How to write a killer course sales page | LifterLMS and Tony Ubertaccio

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How to write a killer course sales page | LifterLMS and Tony Ubertaccio

awesome we’re live this is chris Paget from lifter LMS wordpress learning management system plugin that makes it easy to create sell and protect online courses and you get to own your own content you get to do it on on your own WordPress website without a bunch of frankenstein of plugins and we’re really just focused on on serving the education entrepreneur in that light we’ve got Tony here and we wanted Tony’s a marketing and messaging guy and we really want to dive into a certain half of the online course creators experience there’s really two big things one is impacted one is income if your course doesn’t have a lot of impact or the problem you’re trying to solve doesn’t have impact you’re going to have a hard time if you don’t focus on the income in building real business around it and crafting good messaging and marketing you may have great ideas and great course content but you might struggle to sell and/or get that material out there into the world so this is a live teardown where we’re going to have someone come on the show soon and we’re going to kind of critique how they’re trying to sell their course but I want to introduce you to Tony over here and and Tony tell us tell us what you’re all about what you’re here for thank you Chris yeah so I you know it along with how you are here to serve the education entrepreneur I really I feel most empowered in life when I’m helping people that are trying to change the world for the better most of those people I’ve come to come to find is uh they’re not necessarily students of business strategy sales or marketing and so I try and supplement the work that they’re doing by giving them sound theory and practical advice as they do it what it is that they’re doing so you know today the goal is to hopefully help the lift or LMS community or anyone in learning management or elearning or just selling anything trying to build anything by giving not only sound theory in terms of sales and and what you want to do to psychologically align the the customer will use the word customer but also practically what what can you change or what can you implement into your sales practices that should move the deedle uh dial needle that’s awesome i can totally relate to that to any I just a small sound bite of my backstory I was in college I was really focused on social science anthropology sociology I was traveling a lot I was really into the impact piece changing the world and I had to take like one elective I took a marketing class and that was the only time I set foot in the business school and then as I moved out of college moved into my career I got into leadership I got into product creation I come in marketing from like an anthropological or a messaging or a cultural context but I if I could do it all over again I wish i would have double majored in anthropology in business that’s all good though because you know just exploring business and marketing and messaging on my own you know with my businesses and with clients and customers and my own projects and so on has been so awesome it’s like discovering a new section at the bookstore yeah so that’s so funny my experience was almost the exact opposite in college I took pretty much every business course you could take and in my last year as a senior I took to environmental studies courses and was just like whoa there’s this whole this is whole degree that involve learning every single type of problem solving that you might need and and I was like duh that would have been great you can learn the business stuff later practically I don’t need a so it’s funny that we’re pretty much in inverse that’s awesome yeah that’s really cool yeah that’s the yin and yang of it all the impact in the income well maybe a Janet if you’re ready maybe we could get you up here and learn about the the course you’re trying to create if you’re ready if not we can keep rapping here on the seat is open just claim it if you’re ready if you need more time we’ll just we’ll just wait yeah I mean so I know just we talked with Janet a little bit before we went online and so she doesn’t have a live page for us to necessarily critique and as I started thinking tear down and critique are not necessarily in the in the in the vein that I like to I like to support I like to build up and and so the teardown is a relative idea we’re just trying to make things better and so

whether we’re starting with no sales page and we’re just going to talk about all right so what it is that what are you building what are your skill sets what are your customers historically worried about the process will be the same and so we have a lead pages aren’t get it so we just got a link to the lead pages page with an opt-in unit share the lead page with you continue to preview accept terms of service I will they’re hoping to bring hot Janet into the seat here cool howdy all right okay so um I’m an early stage online under least it that’s reality somebody’s got an emergency but it’s not me that’s my eyes I made it so I’m an early stage course developer I have developed one course at this point which is LinkedIn for healthcare professionals and I am while I’m a career marketer it’s been much more B to B to C and much more big picture and enterprise and now I am trying to get to a much more personal one to one sale so while I am still selling to business professionals it isn’t a personal product it’s still used by a person so at this point I have most of my marketing has been directly with be quiet cat has been directly with joint venture partners and not necessarily individuals so what i think i have here is it actually is a lead page for a guide it’s not even a course however my question has to do really with just landing pages in general and how much is too much information not enough is it a is should i be using it to sell with or should i be using it too is it just