[193] Real Time License Plate Recognition with PlateSmart.com

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[193] Real Time License Plate Recognition with PlateSmart.com

I wanted to be the security guy he claimed he was a security you alright sir welcome to studio ready what’s your name well third day at the Ric West show and my name is Webb Wayne I’m with company called a place mutts place small technologies and we are a licensed play recognition software manufacturer now that’s important a software right a lot of cameras a lot of people saying oh I got a license recognition camera that’s great my samsung phone we’ll take a picture of your license plate it’s about the software and that’s all software’s effective right nowadays it’s all about software right you look around cameras you have many many choices you know it’ll be really bad thing and say use my software but you have to use my camera what happened to thousands of other camera choices so nowadays all about software so interesting so you are not proprietary you can plug in to existing camera systems that’s exactly how this company be funded on our is to is to create a technology that is absolutely camera agnostic and will pull it off camera cannot stick I love it that’s a great phrase it helps the history about your company well the company I just started back in 2004 and we’ve been doing a lot of a research and we know that at that time the camera not even digital so as an alleged room so but we know that eventually the software will take over just like a PC industry you know nowadays a laptop is laptop but what makes a difference is the software running on there so we believe the same thing so we start a company and afford first about fives about around five years we’re being heavily invested in your Indies and then everybody knows nowadays you look at the United States place the very complex resigned wise and to take on that task is a very uphill battle so we we realize that and we know that North America is the biggest market from a you know LP off only physical security general speaking wise so we invest on that and we’ll pull it off and now we enjoy the status being the leader in this category go on and being a leader we we have received that this year actually we receive our third goview words planning awards and in that covers this year and 20 2015 and 2014 so three years in row as they are to acknowledge the the innovations in this field so that we’re very proud to receive that on now I see a lot of products every year thousands of right and a lot of times it’s great product and it doesn’t match the name and I can’t put the two together right when I saw a plate smart I knew what it did I just got it right so that’s I want to I want to give you kudos on that I think that’s just a great name it’s it’s a verb kind of tells you what you do right that kind of thing thank you very much but a Kudo and extra company start off with the name Cyclops technology is no big eyes yeah and looking at the you know the surroundings and then we eventually know adventure was soon enough to focus ourselves on the plate recognition so we realized that you know the name needs to reflect that so you see as you see it as a plan and hopefully we’re doing things smart so in a minute we’re gonna take a look at the software itself you kind of see in the background this is the interface give me some ideas of what what applications these used for HOAs homeowners associations I assume is kind of a big one but give me some other ideas on who uses this and why well if you don’t mind to that allow me to maybe spend them one minute on talking about a little bit of a background information why why does this industry is is is more and more embracing this type of technologies if you look back at you know five years ago license plate recognition is something some people know about is something a lot of people don’t know about it right a lot of education needed but nowadays if you look around this you know this year’s ISC West Show floor LPR is being showcased at a many of the Boosters and is being printed right there on the top of the band right now when it first came out people claimed it worked but it didn’t exactly work yeah exactly I mean you know even now with many years education now when you talk about LPL most people still say olp oh is that the pokey you know special design LPR camera right and that does all the wonderful things and then you have to point it in one way not the other way to get the results and the results sometimes you got to keep your finger crossed because the accuracy is not guaranteed well not anymore not anymore throw it out all of this you know so if your software we can use less cameras exactly oh and exactly so what we believe is that security security that the large part of the effectiveness of a security strategy is based on your coverage that’s why nowadays surveillance project me talking about a proud to come in a couple thousand cameras because scattered all over a place now obviously I mean the technology and the pricing those equipment really enables to do those kind of projects I mean if the

