ? ? of when she and I started together. ? The phone cannot connect. After the tone? Hello? Is this Lee Sun Ja’s residence? Yes, I… about the Hwa Ryeong villa that Lee Sun Ja used to take care of? Hello? I’m telling you it’s all pointless. You really don’t listen Do you like Alice in Wonderland? I like Captain Hook I also like him… hmm… Peter Pan But why is this place Wonderland and not Neverland? What’s wrong with Wonderland? Alice goes to Wonderland, and Peter Pan lives in Neverland Well, it’s not important Both of them are beautiful places Beautiful, my ass Wonderland is full of weird things In Neverland they are all dementia patients Let’s go I’ll take you to your room Never go in that forest alone The sun sets quickly, so it’s easy to lose your way How many rooms are there? Not counting the bathroom, five All the rooms are open, so you can get in whichever room you want However, before entering a room, you must knock Are there other guests besides me? No – When the petals are falling down, no one comes to this place.- Why?

Because the wind blows a lot, they keep losing their way So, when you’re here, you need to do everything with me Why should I? Because you need to find only pretty and happy things Is that what my aunt told you? Your eyes are the same If you have a nightmare or see something weird, just shut your eyes tightly and open them again, because what you see isn’t everything Petals, the spirit’s tears, the wind, the spirit’s love, Wonderland Mansion March 16th Water Does it hurt? Shall we go and see the rabbits? Here Why are you like that? It’s just a harmless animal You’ve grown up badly Are you alright? I’m fine Why does it keep on like this? Hey! Where did you go?

Hey, you wench! Once you get old, you even try to kidnap me now. Why should I go there? Excuse me, please open the door! Is anyone there? Excuse me! Please meet me once. It concerns someone’s life! Aigoo, you’re not helping me in life at all. You’re just foolishly brawny Aigoo, I, who got involved with her I’m the crazy one. I’m a crazy woman. Aigoo, dizzy Are you crazy? She is a dementia patient right now She was a psychiatric patient 20 years ago Use this money for buying medicine Put it away. I don’t want to touch any of your house stuff, not even a hair Soo Ryeon came Soo Ryeon? She is a relative unni whom my mother raised like her own daughter Don’t ask anything else. She doesn’t know anything Soo Ryeon, your baby was taken away again? That damned shaman probably gave a talisman to her – I have to find it. – Please just wait a little longer Hwan, you know this isn’t what we wanted This is right Trying to live together, even just for a day There aren’t even 15 days left until the 28th. If she’s not able to recognize you until the end, you’ll die You can’t live again like this It’s okay because I recognized her I’m not fine. If only she disappeared, everything would be solved You promised that if she was brought here, you wouldn’t cause her to be hurt Alright, you should leave now I want to stay with her I don’t know when you’ll change your mind again Hwan, please Like that, “Hwan-ah…” It would be nice if she called me like that one more time March 17th Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki Where should I start searching? He is Myodori Myodori likes you Look at him. He’s always just staring at you What… He can’t even speak Even though he doesn’t say it, you can tell Where are you going? To the bathroom – Let’s go together. – What?

While you are here, you should always go around together with me I’m going crazy Unni, I’m bored It’s for someone I love ? Sleep soundly. Sleep soundly ? My baby sleep soundly ? Sleep in the mother’s arms Is there really not anyone else here? – A girl or? – What are you talking about? The way that woman looks at me It’s Soo Ryeon Her name is Soo Ryeon It’s a pretty name, right? What about you? What’s your name? I told you it’s Myodori No, you. What’s your name? Hwan, Kim Hwan Hwan When did you start living here? Do you possibly… know what the numbers 3, 28, 24 represent? Why are you crying? Because I’m happy Why… Don’t you know me? Hwan! Dad. Unni. I’m bored Hwan!

Die! All the rooms are open, you can go wherever you want Two cat whiskers, two mouse whiskers This much This much That Old lady! Hwan! Where is the talisman? Where did she put it? I’m going to kill her That crazy human Why do you keep calling my name? Making my heart flutter It’s milk It’s good for insomnia I should not sleep. I keep having strange dreams It’s alright. I’m going to protect you My dad and my mom weren’t able to protect me. How would you?