to kind of take them to the next step how much information is too much that’s really my big question there um alright so that’s I mean I think that’s a great question and I think it it really depends on a ton of different factors and so i’d say maybe first step is we just look at what you have on the on the page and i’ll probably end up just asking you a couple more questions about what it is at your building and what what we’re trying to get done but so first glance without knowing too much about the backstory i’m justing ok so it’s get social health social media for health care ok uses free guide bonus checklist to do yourself reputation assessment reputation matters protected by knowing what’s being said online claim your social media platforms are belong to you know how to evaluate if you have covered the basics and having complete company profiles know what to look for in your sights and your competitions and maximize your online potential yes send me free reputation management guide well i already hate that yeah so very salesy and not that it’s not my audience my audience is the solo or small practice position ok i’m solo small practice position right help me help me so have you done have you actually done work with solo and small practice physician jet or is this the space that you’re moving into i have done work as a webinar delivering webinars and so it’s been a Content that basically you send out to a group of people isn’t one that really gives you a lot of back and forth so it’s a recorded webinar and you’re sending people to a that whether are yeah they may be joining it live and they may have questions at the end but in many cases because i’m being hired to do it i I don’t even know who’s on the webinar to a nameless faceless group of people who are interested in health care social media I don’t know that it’s dr. Smith or Jane Doe who who hires you to run that there’s actually there’s a whole industry of companies that specialize in webinars for on professional topics in particular in the healthcare field so there’s a lot of tech and HIPAA practice management and and so I’m focusing on social media and health care so that said now I’m going to take that to the next level and i am doing myself selling directly to medical societies health associations with to their membership so i’ve done presentations for for instance the American Physical Therapy Association for the North Carolina Medical Society and so I am getting much closer to my my end user as it were um and what are the what are the lessons like what are you delivering in these live webinars soul or presentations so

the main issue is the people i’m going to be talking to our folks who recognize that they can’t avoid social media anymore that there is a real need for them to know and understand what it’s all about they may not actively participate but they’ve got to get up to square one if they’re in a bigger practice they probably either have a social media strategist a marketing person a marketing agency or a full-on ad agency so they really don’t have to worry about it so I’m talking to the guys that and gals that know that Facebook and social media and LinkedIn r is an impact for their business their customers are talking about them but they probably don’t know very much about it okay how big is that shot that’s a like a dentist that’s like a dentists are excellent dentists are actually kind of savvy because they’ve had to sell their services for years so they’re actually our machines for that that doesn’t mean an individual dentist however gets it so but literally we are talking hundreds of thousands so of physicians and then look at all the allied health professionals so physicians to a degree nurses not so much for the marketing but from the unless they have a business but from the LinkedIn perspective and then you’ve got mental health professionals all kinds of people and allied health feeds fields anybody who’s interested in social media and health care but also has to be concerned about HIPAA and privacy compliance so that’s why my what that’s my unique selling proposition is that I am aware of the needs of HIPAA compliance and privacy and how making a mistake in social media could end you with a lawsuit so that’s very interesting it and I’m thinking that is the thing that’s being missed and so donors and the sales page right now or the opt-in page like there’s no real drive but I think that question lettuce is something that is actually interesting and will be the carrot or the stick however you want to describe it to get someone to actually act I like the way that you’re describing it almost seems clear who this health care professional might be I think we can get even more clear in that you know it’s someone who understands him the air quote importance of social media has not spent the time to understand the how to use it practically knows that they’re just going to get passed by the tide if they don’t start playing ball but how do you do it right how do you get started how what is step one in this process of learning all these different channels and I think that this dis opt-in in some larger strategy would be it would be smart to be that step one I think that’s very possible i think is very uh it just is a logical step as something that you would deliver is like maybe it’s an assessment maybe it’s the social media step one for health care professionals and i think that you’re the angle that you just got to is the HIPAA privacy and compliance that makes it different than every single other step one and like let’s be clear there are thousands of step 1 guides available on the Internet exactly I don’t want to teach anybody how to make a post in facebook I want to teach them if you’re going to post as a health care this is what you need to be aware of in content and engaging your patients online so let’s talk about some things that a I mean a let’s pick a so a physician who owns his own small practice in suburb what state are you coming from I’m in North Carolina suburbia North Carolina has his own