every camera cost you you know three thousand dollars you know you’re not gonna do do a three thousand camera project but if the camera only cost you $150 then obviously gonna do that so we we follow the same philosophy as well so by software only we are able to first tab into you know there’s millions of cameras out there second is we are able to control our price point to make it very affordable the goal is to enable this called mass deployment mass deployment translate to much better coverage and better coverage translate to a much effective security gesture so your software is gonna work on the $3,000 camera and $150 camera absolutely absolutely no how do you handle that technology-wise how do we do that well actually I’m I’m gonna bore you guys a little bit I mean we like that we like more inches what’s what’s in the technology is actually we use some some techniques it’s very hot nowadays we use lush machine learning we as artificial realities like just I just interviewed a company that’s doing that that’s that’s the latest thing that’s very advanced yeah so you know plugging a little bit of the technical jargon here you know we use things like supervised learning we use our principal component analysis those are all very popular artificial intelligence techniques are to it to help us to I mean think about every pixel come in you got millions of every image come you got millions of pixels means yeah one pixel is equal to the other pixel right from a from a mathematics standpoint how do you know those pixel those you know couple thousand pixels together constitutes that license plate oh I see right so those are the technologies that learning pixels then eventually we learned that this configuration of pixels equals the letter B exactly right exactly and you hit right on that um this is this the other thing we do things a slightly different fun our fellow you know LPR other LPR vendors is that our technology we don’t call them a character recognition technology it’s not OCR we actually doing object recognitions so what what that mean to everybody is that you know a letter a to us is not a character it’s an object a so that object it could be an object orange right could be object peach and you know Florida plates got a little orange in the middle right Georgia plays got a peach in the middle so we turn around and use that technology to recognize those object and be able to tell the state of oh gee that’s a great agree and if your technology is purely based on character recognition then you cannot tell which state this plate is belonging to or which one country does belong a display is launched so so our technology’s being built since they want to aim really high and really far so it gets very unique because it as I recall when I was trying to price some software and cameras like this back in the day first of all it cost tens of thousands of dollars okay astronomical cost and only the rich homeowners associations could afford it right but it was OCR it wasn’t anything to do with the the aren’t the Georgia Peach or the Florida orange anything like that it’s strictly that letters and you’re right it didn’t tell us what state and that’s the most important thing you got to know that absolutely absolutely and and you mentioned it years ago they’re doing that they’re still doing it they’re still doing it so if you look at it elders are still doing those typically on a market lpr vendors we get contact wisdom while doing the research you’ll find out typically to two camps long as a camera agnostic the other one is the camera dependent okay so we are camera independent they are camera dependent so what would you describe is that that expensive approach are very niche to approach that still there people in a company store marketing that because I mean it is market there there’s a market for that type of situation for that type of solution such as like a toll booth toll collection places where they cannot afford to have even a slight drop of frong 100% of accuracies because people’s you know the Toffees and whatever is my penny on that so there’s niche markets that require this type of technology but the mass amount of market they they are they’re very adaptable to our technology and using the camera they have so one of the things we’ll always say is you know our technology can come you to help you without the rip and a replacement right camera which is very powerful statement so you use this in access control that’s one application but before the show we talked about parking I had thought about that yes great application more and more people want to make some revenue and let’s let’s make some money with parking tickets right exactly exactly one of the things fascinates me is data when ideal was dear the customer going through the projects I find out that so many people they ply that imagination almost limit this almost as high as blue sky what they can do what they want to do was do PR technology so users mention you know parkings access controls so majority of those now there’s still focusing on securities they like right this technology to have onto the camera feeds they already have so in in dish in addition to recording fun a feed now they can get the digital data out of it at a real time because typically take us you know 100 milliseconds which is a 1/10 of a second

time to get their license plate information out and to do the background checks so it’s a new real-time Wow um if it’s not a real-time it’s near wheels yeah yeah so so the day they enjoy that that that the results on the phone this technology in terms of a security but like I said from that this technology because the accuracies gets to the point that like a 98% one-up sent it is very easy or feasible to apply that to that to the feels-like access control so once you talk about accident control then you talking about parking lot management right and in a parking lot man even parking industry is going through a revolution right now what they call it Achilles parking experience so you know it’s not gonna be the old days Nicolas to me the end user particulars to them they can passed on some of the savings to the you know that that we don’t end up a pain I’m a crazy amount of money but you know that’s what the industry is going through and as it resonates with everything else going on you know look at the cameras now is this show what I noticed is that 5k a 4k cameras