How to make a Dungeon Corridor Tutorial Unreal Engine 4

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How to make a Dungeon Corridor Tutorial Unreal Engine 4

project is making a dungeon corridor yay it’s not going to be big it doesn’t have to be pretty it just has to work and that includes lighting so if you get the lighting right inside the dungeon you’re gonna do good first thing delete the sky go waste guy dude you need to get deleted away see there’s a problem with OS X you really move to an event event select Oh well we’ll just do this we’re gonna turn off that and the light source in the atmospheric fog we can don’t see a thing no we can keep the light source on because we do have to see so now that we have this dark area we’re gonna need to do is be precise about where we place things and about the shadows and things like that just turn off cast shadow for the ground parts because we do not want any glitches or weird things going on so when we start to play give me a second here you port of course everything else is going to be visible including the light but as you can see this corridor is long enough currently for us to play it now we need to add some pillars a few pebbles stones things like that now I have none of my original content with me so we need to rely on what we already have built in on the starter kit so right now we’re in the architecture folder and there’s usually no windows or anything inside so we use the 400 by 400 for that so we’re also going to be using the 400 by 400 wall just to get everything situated and to make sure that it’s all lined up perfect we’re gonna need to change our perspective to the top view so just like and it seems to be dead-on to be honest so click it again we need to add enough walls that it goes all the way over and we’re not stretching any of our walls because if we do that well the UVs are not going to be properly displayed and there should be enough walls to completely fill the section now copy all of these by well I’m on OS X so you just have to hold the windows button but on Windows you hold the ctrl button then you hold alt and you pull down sir we have those next we’re gonna have to select everything all at once and that and extend the corridor this way and extend the cord over this way okay now we’re gonna go back to perspective and we need to click these walls even if they’re all perfectly aligned they’re still gonna have the shadow issue and it is good for some things to have shadows but not things like this because they could cause things to look a little bit wonky and we do not want wonky now we’re going to be deleting one of these walls to make way for an entranceway and this entranceway is going to be another corridor that we’re able to go down so there you have it now some things like this these are anomalies they can sometimes happen and that’s completely fine we can let them happen and we can hope to go out that I can get rid of edit/delete and it said the delete button it says the delete button can delete things but it never does delete anything yes does this have a shadow on it no it does not okay now we got the corridor made

we start here at the end this is a wall start here so imagine you’re in a dungeon you’re starting off right here we got no pillars we got no extra crap so just walk down all the way up no issues okay but we’re gonna need to add some pillars of course and peller’s usually in dungeons are lined up so once again go to the top perspective line it up bring it down just like that right there and once again we’re going to go to perspectives so there you go – perfectly lined up holes pillars whatever poles pillars st. crap that we do have textures that we could use because I am going to be applying some materials to this one in dungeons there’s usually cobblestone so we’re gonna be well there’s not usually cobblestone but there is walkway textures and that’s what this is going to be so we’re gonna add does that or yeah we’re gonna add this there we go so now we have textures that these are a bit too small of course so what we’re going to be doing is this bump offset this is to make it look like it’s all 3d and whatnot that goes there one point one one by one I just want to make it a little bit bigger and if that makes a bigger well we completed a job and if not I feel that life whatever I like the way it looks now what we’re going to be doing is we’re maybe taking all of these and bringing them up we’re going to need a roof that and bolts drag I think I nailed it did I nail it nope not yet just trying up a little bit more right there we do not want any textures being flashing in and out they cannot collide or else you’re gonna get weird lighting happening as you can see there’s no weird lighting going on in here so we’re good for that okay about the roof go to on that note and let’s add the rock basic for this one just like this like that same so now we have a rocky ceiling and of course we’re going to need to add old stone bricks because this is a dungeon after all so to do that we’re just going to click all of these bad boys now this is not a super professional tutorial so there should be no need for whining this is just setting up the basics okay and by the way sometimes selecting everything including a texture on does not always fully work and sometimes you have super glitchy controls just like the ones I have right now I’m on OSX and if you want proof of that well there you go and you don’t want the same brick