practice has had it for years I realizes that it’s time to step up what is that physician worried about when they start tiptoeing into the into the space yelp very simply they’re worried about online reviews reputation reputation management because they haven’t ever worried about it before and now suddenly could consumers or patients are going out there and reviewing practices online and there’s literally about 50 different websites that they could go to but the killers are Yelp and healthgrades so those are the biggies but certainly now Facebook and Google all of those can have a huge impact so aside from men from managing a reputation for a review standpoint the second biggie is knowing how to claim your space online they just the 101 of how to go to the other platforms make sure you claim it as a business what kind of information you put there so that’s that’s very tactical but also essential in this reputation

management so is reputation management a known term because I feel like it’s a little feature E and doesn’t drive to the point of what it is that you’re going to be delivering and giving I say that because you know is someone as a physician do I go online and say Rep how do I manage my reputation well I say thank you okay yeah that’s uh that’s my immediate thought is I say how do I avoid bad yelp reviews how do I fix a bad yelp review how do i reclaim or disqualify the yelp review that was left by some other doctor two towns over uh and and reputation management sounds less authentic or what I would say in a in a pinch like I and and it’s not necessarily proprietary and so that’s why I’m not drawn to want to use it with you so this is the Bible of that’s that most docs this is like the number-one reputation guy in the field dr. Kevin Poe has written this book on reputation management so they totally get that term they absolutely know that reputation protecting your reputation online they totally get that now from the standpoint of keywords and having content I certain the book what you referenced are all the bullet points are you worried about your you know reviews on yelp i could probably just Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp and everybody would wake up and pay attention so those are definitely the bullet points but they’re everybody’s very comfortable with the terminology behind reputation okay um so so what I would I have from the last question what are they worried about the word about a bad yelp review they’re worried about healthgrades Facebook Google and so what you’re saying is we claim all your locations we put you as a facebook what kick business we get you on what Twitter Linkedin and what other social profiles are being delivered there in that well yes so it varies by by practice vertical where you would be in social media but that’s that’s one of the courses that I do offer and will be offering is how to know where to be so like if your pediatrician you know you’re in facebook you got to be in facebook you could theoretically be an Instagram whereas if you are doing cosmetic surgery you know the more visual kind of places with patient permission blah blah blah so it does vary if you are you know dealing with seniors than their other platforms that you want to consider so that’s one of the courses that we discuss is where to be online and how to develop content for those platforms basically every social media course you’ve ever heard of for hello yeah and then and then for physical therapists for nurses for you know pediatricians for you know optometrists I mean literally I can take everything eighty percent is the same twenty percent is the customizable content that I can come back in and be vertical specific or practice specific right which so then my question with this particular lead page with this landing page opt-in right how do you foresee traffic getting to that page so yes so that’s a good question my um my sales process is hopefully through a joint venture partners so they actually would be carrying the sales banner but it’s a little passive so right now I have a podcast so it would be something that I would use the podcast to promote I’ve got very active linkedin profile and a good number of connections there I would use it there but again it’s all going to be through professional places and I’m really worried that a lot of times these that leadpages look really sales keys and I don’t like that at all especially for the silence yeah and so uh as I’d say that’s important and I think that you have a great tool I mean clearly in leadpages but now it’s just a matter of like how do we make it feel authentic actually deliver value and make it clear that it’s coming from a place of good intention and I think that that’s that’s going to have to take some repetitions and then the other question is there seems to be a lot of different spaces and I’m trying to categorize them now as I say it out loud but one is claiming your locations online the other is

avoiding making dare i say fatal miss takes on social media another is perhaps a best practices which is a hybrid of the two and then this other word which is you getting started right so getting started assumes that you haven’t started best practices assumes that maybe you’re on it but you don’t know what you’re doing defending yourself from the fatal mistakes you’re on it and don’t know what you’re doing and so I’m wondering if if all of those things are somehow trying to get built into it perhaps or four different opt-ins because the goal here as this isn’t a sales page or is it it’s it’s an opt-in page right i mean if it’s all of those things that feels like a sales page to me right i feel like that is something that has so much value you need to be selling but smarter than that would be to have some sort of exchange it says here’s what I’m going to give you I’m going to give you this base amount of knowledge this getting started kit which I’m locating in this corner or this avoiding the deadly pitfalls of social media as a health care professional which sounds kind of okay and to