all over the place right and I believe the price of this for case should dropped very dramatically but it’ll but you know they’re still not a you can’t put it on your desktop you don’t have memory still so some of the devices for playback haven’t caught up yet it’s getting there and right yep absolutely I’m it up you know but you don’t need a 4k camera with your software your software is gonna be forgiving and take a lower resolution camera and still get the job done exactly right exactly exactly to have the highest camera for this yep and a perfect perfect point because I being asked a lot of time to say hey play smart you guys said any camera what do you mean by that if I have a project like this like that right well I said well it depends you know but the theoretical speaking we walk on the images so if you have a camera that can provide me that image and I can do the job now can we take an analogue with the converter and make it work absolutely oh good when those guys asked me I got it you know you know I asked that last year it in Anaheim one of the conventions yeah I read some stats that as of 2014 analog cameras still outsold digital is that amazing well it’s cheaper that tells you how dynamic in this industry is and also how competitive your vision is you know and I know not that I distracted from this conversation HD analog which is another type of a new camera come out right it’s analog but at the others HD right so the idea is embrace the existing the legacy infrastructure so that you don’t have to end up by you know investing a lot more oh yeah this industry becomes it’s always talks like a government application and there’s some states that may allow this but back in the day my private eye license I could run license plates state of California once you do that for specific purpose right and I can get certain information to serve subpoenas and stuff could you hook this into a let’s just say government agency that’s allowed to get license plate data can your software recognize the license plate run a DMV check to make sure it’s a valid license plate and come back with a confirmation the answer is absolutely yes oh I know whether this this product right now can do that right well it depends whether you have that connection to that database and depending on whether you know about how the data gets mapped from you know our words right there or you can do a proper back installed a GUI a graphic user interface right I’ve connected to absolutely so so I would say that that’s actually the easy part and that the difficult part is I gave you you know a millings over pixels and you tell me what’s in there yeah that’s easier iveco part okay now the easy part is really to getting the database connected I mean which is you know no-brainer I originally asked there’s a device going around Southern California while ago that sat on top of a police car and it had like one of those real estate 360 cameras Google Earth cameras right and it was scanning license plates all day long yeah looking for that one they’re trying to find I’m not sure how accessible it’s kind of a trial a basis but your software seems like it would be than what they had because I just used more versatile you know what the pixelation yeah I’m so happy to touch on that because that’s that’s a very a classic debate between a fixed type of application versus the mobile type app right mobile type application that’s where LPR technology started off is that a police officer says you know I need another guy to help me to scan the street you know so it’s gonna be a computer right alright so it’s they call it a more force multiplier but the those tippet those the different type of operating environment it requires a very very engineering wise you know strongly design engineering approach that’s why you typically see the cameras is not a conventional camera anymore no it’s a specially designed camera to put on the rooftop and or next to the light bars and skander streets and those solutions typically coming very expensive minimum of twenty thousand dollars to stand up a car a vehicle now what we believing is that as more and more fixed cameras deployed out there you know think about a city so many cities and launching those projects and the kid to get the cameras deployed at every intersections

so you don’t have to get the LPR mounted on a vehicle you couldn’t just go have you do these rumors was it with a mesh or whatever gonna have the officers to get a piece of viewer like let me show you like like this get a piece of viewer like this and you install it on the laptop and and as the this could be a camera on a bank exact timing by right the camera is mounted on that intersection officers driving close to that intersection guess what the software smart and offset you close to that camera these are the information so we are at the point so as you drive through the coverage through the sin you have constant coverage as as a post without building a new network without building I know you just reuse it reuse it over and over so we believe that fixed type of application a lot more efficient than a mobile type application and it’s a lot cheaper to do that because once you deploy it you use that over though so we every year I asked some people about the technology and I say are we at the point where we have a CSI computer or a person of interest computer remember those two TV shows where okay let’s run the plate boys and there it is and and they you know on see it’s on the person of interest they could follow people through the whole city with that software and track them on all the existing cameras sounds like we’re there almost oh can be done it can be done nobody’s doing a big right well in theory we could take your software we could plug it into