texture on the these guys right here instead what you’re gonna want to do is find something that’s fitting like that that’s fitting that just works I like that one better okay and once again now these do look like dirty old brick walls someone’s pissed on them so it’s perfect now inside dungeons there’s always debris there’s broken objects there’s everything like that so you want to fill in and make it look as authentic oh you know as nice as possible while also being as grungy as possible and hit play like that now we’re going to need to the wall right here I’m gonna just go like that I’m going to go up and we’re going to rotate this by 90 not exactly what I wanted on that 90 maybe this 90 yeah that night you see the glitches I’m talking about that was to be dealt with now we need to get rid of the light source and from here on in you are being suggested to work in on lit mode if you need to just to get a more dungeon-like feel and I’m going the right way see that this thing needs to be all the way down here but we want to be able to start right here so you want to start by the back wall you see we can’t go anywhere all right now we need to clone these so we need to go in top mode that doesn’t need to be perfect just imagine that so most these pillars were already replaced anyway fix these two all right and we’re gonna continue onward now I know you’re probably thinking when are we gonna make another corridor chillax dude we’ll get there look at that that is something worth looking at don’t you think very nice so far good start so we have this place built and now we need to select a certain wall you notice that these two are kind a little bit close together click this wall and shrink it this way like a boss see that that’s her new

corridor and sometimes and is this one you think that some other things over there’s always a snazzy idea it’s that one pop it over using the snap it’s gonna go behind there turn the snap off in space there you have it look at that no you know those pillars are sticking all the way up you don’t need to worry about that we’re gonna delete this because well as you know the delete button does not work there’s another del button though now the del button does not work either No okay whatever we’ll leave it so these are next to corridors and if we really wanted to we could also shrink this over but I don’t really care about the logistics of things go back to architecture grab a 400 by 400 sweet yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna add it and delete this because let’s be honest that just does not look right and we’re going to just there we go that’s good and this with this we’re gonna move this pillar right through there just push it back one move it again that’s right in like that perfect as long as it does not overlap to the point where we’ve got issues you’re good to go so now we have our wall we have our doorway and our doorway needs to have the same material that our wall does like that now it blends in look see that you don’t even notice it’s not a part of anything and we’re going to do the same here so we’re going to delete this okay we’re going to move this over here we’re gonna take this guy we’re going to Ulta pull now we have two extra ways to go okay so you guys can choose what you’re gonna do down that way okay blends does it blend it lends now let’s add the lights so we’re gonna go we’re gonna go into lit mode and we need to add flickering lights but right now we don’t have any flickering lights so we’re just gonna add a point light right here okay and we’re just gonna bring these down as we go having them a lot farther than they should be just so there’s gaps of darkness between because we want to give that dungeon-crawler feel see we got well I need to fix this one because it’s not far enough see these gaps of darkness okay and put the last one right there now we are going to delete this one if people ever work all right there you go let’s hit play and see what we get now that is an awesome-looking feel

and when we come across these ways we’ll be able to go through there and there but as of right now they are not lit up so you know now if we wanted to we could take these and instead use torches in place which is probably the best idea so let’s go to blueprints where are particles and yeah you have fire particles okay so each one of these pillars is going to where’s the fire at that I grabbed smoke instead I apologize I’m gonna leave the smoke I guess we’ll just add fire to them now the fire needs to definitely be controlled because that is freakin ridiculous so we’re gonna double-click this and we’re gonna try to tame this whoa you see that that was ridiculous the initial size let’s go for initial size and list for the start size we’re gonna turn this to half to 15 I’m gonna turn this 220 and we’re gonna leave the rest so max 20 25 it’s just crazy so now we got to control this one so instead of 15 this is going to be 25 whoa 25 no no no no 25 that was insane this one’s gonna be 30 and save well let’s be honest it’s not getting any smaller it’s not getting any more under control is that we’re just gonna delete it and we’re gonna go with the light source that we have for now unless we want to get gene no that won’t work so let’s delete that if you want to add in your light torch as you can it deletes in G again and we’re gonna add in some rocks check it why not why not let’s add in some rocks let’s give it a go so we got some props here we have a rock right here be able rock right here there is different rotational value okay you rock right here buttons to be smashing it so it just looks like well let’s put it in the light so you can see why I smooshed take that same on late it just looks like a normal stone yeah make a different rotational value and it looks like a small aisle of rubble then you can copy