me what you do is you make that opt-in valuable but not like inundating right and then you deliver the real value and a well-crafted email autoresponder on the back end especially if you’re going to be doing joint venture type gigs you’re going to get the social proof from whoever is sending you the eyeballs whoever saying you did right is going to say she knows what she’s talking about these guys get it check it out right or you can’t miss these five bullet points or these five tips on XYZ you get them in deliver the value and then continue to and eventually up you know you’re selling after having proved your value and I think that part of it when when I asked about how how our eyeballs getting to this page I’m asking because if it sounds like a lot it should be worth a lot and if it’s worth a lot not a lot of people are going to buy right right necessarily and so to avoid eyeballs getting to the page and no one buying and then never getting the opportunity to sell again let’s not make it a sales page just make it an opt-in page and let’s be very clear on what the value is and and what’s going to get delivered and so I say we would choose one of you know we’re talking about hypothetical four types of opt-in pages and each JV send them to a different one and see what people are actually caring about and if you can do one that is just specifically five pitfalls for dentists that is stronger than saying five pitfalls for health care professionals okay got it yep yep yep and so I receive it I I need to leash down even more oh yeah oh yeah big fake okay and I don’t you know my thought is depending how you’re using LinkedIn you say you’re a power user so you know it’s it’s two buttons and leadpages is like a sales for leadpages two buttons duplicate change healthcare professionals to dentist change your PDF and you have an opt-in page specific to dentists and you know how to use LinkedIn and get in front of dentists and you say hey dentist hello wake up you need there right ah see if they bite then you go to physical therapist chiropractors and it changes every single time and is tweaked every single time and then I think that that has to be the play you go after the lowest hanging fruit and it’s not a matter of trying to hell so much as see and test what is the actual way that they’re communicating internally about the problems that they’re facing or the word worries that they have find that language deliver the value in their own language in the words that they use and then it’s a then like okay she got me started I want the look that you wrote or I want the core said she’s building about the things that actually matter that the true value delivery but you won’t get that opportunity if you’re making sales attempts that aren’t speaking their language and you never get in front of them like okay right no no I definitely that’s a great takeaway I feel like I’ve been very brought I feel like I’ve been niche to all the online marketers of the world but within my niche I’ve been too broad so because again also in the course structure it’s very end I no duplicate course customize the content

duplicate course customize the content so why not have the whole thing niche down and then that also helps me in right now I’m dealing with like any kind of physician in North Carolina but going forward it’s going to be easier if I go let’s just target the podiatry groups let’s target the physical therapists and boom boom boom and they’re much more likely to buy if I have a course for physical therapists as opposed to a course for healthcare yeah so cool cool cool all right that’s very helpful thanks cool and you know i’d love to see i love i say this and I mean it I would love to see the retake on the lead page I would love to see your strategy about getting in front of people from LinkedIn or on these jv’s like what are the emails looking like from your partners because if they’re communicating in a strange way or being real salesy is that the right way to send someone to an opt-in page I you know if the course isn’t built there’s different ways to communicate how you need to meet my friend Janet ah well and I think what I’m realizing because this is what my what I’m an affiliate for a couple people and they write everything for me here’s everything you need here’s your tweet here’s your language and so I try to give them something that here here’s the stuff you can use if you want to write your own and then you can just forward this message for me or you know you can just rip and duplicate and send it out and and in in a couple in the cases that this week have been actually they’ve just put a very personal three-sentence know hey this is a gal I know she’s really awesome she’s got this course you should check it out and then the forwarded my explanation of what I was doing um so cool all right Tony I’m gonna track you down in Lincoln because it is what I do and I assume this is your twitter handle at Tony you bow all right awesome well look for me to connect with you I’m gonna have a busy weekend doing a lot of different things but you will hear back from me with an appreciation for um your feedback thanks hey Chris always a pleasure good to see you Janet all right you guys have a great afternoon by ul Tony I was wondering if we could recap some of that yeah what would you say are the main bullet points for people who are looking for action steps or the generals there well a couple things stood out as we went through it one is that the ideal is we’re going to look at a sales page but the reality is that it’s always so much more than just the sales page it’s a whole process it’s a workflow and a question I think is really important for Janet and for everyone is how are people’s eyeballs getting to the page that you then are trying to sell them from I it it’s a long-form narrative and if you rush to a sale it it’s noticeable and people feel it and you know Janet’s concern was she doesn’t want to sound salesy and she doesn’t want to have it look really market or E and so to me the response is so it’s