a city that had cameras around the city because that’s just what they’re doing taking pictures of all kinds of things and that would work it would grab things as cars are driving behind those camera views is that right you absolutely right why it’s already dead yeah technology is already enabled people oh there now the catch is and to this point I have to agree with ACLU a CEO use being advocating their voice against the technology not it’s not necessary against the technology they hope your technology self and against how to use the technology with lack of supervision lack of a you know access rights well that always happens right so it’s all technologically speaking yes you have all of these reads from all of these cameras at the intersections they all reporting to your locations all of it and theory you can track a guy so what place Mel is believing in that I’ll talk about that here is that we’re not a believer in standing up at nationwide data center like some of our competitors they’re having all of the feats or consolidated into one place and so the end of a track into people you know Big Brother I think one place is a bad idea agree right what we believing is that we have a technology we have product we’ll give it to those responsible organizations like the law enforcement agencies or statewide you know fusion centers their spot responsible for that and it also give them tool so they can built a proper access rights a proper supervision all of that a proper audit trail off that so that time that tool gets properly used not being abused right so so that’s what we believe in we’re hands off from a so called a national data manager I’m a little to allow them to build their mini data centers that is wholly owned by them right now why would the ACLU be against this and by the way they get it right sometimes right I’m gonna surely get it right on this because this is in the public we’re driving on a public street in a car there’s no expectation of privacy if I was a police officer standing there I could run your license plate why is this different having a camera why do they what’s their comp while we’re being being a being a vendor and love to have more projects in a more sell out there right but I have to agree that the license plate information is public so there’s no no no no your I can’t publicly get your license plate information who you are but I can see it that’s exactly what I’m going yeah who you are is a huge different there’s a huge difference from what do you have so the license plate gotta ABS you want to throw a license plate on the back of your vehicle everybody sees it there’s no privacy on that you have no rights of hiding it but from there who you are like having to DMV information find out who you are okay that means you should not be made publicly easily accept so when I was about to do you know supervision yeah when I just wonder cop I would drive down the street and I might run a license plate but usually I ran it because I was gonna stop the car because I had probable cause or it’s gonna give you a ticket yeah I didn’t usually randomly run license plates if you had a hunch something was funny like license plate light is out or the guy looked like he you know what’s a criminal you could run it and sometimes comes back stolen right so I get it now I can see what you’re saying cuz this software your software with the interface and the DMV yeah can run every single license plate all day long they can’t they can’t believe somebody organization is you know yeah provided they have that rights to do that and they can’t they can’t and now the other interesting thing is going back to the the argument on mass deployment because you know law coverage the better off we have something as a product feature offered by place mod is called a placement network shade again placement network okay which is a peer-to-peer connected relationships what it does is that say the law enforcement they have a

installation of this fixed application so that it can tap into any cameras they have but also they reach out to forge a public-private relationship with say HOAs those HOAs also have their product from play smarter they run their own thing their own their data but they have the only interest of knowing who you know who’s on side was not or whatever but in the same time through this placement network connection the private side can’t connect to the public side which is law enforcement and a little law enforcement to get a copy of that plate information and run through whatever the database they have okay so it’s a much heightened security for the private side right so the private side is benefiting greatly from that right because now you get to know you know what it is a criminal on your property on the public side on the law enforcement side it benefits them as well because they don’t have to spend more money to replicate another camera to put it out the HOAs or put out the labeling or shopping malls or credit union branch offices whatnot because those private entities they’re having interest to stand it up but in the same time they’re helping the long haul right to do the job now let’s talk about recognition there’s 50 states 50 license plates by the way there’s more california has at least 10 license plates now one of them is the old black and yellow but when I was a kid right there but going back to that and there’s no California you know illustration on there there’s no reference to California it’s just black and yellow right yeah so that kind of plate in the dark might be really hard to see how does your software handle that um I gotta ask the quite a few times at the show today not today idea the last couple of days about this new California license the old new place I don’t know why they design