[ENG SUB] The Big Boss 01 (Huang Junjie, Eleanor Lee Kaixin) | The best high school love comedy

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[ENG SUB] The Big Boss 01 (Huang Junjie, Eleanor Lee Kaixin) | The best high school love comedy

Gosh, how dare you turn on this? Very brave Since it’s on, gotta play something Right? So, what do you want to see? Comedy? Costume? Singing and dancing? Fantasy? Action movie? Or, you just want to see something while making instant noodles? We can give you everything that you want Impossible is nothing But, if you want to see some soup drama, Marry Sue, or, turn this off Because no matter how you define this, this is not a Love story Class begins Stand up Hi, boys and girls Hi, teacher Sit # Head held high, stride forward # # Dream big, break the limits # # Work hard for the future world (No limits) # # Draw one thousand and one fairy tale plots # # Growth speeds up, give full play to youth # # Running, with schoolbag on our back # # Sunlight, goes into our coat # # Fermenting, happiness in a right heat # # Hi, monitor, I’m all ready # # Waiting, the signal for running # # Class begins, my mind is dancing # # After class, we laugh and sing # # Striving, our unchangeable pride # # On the way to the future # # Thunder and storm won’t matter # # Forever young heartbeats # # Head held high, stride forward # # Dream big, break the limits # # Blue sky, green campus (handsome lads) # # Review the new self again and again # # Memory speeds up, give full play to youth # # Head held high, stride forward # # Dream big, break the limits # # Work hard for the future world (no limits) # # Draw one thousand and one fairy tale plots # # Growth speeds up, give full play to youth # SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Katherine, Alina The Big Boss Episode 01 MC Nuggets chicken wings!

White crane spreads wings! Dodge in front, Huskie behind! Dragon by left, Tiger right! Tomato, potato, can I take three with one yuan to my home? Can’t do it any more Wonder girl, hungry? Yes! Eat! little sister, in a blink of eyes, you’ve been such a big girl Thinking of this, the feeling I have is so complicated! Today is your first day to school I must see you off in a handsome way! Make you dignified! In future, whether you’re in high school or college, or postgraduate, you’ll always be my little sister! Brother, I want radish! Okay! Brother, no need to see me off Are you kidding? Today is my sweet Yezi’s first day in school As your big brother, I must send you there handsomely! Don’t you have scripts to finish? Scripts? Is it more important than my sweet Yezi? Out of inspiration? Yes Okay Let’s go Today is a day worth remembering And going down in history And Killing spirit Stop. Stop, brother What’s wrong with you? You scared me This guy is my childhood sweet No, my arch enemy Lad Danyi! Liao Danyi Ever since I could remember, he’s been around me Whether in kindergarten, primary school, or secondary school, this guy has been the monitor of my class Always goes against me He’s a nightmare of my childhood Detritus in my shoes A plague that keeps me miserable Very unlucky The monitor stuff is most annoying You can’t! Study hard! Lad Danyi No! Lad Danyi, this clothes makes you look really handsome! Your first day to school? What a coincidence! My sweet Yezi’s first day to school, too What’s wrong? Bow tie loose Socks not balanced Shoelaces too loose I didn’t notice these because we went out in a rush Sweet Yezi Brother Ye, she can do it Or she’ll never learn it It’s okay. My sweet Yezi is good in every way But sometimes she’s a little careless The new semester just begins You’ll leave a bad impression! You think I’m not happy? Because you’ve annoyed me? Not at all Because as of today, nine-year compulsory education ends As of today, I’m out of your control As of today, we’re not in the same class Today, nothing is gonna ruin my good mood Brother, go to school Wait, bow tie Go Lad Danyi, see you later Wait for me Turn. Turn. Turn Why are you following me so closely? Sticky candy? At the next turning, go to another direction Turn! Turn! Turn! Brother, stop! Stop. Stop. Stop Liao Danyi, stop! What… What’s wrong? I appreciate your kindness But you can’t see me off to the end Back to your own way I’m on my way to school I’m on my way to school as well Miss Xinyi, I’ve been waiting for a long time