a matter than of getting really clear on who it is that you’re talking to and finding the language that they use to describe the problems they have the fears they have their concerns their goals orations are going to flip it from negatives you know positive their goals aspiration dreams and and learn the language that they’re using to say those things and when you speak the language that they’re already using in their head it feels a lot more homey and a lot more comfortable the other thing that we we got to was uh the bigger the value you’re looking to deliver on a single page necessarily the more expensive it should be I don’t want anyone in lift or LMS and in e-learning to say I’m delivering a ton of value and it’s going to cost you a very little bit because it there’s a disconnect and people that’s a red flag whether or not we want to admit it right so if you’re delivering high value it should have a high actual cost with high cost comes low conversions just it has to be so my question was will if that’s the case if you have all this value the smart platens is to try and get people into your community in some way or another that’s a list building maneuver let’s get people onto our mailing list so she can tell the story she wants to end up selling this super high value course that she’s building and I would say that

in conclusion that is the question is do you have people on your mailing lists are they already on your mailing list if they are perhaps it’s okay to go right into here’s the sales page for the product that we’re launching if not let’s get them onto a mailing list so you can get back in front of them and continue in different ways to tell the story of how your product is going to solve their problems or help them reach the goal future that they have that’s really awesome that’s really cool I want to I want to kind of lay out a summary of something else I heard during that to which you you did a great job identifying was the the who who are we talking to here the problem of it’s a common issue of being one level to high in your niche or your your target market your customer segments and healthcare professionals is like you know it’s you could easily go down to the dentist the chiropractor the podiatrist whatever and I found that really fascinating because if you look at a system like lift your LMS you can duplicate courses and stuff but as people become more advanced marketers they may want to do some fancier things and like duplicate pages sending traffic from different sources the different offers a be testing and you know build that email list and then send them into the LMS so like lifter LMS has this thing where there’s a view of the course sales page that says one thing but after someone pays in roles that says something else so this side is sales focused and then after they’re inside you can have members-only content and then dive into the lessons but I found out really fascinating and also just wanted to identify the big opportunity there for people where if you find something that works at kind of the mid level for healthcare professionals you may have a repeatable system that you can you know take across all the different verticals in there and uh you know it could be anything like from outdoor sports okay well if it worked for rock climbing maybe it’s going to work for kayaking right you know I just found that really fascinating in just a business opportunity there is really huge and all yeah it’s all going to come down to your unique value proposition and I think a large portion of that and something that wasn’t said explicitly was that the three of us particularly we’re coming to this problem set with a framework of marketing right and we’re saying all right so in this world of marketing and in this world of learning best practices on social media we’re gonna talk to health care and you know its success we’ve narrowed down we’ve niched we found the market and it’s like no not even not even close you know like that is the in health care nurse doctor huge difference same space huge difference and so to narrow down and then I love how you said a moment ago you can go from from the higher to the lower and I would say potentially you know once you do the thought activity where am I going to start you can go from lower to higher so you do the here’s what dentist need because I know dentistry or because I know how to cut bonsai trees and I’m the bonsai you know what is the level above it and where can I and I can I find people knowing that we’ve already won in these really small battle grounds or super small niches what’s the step of above it that connects all those dots and get all those people involved and so the beauty is that there’s such a clean product that you guys have that allows for that level of you know value delivery and testing and tweaking and building courses quickly to see if people are on board and engaged and so what I would say is that is a cool point is that let’s say Janet went out and aggressively went after healthcare was like well what’s what’s happening here why isn’t this working and then the light bulb goes off full we’re starting to high health care there’s so many different types it does it would take a lot to say I’m going to change it from healthcare down to chiropractors and not chiropractors North Carolina’s chiropractors and go super specific super niche solve the problems that those people are facing and I think that that’s a beauty of the tool cool um well I just also want to throw out there that another thing that I picked up on was was looking at the just the need to have a framework like to have the beginner’s mind so like you said where marketers coming in on top of like an industry but but instead let’s put ourselves when we