that but okay so earlier I mentioned the license plate solution why is that we got two camps ones depend on the camera or depending on the hardware the other ones us right right so those depending on the hardware they usually utilize a technology called infrared right so they’re using fret shine it out and hopefully the plate reflects back and they can focus on a plane and to do their OCR right in this case the new California plate it doesn’t work because that yellow carrot that yellow our paint they you know I don’t think the yellow reflects it’s not reflective at all so in that case they their technology is going blind regardless throughout the day you know day or night what we want is a it’s different even the day is difficult because even during a date they still rely on that ink for rap goes out and gets reflected back right now our technology today is a purely just use natural light visible lights visible so in that case we still function okay it’s a black background yellow lettering on top no problem at all now once you know they are it’s not all see a pixel so same technology you know will report the artists they jurisdictions all the other things also the vehicle makes and I’ll touch on that as well so during the day we have no problem now during the night there’s no visible light anymore so we do have to rely on the infrared in that case with will face the same situation okay right now we have so many applications like hospitals or HOAs they say you know what don’t worry about it at night I’m not gonna use IR I’ll just be from beef on my lighting get you know like casinos they just beefed up the line that’s true that’ll make the place just as if it’s daylight day in that case we have no problem just keep going I think I I know exactly why California did that because California doesn’t want you look at their license plates okay don’t worry you some strange I think it’s about hopefully that remains that as a vanity place only like you’re gonna get more bad guys one tenth of a 110 guys moved to California can’t see my plate well be killed for dead if you started using the yellow plates that’s right that means you got something you want to hide so you want to take a look at the at the interface here so now if you guys are listening to this on on a podcast you want to go to youtube then you can actually log in and see the interface for this I’m gonna zoom the camera in a little bit and what I’ll do is I’ll describe for my podcast listeners what we’re seen well what I’m looking at is a very simple user interface I have two two screens left and right of center and on the right hand side I have my data fields of the plates that are being scanned the source of the data the date and time the make in the state and then down below I have some alerts look to me like maybe that’s maybe hit on a stolen plate or something like that or yeah we’re just a made up sure absolutely okay so go ahead mock us through this okay so what you see here is actually um it’s a very good demonstration of how our technology works so basically these two we just what we did is it we went out there on the street it will record it and then we use a camera simulation software so that that we can we can now we can do that at the show right the show doesn’t have us you know the internet connection is forced to tap into a live camera but from the software standpoint it is as as real as if it’s off a real real camera so so the software here is basically establishing a video connection to the camera and analyze the video

by doing the image grabbing so we could grab the images at a very fast rate say 25 frames per second or we can do a 5 frames per second you know depending on your project again you know over their slow speed versus a well then I translate to a car driving by how fast a car driving by you know if a car driving by on it like for the left hand side at the 50 miles kind of situation our software need to operate at about 25 frames per second so that we don’t miss any cars you know but for HOA traffic or garage entry traffic and those are like 5 miles 10 miles max you can do as low as a 5 frames per second so the frame rate translate the data load into media into the system so a car going about 25 30 miles an hour you can catch it or catch them as no problem what’s the highest speed of a car we can do a again we use a conventional camera so we’d only use a specially designed camera so we can go as high as like 80 miles on rallies no problem okay and again conventional camera sure come on probably max of $1,000 camera job right yeah very good so the other thing interesting is that we actually revealed at this show is the HD ng the high definition engine so this is a good good comparison between a high-definition and standard-definition there’s a huge difference on that again go to the YouTube page to take a look at this but there’s a significant difference I can you know I can make out the one on the right but I can clearly see at a greater distance the license plate on the left absolutely I believe it not that this is a camera that is howling at how HD is that this this is not even that HD it’s a 2 megapixels I didn’t look to ever 1080p yeah 1080p resolution now think about as a 4k camera now with tangy Piatt we can establish the camera view like this wide with a 4k the camera view could be extended all the way out to here right and we still doing help yours so you got the multiple lanes of coverage out of a Wang camera oh yeah is it because they’re tending such a wide screen yeah and if you have a 4 Lane 5 line six-lane highway your grab let me ask you that how do you grab a freeway with 10 cars going by 50 miles an hour can you do it yeah we can do that but the technology can do that and in that case it’s probably