Is finding what you lost going well? You know it, right? Where is it? Is it perhaps in that room? Is that why you locked it? Did you go into that room? – I told you not go anywhere alone. – Why did you lie? – There are a total of six rooms, not five. – That’s not important Don’t ever go into that room again You said that all the rooms in Wonderland are open – Why is that room locked? – Because there is no key! – Key? – That room, can only be opened by one person Please, don’t go into that room March 21st There is another talisman. You’ll have to get that one, there Two cat whiskers, two mouse whiskers Why are you doing this to me? Because you have no chance. You can’t find anything by yourself What do you want me to find? Something more valuable than your life! Something you should have protected with your life! There’s nothing like that in this world That’s why you have to die I’m going to find it! I will find it! Shut up, and just give me the talisman This much. This much You can’t go anywhere! If you go, Hwan will die I told you to knock. Why didn’t you listen? Let’s go Where? That woman is going to kill you. Let’s hurry. Let’s just leave I can’t Let’s go, Hwan. Please Please, let’s go Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki Okay, let’s go But the wind is blowing too hard, so I can’t go outside for a while I can’t distinguish anything because of the wind The sky, the ground, the living, or the dead Does it hurt? You get hurt so easily You’re hurt, too. I saw you bleeding It’s just a nightmare I’m fine. I’m just a little tired You… How can you sleep in this situation? Why are you always sleeping? Don’t go anywhere. You must stay by my side

Mom, why are you like this again? I left my Bible. Stay here for just a moment! Grandma, that bundle, give it to me What are you doing? I told you not to appear in front of us again! It’s okay Do you think the husband that cheated on you and left you will return just because you pray day and night? When the rotten-luck item is seated on the house Don’t blab your mouth around carelessly If you vaguely mention Hwa Ryeong, it’ll be hard for you to live until when you’re supposed to live If you give me that bundle, I’ll disappear If you have the skill, try to take it You probably won’t be able to take it before this old lady dies Grandma, how did that woman die? You said her name was Soo Ryeon, right? I’m going to kill her Unni, let’s play If you don’t find what you lost, all will die, you and your aunt – What are you telling me to find? – Something that it more valuable than your life! Something that you should have protected with your life! There’s more There were more people who died or went crazy I need to find it. If there are six rooms, there’s one I haven’t been in The locked room That’s right. A small room Before entering a room, you must knock I’m going to kill you – Hye Joong. – Aunt Aunt, I think I found something Hye Joong… Hello? Hello? Hye Joong I’m going to kill her I’m going to kill her One girl!

What are you doing? A girl went into this room There isn’t anyone else but you Look. You will know when you see I definitely saw it I told you not to come to this room Hey! Let me down What are you doing? This isn’t the time for you to do this! It’s a moment of dying or living Hey! Let me down! Hey! You got better It’s a present Myodori and I made it Stop it. It’s not the time to do this It must be uncomfortable You can’t see well in front of you I told you to hug me like this Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki No road ahead When I charge you after this case is done, you’d better know you’ll need to sell your house to pay Omo, it hurts. What now? Hey, I told you already, we can’t even go there Ah, how many times do I have to tell you? Where are we? Soo Mi! Soo Mi! Hey, crazy wench! I seriously I’m a crazier wench for following that crazy wench Aigoo, seriously. That ill-mannered girl going by herself Hye Joong! Hye Joong! Are you alright? Are you hurt? Ah, really! You went by yourself ahead That old lady… gives out that bundle after dying No, wait until it’s time Why not? Why are you here? This is just a hollow shell. Even if you open it, you can’t even see anything No, I have to see what’s inside of here Get ahold of yourself! All of the people that were involved in this went crazy and died! Even Hye Joong Hye Joong is not dead nor alive right now If she can’t find what she’s looking for, she’ll die, and if she stays still, she’ll die as well That’s why Hye Joong has to find it out by herself

There’s nothing that you can do, Soo Mi No, I think that something happened to our Hye Joong Wonderland disappeared and I couldn’t call our Hye Joong Ha Ran, just once. Let’s go there together just once This is not a world that we can interfere with Until the time is over, we can’t even enter Wonderland Where’s Hwan? Stop it Stop it Please, please Find only the pretty and happy things It’s you, Hwan Why… are you there…? Put her down No – I told you to put her down. – She’s my person. You already promised that if I brought her here, she wouldn’t get hurt If you do that one more time, I will give everything up and leave Don’t forget your promise When the last moment comes, you’ll end it by yourself Water March 24th All done What is this? Can I eat? How do I wash my face? I can feed you and wash you Are you telling me not to dig in the dirt? Is there something in that forest? Are those the only clothes you have? No Why do you always wear your socks mismatched? This is not a mismatched pair of socks. I have one more pair of socks like this one Do you want to see it? That must be Look! I have a lot of clothes That woman is weird