approach our sales page in the shoes of the you know of our customer of our prospect hmm and the light bulb moment in that space was you know we were talking social media health care the main issue is you can’t avoid you need to learn and understand and I was like okay nothing here is popping ah nothing here is popping and then she said and there they’re worried about making mistakes that will cause major problems with HIPAA and privacy compliance and it was like boom that is the angle that is the thing that’s going to make this totally different and actually have a pull on that unlike the heart and the mind of the of the customer because that’s an actual real problem perfect I love that you’re I love that you’re still into this Janet but that that’s the angle to me because like I’m a business owner I’m a doctor it worse than not knowing what to do is the fear of making a mistake that takes all the work that you’ve done the business you’ve built the time you spent to become the best in the area and it just you know ruins it because you tweeted a picture of your client or I don’t even know what’s illegal as a doctor but that is definitely that is a real problem and that’s going to speak to the audience let me ask you a question on that Tony I when you guys were talking about that earlier I wanted to ask like how do we know if it’s better to go after pain or pleasure you know we’re talking about the pain of compliance or the pleasure I mean the I’ve heard in some circles that pain is always better at but there’s also ethical issues there and let it’s a you know pain getting people out of pain is also a good opportunity so how do we decide like in Janice example whether or not we want to go after avoiding the pain of non-compliance or going after the pleasure of like an amazing social media presence like how do we pick our focus this I hope doesn’t sound like a cop out but I would say the answer is to test and we’re given these really incredible tools that allow us to try things quickly and so I’d say rather than spend two weeks you know deliberating and thinking I would say let’s let’s go love ya test it and it’s assault it’s an easier question when you know who you are and you know the brand that you’re trying to build I think that there are people that will argue that what walk boss version is a more powerful mover than Jane and so the quick answer is go after the downfall uh but you know speaking of me we were going to do a sales page tear down which is common vernacular and I’m just like I’m not trying to have anyone think that I’m a terror downer I’m a builder upper mom I’m on you know I want to help on the support on it onna improve things rather than destroy and so and so I’d say that answer is to test and not to take anyone’s really like word for it and just go out there and figure out yourself that’s awesome well if you’ve made it this far if you’re watching the replay or you’re still here live I wanted to go over a rubric some action steps for you to take and this is a framework that you can use for any communication whether it’s your online course sales page or your even just sending an email marketing email and I want to get your input on this framework Tony and this is something that I learned from a marketer name eben pagan a long time ago but I like sometimes especially if you’re new to marketing and sales messaging it’s good to have just like a framework there’s a super old 1 i’ll use that i’m just going to say first before I get into a more advanced one but it’s it comes from a marketer in Australia named John Carlton which is in every communication whether it’s a course sales page or a marketing email just answer these three bullet points here’s what I got here’s what it’ll do for you and here’s what I’d like you to do next so that’s essentially what it is what are the benefits in the call to action that’s a simple framework that I’ve used so much like what I know I need to write an email or write a course description or somehow add value to a conversation I use that framework a more advanced one is this this one I was mentioning by a gentleman named and pagan is the who why what what if an action steps framework so I noticed with Janet we used a lot of who like let’s drill down and we’re having conversations about like okay we need to niche down and then maybe we can niche up or we can go to adjacent market to the side so especially in this age of

information overload the who is really important if you know nail that right out of the gate in the first two seconds of seeing the lead page or the lifter LMS course page or whatever you’re going to lose people because if it’s not for me i don’t know i’m out of here or if i’m not sure i’m out of there why is it important like we’re talking about pain and pleasure HIPAA compliance that why like and not too many wise maybe just three benefits or set the three biggest before you get into the nuance you know I’m just doing that idea out there that why also is it a solution or are you offering a suggestion because people want proven methods they want things that really solve things and aren’t just necessarily good ideas the what-if is like for a different type of person who’s like well what if I you know follow these instructions what if I take this course what if I don’t so some people like to hear that logic of like if you take this course x if you don’t take this course you might be missing out on whatever and then the action steps kind of come at the end that’s a call to action like take this course you won’t be disappointed you know I have a guaranteed policy or if you’re not ready to take this course go try this this and this and come back when you’re ready so just to recap those are two separate frameworks the first one is here’s what I got here’s what it’ll do for you here’s what I’d like you to do next and the second one is actually appealing to different learning and communication styles which is the who why what what if an action steps framework so if you’re if you need a model to write your course description your sales page there’s one but I’d love to jam with you on that Tony what are your thoughts on on that yeah I think I think John Carlton’s and your example sounds a little bit like an email that will get someone going to a sales page I that’s a wild pitch to me it’s not it’s too light exactly i