what kind of a CPU you have or how long you can bear to wait for that because I mean I mentioned earlier we do a hundred milliseconds to process that and come back with a results right but if you gave me a 4k it may take you know 30 seconds to come back so penny on day out the application yeah you know if you can afford to do that then then you but in theory yes most places aren’t doing a freeway they’re doing a parking lot and event homeowners association that kind of things right record-keeping zone collections and some offline analysis and whatnot and and and our technology keeps evolving so we understand you know 4k represents a huge data load it’s gonna translate to longer processing time but again we own this technology so we know how to do it so one of the things on my roadmap is what we can do to speed it up right you know we’re gonna do a lot of a creative ways to speed it up so soon enough so enough you’re gonna see a 4k imagery life view and license plate popping up at real-time Wow dad I can I can promise I like this user interface who is a typical end user of this interface I’m thinking a guard at a property maybe a God of property actually we this is a software that we designed for a police officers use in a car so because they really they need the real interactions yeah between the software and the results so that they can work on si if it’s a stolen car and pops up on the screen so they can put in their nurse you know what they do was right but forty-year situation you describe the the HOAs private properties or corporation’s facilities those type of situation we we actually have another product which is having a lot more attractions this is called a fixed application okay so a fixed application you look at here this is where cameras being connected to the system very easy online ten side so this looks for people on the podcast this looks like a Windows Explorer menu yes rectory very simple right then the right-hand side we have a split screen camera on top camera on bottom right capturing things they drive by yeah yeah exactly so it’s it’s a design to bear that enterprise quality so that means it can scale unlimited so you know we we just want a contract with a New York City to do more than 200 lines so that based on what I know is so far the largest LPR deployment ever in this industry you know going back to mass deployment because this is such a good case study so that always play smart technology use conventional camera much lower deployment cost that Canyon neighbor I’m asked upon and that’s gonna be you know at least fifty percent of everything that’s out there right now until Verde catches up with HD I would love it with lobbyist and long it is it there’s a company did their market research on that they say right now at least global wise more than two hundred million cameras out there why more than twenty minutes so if we can manage to

tab onto even one percent of that right that’s huge that’s amazing now I always I ask this question what’s on the drawing board if you can tell us what’s on the drawing board where you going with stuff you got something that’s the latest greatest next level on this thing yeah oh we do I’m the guy never stopped and I don’t know why but I guess is passion driven so my roadmap I’ve always been to always keep stretching down road so I can uh you know at this show it’s it’s all company traditions that at IC West annual basis will always introduce something new something very exciting and juicy in terms of you know improving this technology so we’re working on something else that is gonna we understand our technology can be used by many many many other places so recycle security right like I said the imagination you know goes as high as the sky so we’re gonna put our technology to the cloud and it’s run around off of that as a SAS as a service Oh interesting so data we can enable other businesses other sectors that a week we don’t even know if they need to LP ah they can have that that’s right it’s always your imagination is one thing mines are different and they’re probably people that might watch this and say I can use this software and you don’t even know who they are yet that did that type of business you weren’t aware of it right exactly and just like you know Microsoft and they have SDKs so that that enables so many business applications of software is being being written off it and some of us they don’t even know right so we like to see that so that we can build a ecosystem around place more so that the we you know we can take this technology wonderful technology to benefit other industry now I’m gonna ask you a wild question here why can’t you your company why can’t plate smart do facial recognition with this technology um one we want to be focused and okay being focused because doing license plate recognition itself is enough of a task um so many different technologies in facial it’s it’s uh I was slightly different okay and but I do we do have that talent that can get us into the facial as a matter of fact that we have a project which is right now is kind of like an under-the-radar but not anymore right was this so we’re all working on that the facial side because we believe we proven ourselves that we can pull this off our talent our technology should be able to get us into the facial work and the facial words so far is still just like the early stage of the LPR world it’s it’s controlled by the few companies right and it not widespread and usually not that cheap so we’re like replicate a word a story very good but it’s not perfect still I mean not never is but it’s getting there it’s a lot better than ones ten years ago yes so I wrote Maps and the other one that we’re working on is that we like to offer this as to to as many organizations