What is? That woman will die soon In your dreams they are all about dying You don’t believe me It might gather a bad omen. I told you to wait! March 27th Just stop now. Tomorrow, everything will be finished I’m sorry, because I love her It can’t be helped, because she was the only one there, by your side, at that time By any chance, was I ever here before Maybe Maybe a long time ago Why are you telling me this now? Because whatever you’re looking for, you have to find it yourself Then if I keep doing so, everybody will die Including Myodori So? I have to find what I lost March 28 Tomorrow is my birthday How old are you? 24 years old Let’s leave here What are you so afraid of? Dying? You and Myodori will die Understand? If anEskimo’s neighbor dies, the Eskimos sit down together and talk about that person for one week And then, they never speak of that person again But if you keep talking about that person, they believe that the spirit can’t ever leave this world Even though they remember that person to the deepest depth, the reason they don’t talk about it is that it is the love for a dead person, and it is manners

What are you talking about? I’m not afraid of dying I’m afraid of being forgotten Please, Hwan. You know, right? What I lost and where I put it Of course I know How do you know that? Someone I love taught me That makes no sense All of the people have something that they have lost You have to find it by yourself. You have to do it that way It’s still not time yet Please stop it now Time’s up Step back, Hwan That woman is going to kill us. I found the evidence in the forest You are the murderer You are the one that killed someone Don’t do that No! I haven’t killed anyone! It’s just a dream! This isn’t a dream! It’s reality! Thinking that the memory you want to erase is a dream, is your dream No! No! Don’t come close to me! Let’s go quickly Don’t do it! Look. After all, even you couldn’t protect me Die! Hwan! You die, too! Everything is okay now

March 28th It’s been a while. Shall we kiss? Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki No, no Hye Joong Going to Brazil is impossible, this wench Don’t forget your promise When the last moment comes, you will end it yourself If you end up dreaming a nightmare that’s not like a nightmare, you must open that talisman No, this is just a dream

Everything is not a dream but reality No, that’s not possible Then how about Hwan? How could you forget him? That’s why you have to die Mom, I’m bored I’m sick Dad, I’m bored I need to paint Honey, I’m not sick anymore Can you hug me? Don’t be like this Honey You know I have to send a picture by tomorrow Honey Please hug me Stop it Are you still missing her? Please hug me! Until when are you going to be like this? Unni, let’s play Unni, I’m bored Unni, does it hurt? It’s alright, because it’s for someone I love Someone you love? That’s no good Unni, I’m bored

Nobody plays with me. I’ll play with baby Baby, since you can’t talk, I’ll always watch you I love you deeply From now on, let’s play a fun thing. This is a game that lovers play Hwan, this is Myodori. I’ll give him to you Here, this is Myodori You still don’t have teeth. I’ll feed you Hye Joong Hwan Are you still bored, Noona? The baby is being born into the world Hwa Ryeong Ri, a village where flower petals fall like snow Because Hye Joong’s mother’s illness has gotten worse and my drawing has not been going well, we’ve decided to stay here for a while On March 21st, 1989, – As I mentioned the villa concierge brought a lady who’d take care of the household A lady who says little and only smiles shyly You’ve grown a lot! Unni, let’s play You couldn’t see the front well – Shall I give you some candy? – Yeah Take it away!