You also make it into Class One? Must be hard for you To follow you, miss Xinyi, It’s worth it Today I’m the first one to get here I’ve chosen a best seat for you The fourth line by the window The third line from the front Neither too far nor too close to the blackboard Best day-lighting Ten o’clock a.m. Forty-five degrees of sunlight slashes into the classroom to silhouette your perfect profile Besides, I’ve dealt with the one who sat in this seat I’ve closeted myself with all our classmates They all agree that you’re the best candidate for our monitor That’s unnecessary Isn’t it a matter of course for me to the monitor? Yes Get off, Yezi What are you watching? Stop it Stop it Listen, Lad Danyi has been gone a few blocks before It’s your first day to school. Do look beautiful Sister, I must stop here Your first day to school Hope everything goes well for you! Brother, I’m going! Okay. Sister, be careful My sister is really grown up So is her strength [ Maple Leaf Middle School ] Everything is normal. Clear Copy Copy You little troublemakers Do you know what gives you this punishment? Cheating in the exam! Being late! Leaving early! Cutting school! Puppy love! Smoking! Leaving early! Xue Xiaodong! Xue Xiaodong! Hey, girls Don’t push. Don’t push Behave yourselves, girls Okay. Okay. Okay. Come on Bro, don’t you feel a little dizzy? Yes, all of a sudden Very quietly I take my leave as quietly as I came here; Quietly I wave good-bye, to the rosy clouds in the western sky Liangchen, you’re in a good state today You, too, Meijing, in a good state, too You saying that will make me shy It won’t. Because I was telling the truth If you have a problem with me, spit it out! I can handle it! Why are you running away? Where are the chicken drumsticks you bought? Excuse me, senior. I’ll go buy right now And cokes. Hurry The sun enters into Aries, Mercury retrogrades Disaster! Miss Xinyi, basketball court is dangerous Leave this place now Can’t even hold the ball, how could you play it? This wall is so white

No! I gotta control myself Right here Yes. Great Three years of high school life is gonna take place in here Hi, can you tell me where’s Class Ten, Grade Ten? This is the secondary high school Go across this playground, climb over the stairs to the end. Go right ahead And the building in the deepest corner is the high school Okay Maple Leaf Middle School decides classes by scores Even if Liao Danyi is in this school, he won’t be in the same class with me, unless he skipped an exam for one of the courses My happy, untrammeled, free campus life without Liao Danyi begins now! What’s wrong with your high school entrance exam? Answering questions with your eyes closed? Listening to videos with your ears stuffed? How could you end up in my class? One course missed What did you say? Had a fever before exam. One course missed You really skipped an exam? My word is so efficacious! But this morning, you didn’t wear school uniform I had a fever on the uniform day I picked up this uniform today Had a fever again and again. Why didn’t it kill you? Anyway, the last period of my youth, the most wonderful three years, can’t be ruined by you Liao Danyi Hi, everyone. I’m your head teacher, Wu Heng We’ll spend three years together from now on No more details about me ‘Cause in future, you’ll get to know me thoroughly Now, everyone, please introduce yourself Hello, everyone, I’m Shen Wei I love horoscope and fortune-telling Hello, everyone, I’m Shen Wei I love horoscope and fortune-telling Constellation and Tarot cards I’m Yuan Ke’er My hobby is painting I love everything that is beautiful Hi, everyone. I’m Cheng Ling Nice to meet you guys Hope we can be friends Li Yao! Hi, everyone, I’m Gao Fei My hobby is video games Hope we can be good friends Half of the first episode We’re still not on camera yet You think it’s good? Such self-introductions sucks! Don’t you want something cooler?! Want three-color dried fruit? Gives you a special feeling in this special night Original price is three yuan. Now, only two yuan Are you lonely? If you are, let this talking minion talk with you! It’s time to protect our country How about a gun? To show your masculine side! And regain your manhood! Wanna be a hero? Wanna get back your childhood? Here’s a chance For you to transform! Do buy a soccer to build up your body For our country’s sake, make yourself stronger So, if you’re in any difficulty, remember to contact us at any time I’m Huang Nan I’m Huang Yi This is Zhi’nan Xingyi Corporation Limited! (To know is difficult, but to do is easy) Hi, everyone. I’m Liao Danyi I hope I can work with you guys to finish the three-year study orderly Hereby I request, to work as monitor of our class Because ever since the primary school, over the past nine years, I’ve been serving as the monitor So I have enough self-confidence and faith to completely live up to this position Don’t make him our monitor I’m Ye Muxi Very well Everyone’s self-introduction is very brilliant Now, let’s enter into another session Class Committee election In this session, I gotta make it clear to you guys Every committee member of Class Ten

should be elected by classmates through democratic election Just now, Liao Danyi recommended himself as the monitor. Very good That means he’s responsible and reliable So I hope you guys can follow his example And sign up for the election actively Well, let me see which one of you guys also want to be the monitor? What should I do? Who can give me some good idea right now? Now the entire world knows that bastard Liao Danyi wants to be the monitor! Who? Who can stop him? Stand out! You’re You guys are I’m Mr. Wolong You created me when you’re seven I’m Sima Yi You created me three minutes after you made this greenish stuff Sima Yi, Mr. Dinosaur Please call me Mr. Wolong That’s my last dignity The class I’m in now is very chaotic But Liao Danyi wants to fight against me for the monitor position But if he’s the monitor, this class will be totally over Currently, the world is divided with bad guys in the way This is really a very critical and fatal moment Wonder girl, why don’t you rise in revolt for the people? And replace him? Replace him? Replace him?! Right Now let me announce, monitor of Class Ten is Wait! I, Ye Muxi, want to join the monitor election! Ye Muxi? Okay Well, Liao Danyi, Ye Muxi Get your speech ready back home Tomorrow, see you both in the election site Thanks. Thanks. Thanks What are you doing? Stopping you So early Yes, Miss Late A new bag? What? Let me have a look Come on, relax Relax That’s right Let me see It’s new I’ll be earlier than you this time! School is This way I didn’t expect this Although you were riding in the wrong direction, yet my car hit your Bike So I should compensate you and apologize to you Apologize Sorry I have no time taking you to the hospital Or checking your injury I’m in a hurry to school Me, too! So we’re alumnae But, why did you ride in this direction? School is that way School is that way