think it in high level yes that that works on most every thing that you’re going to try and drive someone to make decision yes here’s what I got here’s what we’ll do and do this if you want it or if you want to learn about it cool I think that even Evan pagan is closer to what I would say is strong and I’ll you know be interested to see how he delivers that in value or you know in depth and I would say the the long and short is going to be on a sales page lead with a promise or some sort of a here’s what’s going to happen on the right this page or here’s what’s going to happen in your life or do you want this it’s a reality it can happen and I think you set the stage with the prop promise you explain why that promise is important and you talk about things that your customer is already experiencing or has experienced and then you say there’s a solution and there’s a way to fix those pains or there’s a ways to attain that goal that you’re looking for here’s what it is it’s this product I built is this course that we have and then it’s a matter of like don’t take my word for it here’s some fat checks on me or my experience or on the ways that we’ve built this product and then and then like the what what right so the what’s our what is the course and beyond that it’s because there’s two ways to me to take what it’s like all the courses for modules of six lessons per module and that’s in some ways interesting but like when you recommend book to me do I say well Chris how many chapters are in that book every pages are in the book no right and so you know there’s what’s that are to me non-sequential non-important non non movers right but are in some ways relevant and so what I would say is that the key and use any method that you want the key is on a sales page you need to make it clear what life looks like before your product what life looks like after the product and you want to say if you’re talking about the features if you want to talk about lesson one lesson one exists and the key phrases so that so that these outcomes become a part of

your reality so that this version of the of the future is possible so that your audience actually is engaged so to talk about lift or LMS it’s like it doesn’t matter to me that you have a built-in email feature that is not interesting to the majority of your customers what is interesting is that there are a lot of ways to try and teach people things online there’s a lot of ways to build information products the issue historically is that when people buy it they don’t learn it or they don’t move through it and if that’s something that is concerning to one of your customers which it is you need to be able to communicate that you’ve built something into what you’re selling that allows them to improve the chances of customers actually ingesting the information which is hugely important when you’re what do you say you said profit or comer I would income world agol to business if your game is if your game is impact that your audience needs to consume your material and so to me it’s less important that you have an email uh in you know built-in email trigger system so much as you have a safety net to make sure none of your you know audience or students fall off of your balance beam you have a way to make sure people are consistently engaged and excited about learning the material and it’s not so much a what in the sense of here are the features but here are the benefits and so that has to do with the storytelling and a sales page to me if it does anything it tells a story of what the future could look like and that’s the what if that you mentioned what if this is true what if the product i’m trying to sell you is is actually able to do what it is that i promise it will what does your world look like and i think i think any sales page that does a good job creating a a vision of the future that someone can see taste feel here uh i mean that that sales page is going to convert that’s awesome yeah that’s that’s really good stuff um cool well maybe a Tony could could you go ahead I didn’t say we got to do this again but yeah we’re gonna we’re doing thing you have to do this yeah anjana we want you to come back and we want to see what’s happening and what’s working and you know what you took away and what really what really helped you um Tony uh what tell us about you where people can find you what you’re all about yeah perfect so I mean find me it says Tony you Burt a CEO on the video feed or it should I think type that into your browser throw calm at the end and that’s where i live on the Internet Tony you bow on twitter instagram and i’m i’m really i’m in the process i want to build a community of people that are truly committed to changing the world some small way or in a big way and what i want to do is support them with sound business and like self-talk practices that are going to be vital to actually moving the dial and and making the impact that people are looking to do so if you’re if you’re into change in the world helping the world i I please connect with me on Twitter or on my website and I look forward to hearing your story that’s awesome well I’m Chris Padgett i’m one of the co-founders of lifter lms which is a tool for creating selling and protecting engaging online courses and you can find out more about that at lifter lms calm I’m also education entrepreneur myself I do projects with other people and solo where I create and sell my own courses so I it’s just my passion in life is about empowering the education entrepreneur with good wisdom and tools so yeah you can find me over at lifter LMS we also have a podcast called LMS cast com that’s LMS cast com which I co-host with my business partner Joshua millage and it’s a it’s a great show where we do a deep dive onto a lot of the problems and opportunities that face the education entrepreneurs out there mate we’re thinking about maybe moving that LMS cast podcast over to blab but we’ll see but thank you everyone so much for coming and tuning in today and we’ll see on the next one love it be well cool