up here as well but you put a different size value all right add in some bushes Maranda yeah now you know this isn’t the best I can do just to pretty much throw that up there but this is just me showing you what you can do with what is given to you all right so what it really comes down to it those leaves wouldn’t be green what am i doing that’s insane as the materials for this there they are right there we need to grab this and change the color real quick so vibrance – five we can’t go – five let’s change the here and we’re almost dead feeling all right she got that turn up the wind just because these guys don’t feel and apparently when good actor I think the wind actor is actually supposed to go in here now cannot be from Casper blow to blow okay so there’s the wind actor constant one constant – we’re just gonna know the weight and Julie okay we’re just gonna do simple grass went because that’s what I’m used to yes this is always that that one whyn’t intensity is doing it should be a good 0.88 since there’s only small custom size dungeons that’s the wait so we’re in the freezer open spot for the bank the intensity so we just get a small breeze out of all of this we wait for it to render so from here hopefully you’ll understand how to complete the dungeon dungeons are very simple and easy things to make you can make each and individual piece if you want inside Maya 3dmax and moto you can use that and you know if you want you can make it smaller and more thin to areas you can also if you need to this is this don’t need you down that’s gross – don’t go my mouth that’s weird and we can change this if it still exists to be a blueprint transform

group okay so we’ve officially grouped these together take that off there make that longer if we want it to really what I want to do is turn a full 90 degrees and forth and find your door it’s right there for me and just line up this madness put the door make sure that it comes right in it’s the extra walls are for perfect and then you can as you can see these guys were grouped together now right so they’re always going to show up as one individual actor you can also ungroup grouping just makes it easier to make things happen so you don’t have to always you know keep grabbing the same thing twice and it’s a good thing to do that now we have a wall missing that’s completely fine because we have rocks so check this out imagine if stuff started collapsing all started breaking just doing this that’s gonna pop through there as well that’s fine gonna make sure it not just you see everything to come Burt can’t see past it that’s right that over there give it a rotational value boom now we have a new corridor but there’s nothing in here I know what you’re thinking wait what what kind of madness is this why is there nothing in here do it’s my life bring this back like that because well you gotta have everything seamless and really if we wanted to we can make the steps go up and the funny part is they’ll be traveling up they’ll be going through here like this doop doop doop doop doop doop do they be like really dude you made it go around and around you mofo alright so give it to the wind we’re gonna have a light in here light right there put a lit mode and we’re just going to take this big rock here because I don’t feel like making another stupid wall so instead we’re going to make the super rock but right here like that give it a rotational value of whatever we get up and bring it over now where did our light go that was it right there all right now turn the intensity of this one down give it a sort of that kind of color I’m going to walk forward we see two doors we’re like oh it’s done this way mother dead end

seriously bro please see ass makers of dungeons you got in this one you’re gonna be like what’s in y’all for sakes I’m dead but there you have it this is just a short tiny guide or tutorial on how to make a small dungeon and if you want this thing to have collision y’all complex about it please don’t do that simple stuff so you still go over and you still do block but at least you do it in such a way that you know you’re not walking on invisible barriers or anything okay thank you guys for watching and I definitely hope this helps someone because guaranteed this is like right now the month of dungeon crawlers reveries like I want to make a Halloween themed dungeon crawler and if you don’t believe me I’ve seen it many times 35 minutes apologize for the length but I just needed to go over a few things textures are important for the dungeon crawling theme your best bet is to blend make some stuff in substance painter or substance designer where there’s tons of cracks holes things like that on the wall you know just make it as decrepit and broken-down as possible I don’t even know if that’s what decrepit means but thankfully OS X is fixed enough that I was to do this tutorial on it because I don’t want to reboot the windows right now I’m currently bug phasing testing see you next time guys