individuals as possible so we’re gonna we’re working on a cloud model model so that we can put this services and this technology on the cloud so that they enable organizations very easily to sign up and it use the soap and you have no restrictions as the seller talked for this to private sectors public sectors businesses that kind of thing right I mean we can sell to anybody right now we have I mean we have no restrictions about that when we do business were very conscious on how they want to use this technology right what at that fall and that’s why as a part of the the product feature we have audit functionalities we have very stringent access control rights so that you know if you don’t have your login account doesn’t have that level you’re not gonna see that part of the product now you mentioned machine learning I’m do we have analytics on the software in other words if I’m the garden I get a pill to bathroom when I wasn’t watching the screen I might have missed something can we run reports and say show me an anomaly show me a play it comes in every Tuesday that I didn’t know about you hit another right wonderful points I hope you are my team because it’s it’s very natural once we overcome the hurdle of recognition recognition technology such as this becomes a mutual becomes very predictable very natural next thing is what I do is you have so much data it’s right give me all kinds of dopes right now yes I’ll keep that as a record ok so I can pull back say laughs you know yesterday two o’clock in the morning who shows up on my on my side yeah you can do that but the analytics is where this company is definitely going to and we believe you know from industry to industry they have very specific needs for analytics tell you what say casino because you know they have a need they may have a need to say what are those demographics behind those vehicles the stage carries you know different states whatnot and can I use your analytic technologies analytics technology to have some kind of a predictions for me say you know next year you know usually you say you know from February to March that’s the peak time you know I that

peak time offer VIP guys sure I need to line up on more resources and get ready for that those kind of things so we believe as we collect as technology collect more data that’s gonna enable us to to get those analytics component out so tell your story so we’re at Disney I was a designer ran security there for a while and one day we used to have guards write down logs write down things that look suspicious just a hunch on a paper log so one day I’m revealing the logs and I see at every gate and we had about well I don’t know ten gates between five or six properties right I saw the same license plate at each gate throughout the city and we talked about priests night I’m talking one location with ten gates I’m okay you know eight properties of ten gates right and we found out from one officer that this car was taking photographs of the studio right and this just kind of when the Gulf War was kind of you know coming to a peak and stuff pencil nervous and I would have loved to have something like this that told me when that license plate showed up at the second gate not the tenth gauge because that’s tomorrow now and I missed him and I might have been will catch him in in in ress and stop what he was doing right so I can see this being used as an analytical tool that way seen parks hey listen I got the same license plate that shows up every single day who goes to the park every single day ah maybe somebody doing a surveillance right so again I don’t even need to know whose license plate that is from a company point of view because I’m going to call the cops let them figure that out but I need to know that I have multiple appearances of one car what if I have multiple appearances of one license plate that’s on five different cars then because your software is capturing the make right you hit a ride on right or what’s important oh I mentioned earlier that the video but the analytics component is is something has to be developed so car comprehensive and also so adaptive to that particular market right up to that particular business so you know I use a casino as an example here use the others theme parks they have different business model they have different the interest and you know how we as a company to figure out a component that is gonna deliver the ultimate value to them I will say the only way to do that is sit down with them okay so we invite you can actually do it all of you guys if you have an interest to approach us we have a sit down so that we have something to start off with but we ultimately need to understand your needs so that we come up that analytical so you could sit down and say I’m a theme park and you’ll write some code for make that happen that’s the best way to do it’s gonna be customized to the location yeah exactly so that’s all our business plan as far as engaging at a customer at a consulting basis so that because we can’t foresee we can’t know every industry that’s true right so right and we should all like to focus the company to be a technology company so that we do exceptional well but in the meantime we definitely open on saying sit down with us let’s understand what you know what do you need mr. Wang president plate smart technologies license plate recognition this has been a really fascinating conversation I love this product I love the name and I wish you guys well and you’re welcome to come on stir to get ready or anytime you want yeah it’s a pleasure oh by the way I’m a chief technology officer Oh chief technology officer that’s even better to techie all right very nice thanks coming on the show well thank you very much for the opportunity thanks thank you