My mistake Is this enough? Not enough How about this? Gimme I want to do this thing for a long time Who cares about your money?! What are you doing? Boys and girls, today is our monitor election day Candidates, please get your speech ready We’ll start the election in ten minutes Hi, everyone, I’m Liao Danyi I want to join the monitor election So I’ve made a questionnaire Hope you guys can fill in it So, after I get the results, I can accomplish my job more specifically Now I’m gonna start my election speech I don’t know how you guys think about this monitor position First of all, I think, the monitor should serve everyone in a better way And make considerate plans according to everyone’s academic performance No. I can’t keep running in this way I must be late Girl, need help? When you’re in need, Zhinan Xingyi is always around Any bike? Kidding How could we have such an outdated stuff? Then what? Wait, girl Calm down Let’s go! I won’t be late again! That’s all Thank you Now, welcome the next candidate The next candidate is still not here So we don’t need to wait for her, right? Last question, any other classmates wants to the monitor? If no, let’s officially appoint Liao Danyi as our Wait! Wait! Mr. Wu, wait We have another candidate The candidate is her! Sorry. Sorry Let us do it again Hurry. Hurry. Hurry The candidate is, her! I Hi, I’m Ye Muxi I want to be your monitor I love hot pot And comics about Wonder Woman Well I don’t know what I should say But I’ll make you guys happy My academic performance sucks I have no experience on this aspect Ye Muxi, are you done? I wanna be sworn brothers with you!

Yes, right, be sworn brothers with you My academic performance sucks all the time But because of this, I understand the pressure that we students shoulder I’m not good-looking So no one has valued me But because of this, I know, we students should respect and care about one another Besides, I have no prejudice against anyone I have neither experience nor plans But I can assure you, if I’m your monitor, my plan is to let you live in the moment I’ll support everyone who has dream and unique ideas So, you’ll be sworn brothers with me, right? Do you want to let your youth shine? Yes! Do you want a totally unconventional monitor? Yes! Do you want to vote for me? Yes! Then tell me, what’s my name? Ye Muxi! Ye Muxi! Ye Muxi! Stop! Vote for me. Thank you Students, let me count the votes First of all, Ye Muxi’s votes Four Now, Liao Danyi’s votes Three Mr. Wu, you gotta explain this To be honest, I understand your confusion Although it sounds ashamed, I still gotta tell you the results During this voting, only seven of you voted for your classmates Among the rest thirty-three votes, twenty votes goes to Sunshine Girls Four or five votes goes to unknown Korean stars And some goes to the forth generation Naruto Ninja Turtles And on two votes it reads, I’m Arthur. I’m durable Arthur is very durable I knew it’s you guys! What the hell? So, during this voting, only seven votes are valid Other classmates’ waiver In future, the monitor of our class is Ye Muxi Today shall be write down in history and be remembered by the whole world Why? Because as of today, I’m the big boss Not Liao Danyi! And as of today, you guys follow me to enjoy the life. What do you say? Follow your leadership till the end! Well, what should a monitor do? What? Anyway, it rocks! It rocks! Cheers! Please give me a bottle of mineral water Isn’t this our ordinary classmate Liao Danyi? What are you doing here? To comfort your penny soul? We’re both in the Class Committee now Try to get along well with each other Yes, we’re Class… Class Committee? That’s to say, you’re the monitor, and I’m Commissary in charge of studies We’re gonna manage Class Ten together

Commissary in charge of studies After you’re elected and went to celebrate, we started to elect other committee members And I was elected as Commissary in charge of studies Commissary in charge of studies, what is your job? Commissary in charge of studies is responsible for study progress If someone doesn’t pay attention in class, or draws little figures on books, that should be managed by the Commissary in charge of studies But, Ye Muxi, you won’t be that bored, right? After all, you’re the monitor So, you’ll still keep me under control? You can think that Looking forward to work with you in this three years Big boss This is a world where light and darkness coexist Hope and despair interlock Evil forces are about to rise up To devour my youth In this nervous vibe before the storm comes, My three-year high school life as the monitor begins