Mom! Your mother is sick so shall we play later? Hye Joong, even without me, you can take good care of Hwan, right? Unni, where are you going? Let’s go Let them keep their mouths shut! Hwan Timing and Subtitles brought to you by the Lost in Wonderland Team @ Viki You crazy old woman! Do you think you can hurt me even though you’re dead? – I’m sorry. – Shut up I’m sorry! Shut up! Look properly! At who this is This dirty and terrible appearance of she, who has changed like this, paying for her sins! Your Grandmother This old dirty woman who took everything away from Hwan and me Die! Go! Now, it’s time for you to use Don’t use the talisman for Hwan! Die! Die! Soon Mi. Soon Mi – March 28th… – The child’s 24th birthday The spirit of someone who has died, never dies nor ages to someone who remembers them However, if they end up being forgotten by someone who loved them, their spirit will roam this world while aging The age of rebirth is 24 years, when a human body is completed, with the bones and spirit, and is resurrected and becomes human Hye Joong Hye Joong is in danger – I need to go to Hye Joong. – Soon Mi! Hey, Soon Mi! You can’t go right now You must leave Hye Joong alone to solve it by herself – Why? What has she done wrong? – Why has she done nothing wrong? She lost someone precious to her. Someone who loved her unconditionally… That pure spirit Then what should I do? If Hye Joong ends up finding what she lost… No, if she finds them too late, she must open the sealed talisman. Then she can survive However, if the spirits are sealed in the talisman, even the spirits will die The spirits must repeat dying every day to resurrect Even so, if there is no one who remembers them, they will disappear Have you found them all now?

Even those spirits will disappear forever It would have been nice to remember only moments that were pretty and happy The times we were together, Myodori you gave me, the petals falling to the ground, and this wind sound Are you coming to take revenge on me? March 28th, the birthday I become 24 years old I was told if someone I love remembers me by that time, I can resurrect to the next life If not, I have to kill the person who killed me But both of those for me… were you By the way, why I’ve remembered you, so why? Because it was too late That’s not possible, it’s just a dream Okay No, it’s just a dream Just think that way and forget it Hwan! You have to open the talisman Please You probably won’t be able to stop Mom for long I shouldn’t have brought you here though I shouldn’t have missed you that much Do you know what you did wrong? It wasn’t killing Hwan It was erasing Hwan from your memory I did wrong Do you know how that feels? While I’m cleaning his body soaked with blood every night,, I have to watch him not even making a groaning sound in pain For 24 years, dying every single day, searching for you every night. He says he misses you But you.. Selfish humans like you distort the memories as you please and erase them You’re dying, too Just the same as him I’m sorry Hwan! Don’t do that, Mom She loved me. We slept together every night and she also sang me the lullabies She soothed me with the mint candies

I wished I could’ve done that for you as well You said you wanted to stay together with her, right? Mom will do that for you I’m begging you There’s still something I haven’t said to her yet I will hold you From now on, we’ll be playing something fun A game you play for someone you love There has never been a moment when I have forgotten you There was something that I’ve always wanted to say When I grow up to be able to speak I will always watch over you Deep in my heart because I love you Because I love you Buddha said that Forgive them They don’t even know what they’re doing right now You dummy, that’s what Jesus says I guess you still get confused between Wonderland and Neverland That kind of stuff is not important. Both of them are the beautiful places What part? In Neverland the dementia patients are all around Wonderland is full of strange things Why? The world is entirely full of wonderful things It’s just that people don’t know that because they keep losing their memories Just like you I’ve killed someone, only once The one who loved me at risk of his own life My brother I will never forget it for a moment Hwan, will you hug me just once more?

Hwan Yes, I’m on the way there right now Since I have a business card, I’ll contact the writer directly. – One year later – And after reading proofs, I’ll go directly home from the print shop So they said? I’m sorry ? Petals, the spirit’s tears ? The wind, the spirit’s love ? The beautiful dazzling memory ? Disappeared together with her ? I’ll always being looking over her ? My spirit always with her ? Petals, the spirit’s tears ? The wind, the spirit’s love Alice: Boy From Wonderland ? Petals, the spirit’s tears, ? The wind, the spirit’s love ? ? The beautiful dazzling memory ? ? Started together with her ? ? Find the things that you’ve lost? Hwan, it’s a present Myodori and I prepared it ? That painful love like wind ? ? The times that we spent together ? You ate something ? The wind ? Ah, your hands are dirty Daddy promised, right? I will always watch over you because I love you deeply in my heart You did well Okay, Noona will hug you Hye Joong, why did you put Hwan’s socks on him mismatched? They’re not mismatched. There is another pair of socks like this ? Petals, the spirit’s tears ? ? The wind, the spirit’s love ? ? If the petals fall ? ? My tears reach you ?

? If the wind blows ? ? My love meets you ? ? Petals, the spirit’s tears ? ? The wind, the spirit’s love ? ? The beautiful and dazzling ? ? The happy ? ? memory ? I often live and forget How much I missed you How much I loved you This time, for real… Goodbye Thanks for watching! Uploaded by saaapiiikaa Say hye to me on twitter and feel free to request trans or video. ^^